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‘What the heck is this William ‘Penelope asked with anger written all over her while glaring at william. She was breathing loudly as she held her chest like she was feeling some kind of pain in her chest.


‘Mother calm down ,it not what you think ,actually William and i were playing around with each other and then i tripped and fell down .This is just how we joke around ‘Veronica managed to convince Penelope who looked at William and then at Veronica again before sighing and nodding her head


‘I see but next time be more careful Williams ,Chelsea is really fragile ‘Penelope said while William nodded and apologized for what he did to her ‘i will be on my way now ,i just forgot my phone ‘she said while Veronica nodded


Penelope picked up her phone ,said goodbye to them for the second time and walked out of the mansion.



William glared at Veronica before climbing up the stairs while she sighed and sat down on the couch. If her mother somehow finds out what happened now then she will definently be in a lot of trouble and the last thing she wants for Penelope is trouble.


After about fourty five minutes of sitting in the living room,she stood on her feet and walked up the stairs into her bedroom while william at the same time walked out of his bathroom with a towel wrapped around his hip. Beads of water ran down his attractive man abs down to the hip coming in contact with the towel stopping from going down any further as it absorbs the water. His black hair looks even more attractive when wet as he stares at her with one of the most beautiful sets of eyes .They both made eye contact just before Veronica broke the eye contact and looked away just to avoid seeing william with just a towel around his waist.


‘What are you doing here ?’Williams asked in a Calm tone as he went in front of his dressing mirrror.


‘I just want to have a shower ‘Veronica replied as she walked over to her closet trying her best not to look at Williams. He is definitely the last thing she wants to see .


‘In my room,are you kidding me ‘William asked still focused on the mirror as he plugged his hair dryer in. He can’t tolerate this woman at all and the last thing he wants is sharing a room with her . He even detests the planet for allowing him breathe the same air as the desperate woman called Chelsea .


‘Look williams we are married ,so automatically, this room belongs to both of us okay’ Veronica said as she picked up her towel and walked past William in an attempt to walk into the bathroom to avoid further arguments with Williams. William who wasn’t willing to let her go easily held her by the wrist ,and yanked her back really hard . He slammed her back against the wall as he stared into her eyes. Veronica tried to escape but he placed both hand on the wall blocking her left and right sides,hereby stopping her from making a run for it. This was the first time he was being so close to her and this made her really uncomfortable. His beautiful scent like he bathed in rose water and honey was enough to turn any woman on. Any woman in Veronica situation would wish he lifts her in his arm bridal style with those big biceps ,be placed on the bed and be punished so bad she screams his



name on the top of her voice. ‘William what do you want know ?’ Veronica asked while avoiding her contact with him . He was sΒ£xually attractive enough to make even the purest woman feel extreme lust for him ,she can’t deny that fact. But right now ,a little bed party with William Morgan is the last thing she wants .


‘You are my wife isn’t that what you said ‘ he whispered while he held her by the chin with his left hand and turned her face to make eye contact with him ‘don’t you think you should do what other wives do?’ He asked her while he ran his hand from her waist down to her bosoms. ‘I know you want me to take you to that bed ,and kiss you in every part of your body ‘ he said as he rubbed his lip teasingly against her neck ‘you want me to kiss you on your lip don’t you?’he asked as he parted her red plump lips with his thumb ‘you even want me to kiss you down there right ?’he asked while Veronica was doing a good job in hiding the extreme turn on she felt for this guy “but i can’t my little whore ,i can’t do all that for you ‘he said as he moved away from Veronica and sat down on the bed ‘you are just my wife for the sake of it . I mean you a whore .


‘Why do you hate me so much Williams, ..what did i ever do to you?’Veronica asked


‘Why do i hate you that really a question?.First you pretend to be in love with me only to go for my brother ,and then you cheated on my brother with his friend . But my stupid brother was so inlove with you that he drank himself to stupor that night and that led to his accident and his untimely death and his death led to my mother’s death. It didn’t even end there Chelsea ,you even had the guts to have s*x with my younger sister Beatrice fiance on her wedding day . You were having fun ,but this betrayal broke my sister heart into pieces,she cancelled her own weddin because of you Chelsea the queen bitch. Now you ask me why do i hate you so much ?.. isn’t that more than enough reason to hate you ?’ William asked as he arched his brow


Veronica had no idea she did all this she is been Currently accused of . I mean she really does not feel like the kind of person to do this at all. ‘Williams i do not have my memory right now but i swear i could never have done such a thing to your entire family . I just feel like i am not capable of such a thing’



‘ENOUGH!’ William shouted which made Veronica flinch in fear . He rose to his feet ,grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her along to the maon exit of the room ‘ i do not want to see you in my room as from today or any of the rooms in this mansion cause they belong to those you killed ‘ he threw her clothes at her and said ‘Yea one more thing, since we are fake couples, you can’t stay in this house for free,you have to work for you accomodation . Look for a job and pay me a rent per month and no free food or wifi here. You are just like a stranger living in this house as from today ‘he said as he slammed the door in my face


If i had done all this in the past ,that means i am a terrible person. But he did mention me having s*x with a lot of people. I don’t think i have ever had slept with anyone in my entire life. I am a virgin, so what the hell is going on here. Is Williams lying or maybe. Perhaps there’s a mix up somewhere, maybe i am not Chelsea Meyer. What if i am someone else .




‘But Beatrice, you already in Los Angeles, why can’t you just tell your brother you back already and go home ?’ Her bestfriend Anne asked as she took a sip of her coffee. They both sat down in a coffee shop after thier shopping in one of the designer boutiques.


‘I have told him already, and beside There’s a welcome party for me today at his mansion ‘She answered Anne’s question as she cleaned her mouth with a clean tissue.


‘But i still don’t understand what your brother wants . I mean why does he have to marry that Chelsea Meyer ,she is the same girl that ruined your family ‘


‘Isn’t it obvious, it for revenge we want revenge on her for all she has done to us . We want to make her life a living hell it as simple as that ‘


‘Well she really deserves to get her kife ruined, most especially after all she has done . She is the reason you are not married right now Beatrice. So give me the full details, what do you plan on doing to her..i really need to see some drama ?’Anne asked as she used her hands to draw invincible lines on the table with her finger while smiling mischievously



‘Well if you really interested in watching some quality drama ,come to my welcome party tonight . Trust me it going to be fun. Chelsea Meyer will surely regrets her action cause i Beatrice Morgan won’t hesitate to make her life a living hell’








Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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