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Penelope was so happy to recieve the news


about William proposal to Veronica ,more like william ring throwing to Veronica. A grand wedding was soon prepared for the couples who has no interest in getting married but they are only doing it for different reasons.


‘And you called me why?’Veronica asked as she got down from her car . William had told her to meet up with him at a wedding gown designer shop


‘Isn’t it obvious …to get you a wedding dress ‘


She stared at him for awhile and sighed before following him into the store


‘I must say we are really pleased to have both of you in our shop sir and ma’m. .it really a big honour considering the fact that the both of you are the hottest couple in town ‘ Veronica sighed while William on the other hand sat down on the sofa .


‘We have got a collection of good things on sale . And if you do not mind ,i can have your wedding gown designed for you and it will be ready in a couple of days ‘ the designer said


‘There is really no need for all those formalities’ Veronica interrupted while William agreed with her immediately



‘Yes..just get her something really expensive and s£xy that reveals skin ..since she likes stuffs like that ‘He said as he flipped another page of the magazine he was holding open.


‘Do you even know me at all ?’Veronica asked as she placed her hand on her hip ‘look just give me something simple with long sleeves..i am not really a fan of exposing my skin so i prefer something that covers the body ‘ she said while the designer nodded while going through the gowns on the rack . william on the other hand raised his head to look at her with a very puzzled look. Veronica noticed this and arched her brows before asking him what the problem is


‘You like expensive things and skin revealing dresses..are you okay Chelsea cause you dont act like yourself ‘ he said while Veronica rolled her eyes


‘Ofcourse i am perfectly fine and maybe i use to love stuffs like this in the past ,i really can’t remember though, but it all in the past anyway, but right now ,this is definently what I feel like wearing ‘ she said and he shrugged and went back to focusing on his magazine. A perfect gown that suite Veronica’s was picked out and even though William found her taste a little Wierd, he payed for it and had the gown delivered to her house


‘So how was your little shopping with Williams ?’Penelope asked immediately Veronica walked into the house


‘It was okay ‘ she replied nonchalantly and this made Penelope a little confused


‘Okay?’she asked again as she arched her brow and wore an extremely confused look on her face


‘Yea okay anything the matter ?’ Veronica asked while Penelope shrugged and said


‘I dont know ,i mean before you always talk to me about every little time you have with william and this days you have been so quiet and we hardly talk about things, it makes me a little worried Chelsea.. are you okay ?’ She asked while Veronica walked towards her .



‘Look mother ,you are overthinking things . I can’t remember who i was or who i use to be but i am sure very soon i will go back to my normal self and if it really hurts you. We can spend a quality mother and daughter time before i get married ‘


‘Waw Chelsea, that sounds like a great idea’


‘Yea ,so tell me what do we like doing together?’ Veronica asked and Penelope placed a finger on a chin while she raised her pupil to the ceiling which signify her way of thinking ‘let go shopping ‘


‘Shopping ?’Veronica asked with a puzzled look .Shopping wasn’t really her thing but she had no choice but to agree to this all for the sake of her mother .


‘Okay no problem, we are going shopping tomorrow ‘


‘Promise?’Penelope asked


‘Promise ‘ she answered while Veronica walked up the stairs .


The wedding day soon arrived and Veronica looked at herself in the mirror. She looked really pretty and she does not feel like she has ever worn any make up or any fancy dress in her entire life . She really wished she remember who she was because all this fancy lifestyle she is living isn’t really something she is familiar with


‘You look pretty my dear ‘her mother complimented while Veronica appreciated her for her compliment and hugged her mother one more time before she was married off to William Morgan.


Veronica sat down in the car while staring outside the window. She was now married to this man and it really annoys her . For some reason she does not want to breathe the same air as William Morgan that just how much she hates him. But she has come to terms with the fact that William Morgan is now her husband and she must perform her wifely duties to him.



She turned to look at William who was focused on his cellphone. She reached for her bag on the floor and brought out a Novel she was reading on it .


‘And since when are you so interested in reading novels ‘


‘They are not just novels ,they are motivational books and i love them so much won’t understand anyway’


‘Driver drop Chelsea at the hotel ,you are taking me somewhere else’


‘And where are you going to ?’Veronica asked


‘Look who is acting like a typical wife….’that was all he said while Veronica


simply rolled her eyes and went back to reading her motivational book .


She got down from the car immediately she reached the hotel and walked straight to her hotel room. She had her shower,changed into a normal outfit,and sat down on the bed reading her motivational book. After hours of reading, she checked her time and it was 2:00am


‘And where is that jerk anyway ..i really hope he is fine ‘she said as she stood on her feet . ‘I do not even have his number ,what should i do ?’ She was busy thinking of what to do when William walked into the hotel room


‘Hey William, where have you been..i mean it 2:00 in the morning ‘


‘It none of your business okay ..and why are you not asleep anyway?’ He asked


‘Oh am sorry, it my bad for worrying about someone like you ..ridiculous’ Something fell from his pocket and he didn’t notice it while i walked close to pick it up ‘ i think i finally know where you were dear husband ‘ she said while William turned to look at her . For a split second he had a shocked expression on his face when he saw what Veronica was holding but he soon changed that expression and smirked. Veronica held a thong with the tip of her hand in disgust.



‘On our wedding night you were with some woman and you have the nerve to bring this thong with you on our wedding night you disgust me ‘she said as she threw the thong at his face.


‘What the hell ?” William asked as he immediately wore a very angry face ‘you


..what do you expect me to do ,say am sorry. You expect me to apologize…wrong ,i will never do that think i married cause i wanted to i didn’t, this marriage is a big fraustration for me ..i feel like am in a bondage ‘


‘If i make you feel like you in a bondage, why did you marry me then?’ She asked as she bit his lip in fraustration


‘I did that because i want revenge, for everything you have done to me so far ..for ruining my family’s life, i want revenge and no matter what i have to get you back for that. Maybe you can’t remember anythin now but i will make you remember your past and slowly get you back for all you have done ..i promise you ‘


‘I don’t know my past but if i know myself and i do not think i am someone who can’t possibly do something wrong to anyone ‘


‘Look at the devil who is acting like a saint …am not naturally a bitter person but you made me who i am today ruined my family and i promise to ruin your whole life Chelsea’


‘Fine ,since you are bent on ruining my life for what i didn’t do rest assured that i will not let you have your way ,that i promise you ”


‘The game is on then…i will ruin you, that i promise ‘ He said as he walked away








Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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