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Chapter 9


Story .






















The sun was high as if the world was about to end, this making the birds on the sky to look for shelter, hawkers took were sweating on the road including some drivers who didn’t even have AC in their car.


Back to vision school, different chairs and different tables could be found at different angles in a particular room, it’s obvious it’s the staff room cause it has the picture of the teachers, principal and that of the president hang on the wall.


Most of the teachers were female looking so young and cute as if they have not yet started life, all of them were dressed in white T-shirt and and black skirts. In the



queue was Mr Anderson too who didn’t stop adjusting his glasses to have a better view of the environment.


Normal lessons for the day began as usual as Ella make sure that nothing distracts her attention from gaining the knowledge and understanding which is the main reason she’s in the school.


Erich glanced at her through the corner of his eyes, he felt more lively within him as if she will just say to him “make me yours “.


Jeffrey on the other hand was still mean on seeing Ella to know what she’s up to but a guy like Jeffery didn’t even do as if he has anything in common to do with such a girl .


The fans on the ceiling kept rotating randomly making a humming sound like that of an angry bee.


Mr Pius could be seen in his office as usual going through some important files and documents which has a n important role to play in the school.


Just then the door flung open and Mr Heinz the games master walked In looking so young with his black trouser and white shirt, a red rose on the left side of his shirt and a red tie too.


“Good morning sir ” he greeted


“Yes good morning Heinz welcome ” Mr Pius said keeping the documents aside now concerntrating on me Heinz


“You sent for me sir”


“Yes I did. The reason I called you here Heinz is for the proper arrangements for the up coming inter house sport, so it’s high time to start giving them different groups and houses the belong to so that the rest of the things will be done accordingly ” he added adjusting his glasses looking directly into my Heinz eyes to see if he heard him



“I’ve heard you sir, I will do just as you’ve said ” He replied and left the office instantly.






Richard could be found in his class which is SS3 A looking so quite that even a bee pass before him one can hear it clearly. And that’s unlike him, his mode was dull, he was weak that he can’t even say a word to others. Most of then who understands what happened to him pitied him, while some said that Gentle is more better than him that he should continue.


The class was filled with cute girls who in terms of beauty they are rated A1, even if the they to compete for beauty contest none would have been able to win them.


“Cheer up boy, it’s going to be alright soon ” Abigail the senior prefect for girls said patting Richard on the back who looked as if he lost a previous gift, he regretted ever behaving in such a manner.


The class was now calm as everyone left for break including the talkatives in the class, Ella was left alone but not that alone Eric and Jeffrey were on their seats too waiting patiently to finished their class work before leaving.


“Babes there’s something I’ve noticed “Rachael said taking the stairs down as two other girls followed her.


“What’s that madam talkative, cause we know that you are always Witt the news ” Josephine added a fair girl with dimples and big gods too.


“The way I’m seeing Eric, he’s up to something with the new girl ” Rachel said with her hands on her waist


“I said it, that dumb shit who doesn’t know anything, as cute as he is he wants to fall for a dead dull meat ” Josephine added Witt her ears up.


Just then they sighted Eric coming to that direction, they pretended as if nothing happened



“So like I said Josephine, the inter house sport is going to be great ” Rachel changed the topic as Eric passed suspecting them.


Ella didn’t do anything likewise Jeffrey who was done Witt his class work. Jeffrey checked his wrist watch, he glanced at Ella and then stood up, Ella observed her from the corner of her eyes as he left the classroom without uttering any other word.


It’s obvious Jeffery is heading to the cafeteria to take a rest and probably check if Ella will show up.


Ella knew very well that Jeffery will be waiting for him at the cafeteria, and what will she say? How will she even start? What does she even have to say to defend herself. She didn’t even know what to do at that time but decided for fate to decide.


Richard the head boy before could be seen walking in the school compound with his two hands in his pockets, he looks so sorry and his face showed it.


Back to the staff room, Mr Anderson watched him from the window seeing how weak and hopeless he looks as if the world has come to an end.


He feels sorry for him and decided to talk to them principal himself.


The cafeteria was so noisy as the junior student kept eating and drinking without observing good table manner, they were busy making noise.


Jeffrey was seen at an angle taking a juice that cooled down his throat, he kept glancing at his wrist watch, he was expecting Ella but it seems she’s proving stubborn and that will trigger Jeffery to show her what he’s made of.


“Silent everywhere “! Gentle commanded walking in from the entrance of the cafeteria, the noise was so loud as if they were selling in a market.


He walked in looking so gentle and calm like a gentle man.


“I don’t mean any harm but please let’s eat in silence please thank you “she said smiling as the junior ones smiled too due to how he spoke gently to them just like



his name, many already started liking him hoping he never goes out of the office as the head boy.


Gentle sighted Richard at a corner and walked to him smiling.


Jeffrey too loved the way gentle was handling the office unlike Richard who was a bit harsh when he was in the office.


He kept glancing at his watch and looking at the door hoping to see her but she was not there.


The bell for end of break finally came on as everyone left to their classes, Ella saw Jeffrey walking in from the door looking dissapointed, she didn’t know what to do so as to be free from Jeffery’s threat.


“If you don’t show up, I’m going to tell everyone who you are ” she remembered Jeffery’s threat and then went cold instantly not knowing what his next plan is.


Jeffrey avoid her for the day, Mirabel too walked to where Ella sat when the bell finally rang for school dismissal.


“Hi Ella ” she greeted, Ella looked at her and then looked away remembering the same thing that happened in her previous school, Amanda who acted so much like he loved Ella Witt her whole heart but she was the same person that betrayed her. The thought brings anger, pains, hatred to her soul that instant seeing Mirabel trying to act the same way as Amanda.


“You are set to go Ella “? Mirabel asked again and Ella ignored then carried her school bag and walked out on her , looking back Jeffery was not in class ,she walked out heading to where her driver will pick her.


“You are stubborn and smart right “? Jeffrey said coming out from one of the classroom and Ella almost fainted due to the shock and how deep the voice came.


She stopped on her tracks as Jeffery lean on the wall with his face up and his hands in his trouser. Ella was looking elsewhere waiting patiently for him to speak up.



“you failed to show up young girl right? You have the game onn, I’m going to tell everyone who you are ” Jeffery said smiling and left and then stopped on his tracks and looked back.


“Sorry I forgot to add, I like people like you who are so stubborn because you will


no longer be stubborn again when you come in contact with me. Have a nice day ”


he said smiling and left and Ella was like affected by the threats but she was not


shaken as she took the stairs down too not knowing that the worst is about to


happen and she’s going to meet her doom soon that will bring back the sad and old










To be continued


What will happen to Ella?


Did Jeffery Mean what he said ?


Who will save Ella?






(The unexpected)




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