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Episode 10






“I’m back! Who missed me?” Ana said as she made her way to the living room where David and I were watching TV. She was carrying lots of bags. I guess she went shopping. “Oh honey! Finally I’ve missed you.” David said as he stood up to hug her. “Ana! I’ve missed you too! Welcome.” I said smiling at her. “Oh what do we have here?” She said looking around. “You guys didn’t turn my house upsidedown thank God for that.” She said and chukkled. “I bought stuff.” She said excitedly. I took the bag from her and looked at what was in it. There were cereal boxes, new headphones, cake, beverages, soft and hot drinks, a few clothes, jewelries and a car key. “I know you find it hard to get money to board a taxi Trisha so I decided to get you a car.” Ana said and smiled at me. “Oh… My God! You bought me a car?!” I shouted in surprise. “That’s so awesome! Its outside?” I asked moving towards the door and she gave me an affirmative nod. I went outside and it was a black Camery Saloon Car. “2019 model!” I yelled in excitement. It had always been my dream to own a car of my own. And I wanted it black also. “Thank you so much for being so thoughtful Ana.” I said and hugged her. “Aren’t you my best friend again? Anything for you.” She said returning the hug. We went inside and threw a small but very fun party. We cut and ate the cake and drank and danced. We had fun but we decided not to get drunk. Then we had a movie night in our own living room. We put off the lights and made everywhere comfortable then Ana connected her phone to the television via WiFi so that we could watch Bird box from Netflix.



At about 1am in the morning, we decided to go to sleep. “Hey Trish.” Ana called after me, searching through her bags and brought out the headphone. “I know how much you love music so I decided to get you this. Its portable and easy to use and its wireless and small see?” She said showing me the package. “I don’t know how to thank you enough Ana. You’re the best.” I said and hugged her. I went up to my room wondering why she got me all those things. But it never crossed my mind that she had other plans.


I woke up happy and excited to use my new car. I prepared for the days mission and phoned Gwen. “Hey, are you ready?” I asked. “Jeez it’s 7am in the morning. Why are you up this early?” She asked with a sleepy voice. “Wait you aren’t ready yet?” I asked. “No, I’m just waking up.” She replied. “Alright when you’re ready just call me.” I said. “Okay, I’ll come and pick you up from your house. ” she said. “No, I’ll come and pick you up. I got a new car!” I said in excitement. “I’m happy for you girl. Okay, let me start preparing, I’ll call you in an hour or two.” She said then she hung up before I could say anything. “What will I do with all this free time?” I asked myself. “You see this is why I prefer waking up late.” I said and left my room. “Hey Ana.” I greeted when I saw Ana in the kitchen. She was drinking coffee as usual. Before she would leave for work everyday, she always gulped down at least three cups of coffee. She was practically addicted to it. “Look who’s excited about her car.” She said, smiling. I guess the excitement was written all over me. “Yes I am. Thank you again.” I said to her gratefully. “Okay, take care of yourself and my David. I have to get to work now.” She said and left. “Where is David?” I asked myself when she was gone. I went up to his room and found him there. “Oh hi, may I enter?” I asked politely. “Of course, you’re always welcome, remember?” He said motioning for me to come in. He was working already. I could tell because he was busy on his laptop. “I see you’re busy, I’ll come back later.” I said about to leave. “No no, I’m almost done. Just to finish writing this line.” He said focused on his laptop. “And done!” He said and turned to me. David was always a thorough Man. He liked to get things done on time and at the right time too. He never let anything interfere with his work. He was looking kind of tense, like he was about to say something. “What is it?” I asked concerned. “Oh it’s just that.” He said, delaying. “It’s what?” I asked impatiently. “I didn’t know how to tell you this at first three days ago but I’m going to say it now.” He said looking at me. “Ana is pregnant.” He dropped the bomb. “That’s why she had to return before a week like she said. She called me a day before yesterday and informed me of her



symptoms of pregnancy then she saw a doctor and confirmed it.” He said looking into my eyes for any reactions. I wasn’t that sad at the pregnancy because I knew that I had aids and wouldn’t even live long enough to give him a child so instead I said. “I’m happy for you.” Holding his hands and smiled. “Look, I still love you nonetheless. I will take care of the child but I still want to be with you.” He said looking into my eyes then we hugged. Then a call came in and it was Gwen. I picked up. “I’m ready.” She said. “Oh that was fast.” I replied and giggled. “Just come over here let’s get this over with.” She said and hung up. “Someone’s in a bad mood.” I said to myself smiling. “David I have to be somewhere.” I said leaving his room. “Oh where?” He asked but I ignored him and left immediately. I was never a good liar, I just tried as much as I could to avoid scenes that I had to lie.


I got into my new car and took a deep breath. “Men I love this new car smell.” I said smiling to myself then I inserted my keys and started the car. The ride was smooth then I finally got to Gwen’s house.


“Wow, your car’s lit girl.” Gwen said at the backseat of my car. “How’d you get it?” She asked. “Ana got it for me.” I said smiling. “That’s so nice of her.” She said, touching her chest in a dramatic way. “I’m going to call this car, baby.” I said giggling. “Baby? Who names her car baby?” Gwen said laughing. “I just did.” I said, joining her to laugh. We got on the express and I decided to play my favourite jam. We enjoyed the rest of the ride then got to our destinations.


“Ah! Does this ride really have to end?” Gwen said panting from all the shouting and sing alongs. “I’m sorry babe but we have some money to make.” I said and then we started disguising ourselves, wearing shades and wigs. When we were done, we made our way to the apartment in the address captain sent.


We met two rather huge men and they handled us roughly and led us to where our


target was. He opened the door and we saw face to face our target. “Boss, here are


the prostitutes you said you needed.” One of the hitmen said. “Oh welcome


sweethearts. I’m sure you’ve both heard of Pablo Richard, the best cartel owner in


this city.” He introduced himself and let out a husky laugh. He was slimmer than I


thought. He was very tall with a muscular body build. His goatee was well carved,


he was really good looking. (Join Telegram Group)


“So nice to meet you Sir.” I said giving him a handshake and smiling at him.


“Same here.” Gwen said and smiled.


“I like this one.” Pablo said pointing at me. “James you can have the other.” He said to James, his personal assistant.













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