Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Episode 5


I was already in the house sitting on the couch in the Living room and chatting on WhatsApp when Ana came in from her usual morning jogs. “Oh my God! You scared me.” She said holding her chest. “Good morning.” I mumbled without looking away from my phone. “Trisha. You can’t continue living this reckless life. What if something happens to you?” She said looking at me with a concerned look. “What’s for breakfast?” I said looking at her trying to avoid her sermons. Ana knew me too well. She knew that whenever I didn’t want to talk about something, I’d just change the topic. “Let me see what we have in the kitchen.” She said making her way to the kitchen. “And David? Where’s he?” She asked from the kitchen. “I don’t know. I just got in with the spare keys, took a shower and sat here.” I replied. “Okayyy. If you’re hungry, there are some eggs in the kitchen. You can do whatever you like with them. Then I made coffee and left some for you in the flask.” She said and went upstairs to have a shower. I didn’t want to cook, I was so tired. So I just drank coffee alone instead.


There was a knock on my door. “Come in!” I yelled from my bed. David opened the door. “Hey Trisha. This one your door is open today.” He said trying to sound casual. “What do you want David.” I said. He figured I was not in the mood for jokes so he went straight to the point. “Look Trisha, my wife is out so I decided to come and talk to you.” He said sitting on my bed. “I remember everything Trish. I remember that we were together all those years.” He said looking into my eyes. “Oh Lord.” I wanted to explode in happiness. I wanted to know if it was some kind of dream so I looked around and pinched myself. “What did you say?” I said in surprise. “I’ve been keeping it from you all this while. My wife is an animal. She knows our past and she threatened that I shouldn’t let you know I remember anything so she can be with me.” He said looking a bit scared. Tbc



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