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CHAPTER 18(original)


This is the original chapter 18 ,the one I uploaded yesterday was 17 not 18 ,that was a mistake .thanks


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‘This is bad ,this is so bad ‘Veronica repeated as she paced back and forth in the room while William sat down on his couch staring at her . He tilted his head to the side as he placed his finger tips on his temple using it to support his head . ‘And you ,do something, why are you just staring at me ‘


‘I guess it more fun to watch you like this ‘ William said as he moved his right hand from his temples and folded his arms while readjusting himself on the couch.


‘Are you not bothered about this honeymoon at all. I have a job I need to keep and beside we can’t stand each other, why should we ever go on a honeymoon?’


‘I will just have to tolerate you for my grandmother, she already made her decision so there is really nothing I can do about it ‘ Williams said as he stood on his feet ‘and beside, who knows this might all be an act, no normal lady will resist a chance to go with me on an all expense paid honeymoon ‘


‘You really full of yourself William. You might have a pretty face’


‘Oh so you admit I do have a pretty face’


‘I am the type to always speak the truth. It not a compliment by the way ,think of it as me stating the obvious and beside my type of lady will resist a honeymoon with a psychopath like you’re


‘Have you forgotten I said normal lady ,you are the opposite of normal and barely even a lady’



‘And what that suppose to mean?’ Veronica asked as she folded her arms


‘Why don’t you look in the mirror, It will tell you exactly what i mean ‘


‘The only thing that mirror is going to show me is my beautiful face ‘


‘Standing in front of it will literally make it crack ‘William said as he walked away while Veronica bit her lower lips in anger. She is already getting a sneak peak of what she is going to face at the honeymoon and she is just not prepared for it all . The last thing she want right now is a honeymoon .


Veronica went to work later that day without grandmother knowing and she was reprimanded by the manager for being extremely late to the restaurant


‘I am really sorry ma’m ,this wouldn’t happen again ‘


‘Okay Chelsea, I really like you ,please avoid mistakes like this in the future ‘


‘Okay ma’m ‘ Veronica answered as the manager smiled and walked away.


‘You lucky she let you off the hook ‘ Chloe said as she stood beside her


‘Yes .lucky ‘Veronica answered as she picked up the menu


‘O.M.G Chelsea look who just walked in ‘Chloe and the other girls squealed


‘Who ?’ Veronica asked while focused on the menu


‘William Morgan ‘she said as Veronica slowly raised her head . William walked into the restaurant with some other pretty and classy looking woman


‘Yeishhhh,who is that woman with him’ Lily asked


‘Probably some of his client .. I have to tell the manager about this ,the William Morgan is in our restaurant ‘Rose said as she walked away


‘God William Morgan is so cute ‘ Said brenda


‘I will do anything to spend a night with him ‘ Lily told Chloe who was also busy drooling over William


‘That makes two of us ‘ Chloe added


‘You guys do know he is married right ‘Veronica asked


‘Yess ,but not everyone knows his wife ,I am sure she will be extremely pretty ‘ lily said


‘Yea ,but Chelsea, how come you not drooling over him’ Chloe asked


‘Well he is just William, I see him everyday,nothing new ‘she said while focused on the menu


‘Really how come ?’ Chloe asked


‘He is my husband ‘ the girls kept a straight face for awhile before bursting into laughter, Veronica only realised what she just said only after she said . She does not want the girls or anyone to know who she truly is,but judging from their laughter, they do not believe her.


‘Come on Chelsea, stop dreaming..I mean you very pretty, with oh my God awesome skin ,but being William wife is a little too much to dream of’ Chloe said


‘Yea you just a waiter ‘ lily added


‘It was just a joke way I can be the William’s wife…I will go take his order ‘ she said as she walked away.


Veronica was a little bit curious to know who the girl is ..’properly one of the lady he hooks up with ‘ she said ‘hello sir ,may i take your order ?”


‘Yea sure ,I want…’William suddenly stopped talking when he set his eyes on Veronica


‘You ‘


‘Ummm Mr Morgan , isn’t this Chelsea Meyer ,your wife ‘ the Woman William came with asked


‘Yes ,she is my wife ‘


‘Please I do not want anyone here to know that ,so be natural ‘ she said as she took their order and walked away . Veronica watched William talking to the other lady and he seems to be enjoying himself and for some reason she does not like this at all. She never liked William personally, but she also wouldn’t take it of her own husband is flirting with some other woman publicly.


Two girls dressed classy and wearing sunshades walked into the restaurant ‘O.M.G ,that William Morgan ‘ the first girl said but soon realized she made a big mistake. The other girl had some psychological problems and tends to go crazy when she sees someone she really likes most especially celebrities and William morgan happens to be her biggest man crush .


‘Oh no it William Morgan’s


‘Becca control yourself ‘


‘I am going to tell him to marry me ‘ Becca said as she ran towards William and jumped on him on the chair


‘I can’t believe I am seeing you right now William Morgan ,let get married ..I love you so much ‘she said as she grabbed on to the collars of his shirt and acting like a typical crazy fan


William on the other hand was obviously freaked out by this and felt like he was being harassed by the girls


‘What is going on there?’Veronica questioned herself as she walked towards William.



‘Someone get her off me ‘William said struggling to push Becca off him while she tightly held on to his collar not let him go ..every staff in the restaurant soon gathered them as they tried their best to get the crazy fan of William..immediately they managed to get Becca of him ,his inner shirt that covered by a coat was ripped and ruined and he had lipstick stains all over his face cause becca had earlier forced series of kisses on his face . William ran out of the restaurant immediately he was released while Veronica followed him .he stood in front of his car gasping for breathe as he looked in front of the mirror ‘what kind of a woman is she?’


‘See ,I told you Karma always works ‘ Veronica said while William was backing her as he clenched his fist that was on his car


‘Just two days ago you tried harass me sΒ£xually, just look what happened to you now …some crazy woman assaulted you..karma is bitch innit?’


‘You enjoy this don’t you…I was beating up so badly by some mad woman and you here to taunt me…’ William said as he turned around abruptly. The lip print all over his face and the way he looks so pitiful with it made Veronica keep a straight for a second or two before she burst into laughter.


The anger on Williams face immediately disappeared as he focused intensely on Veronica who was laughing. This was the first time he is seeing her laugh, because she has never even smiled and laughing Veronica is a big surprise. It was like the sun ray was focused on her as her laughter sounds like thousands of angels singing


He knew she was beautiful ,but extremely beautiful with her laughter he just couldn’t keep his eyes off her. It was like he was already under a spell as he just focused on her laughing while he smiled lightly to himself. He just managed to make the world’s grumpiest woman laugh and for some reason it felt like he deserves an award for it.


The laughter on Veronica’s face immediately disappeared as she turned her back and walk away, while William on the hand who was still thinking of just how beautiful Veronica looked while laughing turned his back and got into his car



‘Cancel my meeting with her ,tell her we will continue later ‘ he said to his secretary who immediately made a call to cancel his meeting with the woman he was on a business trip with earlier.


‘William I can’t believe you are going on a honeymoon with that woman and what wrong with you?” Beatrice asked immediately William walked in the mansion


‘Look we will talk later and beside I have to go for grandmother, let talk about this immediately am done with my bath


‘You can’t go on a honeymoon with her and did you get attacked by one of your psycho fans again you need bodygaurds’


‘Yes did you know that ?’


‘Judging from the lip print on your face am sure it not from Chelsea cause you can never allow her to do this ‘


‘Obviously ‘ he wasn’t ready to tell Beatrice the truth about Veronica ,because all she is going to do is ruin his plan big Time


‘You can’t go on a honeymoon with her ‘Beatrice said


‘I have to Beatrice, I have no choice ‘William said as he walked into the room


‘Oh you do have a choice my dear brother ..because I will not let this woman have her way and ruin your life ,I will just have to make sure I ruin your little honeymoon and show Chelsea Meyer her place…I wonder what grandmother sees in her …this is going to be the worst honeymoon of your life Chelsea Meyer..I will make sure you never forget it ‘Beatrice said as she clenched her fist before Making


call T.b.c





Tale of Veronica Hathaway










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