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Chapter 5



Story .























Ella was dumb for some minutes while since took over the atmosphere like a burial ground which moment of silence is being observed for the deceased.


Mr Pius was still busy With his work but the tranquility that took over his office was not okay with him.


“Speak up young lady ” His voice came out tgus time around startling the both team due to how it came unexpected, Ella has started shedding unknown tears. She started playing with her fingers like a new born baby who is not satisfied with the mother’s br**st.


“Sir….. ” she called and paused seeing the fire in my Pius eyes that it was more


than that of a dragon .



“Yes continue, I’m listening. Remember you must say the truth ” he reminded her as she looked to the direction Richard and his team were standing.



Back to the classroom Eric could be seen severally stretching his neck like a giraffe, he was busy looking at the door as if he was expecting someone.


Ella was not in the class and no one knew her whereabouts which caused the sudden restlessness of Eric who happens to be falling slowly Inove Witt Ella unknowingly to him.


“Where is our human right girl “? Josephine a brown skin girl with long lashes asked referring to Ella, others almost burst out laughing remembering how Ella defined “human rights “.


Ella started playing with her fingers once again as Mr Pius eyes was on her to hear her own part of the story.


“Sir I can’t be innocent ” she said while Mr Pius looked at her in surprise, she just confessed Witt her mouth that she can’t be innocent that means something has to be done.


“Yes, that means you’ve committed the crime that the senior prefect just reported to me “? Mr Pius asked


“I wasn’t knowing if I have been doing it ” Ella finally dropped the last bomb which was just like a person infected with corona virus trying to walk to where the normal human being are.


Mr Pius adjusted backwards on his seat, while Richard covered his mouth to prevent himself from laughing meanwhile he was already choked to laughed like never before.


“Young girl, can you tell us the meaning of what you’ve just said “? Mr Pius asked, but this time around the tears that was formed in Ella’s eyes has started dropping beat by beat, Gentle started laughing already but Richard was really ashamed and couldn’t even utter a word because he was been praying for things to work out well with him and Ella.


Mr Pius understood what happened and to prevent the girl called Ella for disgracing herself the more, he paused there.



“Davidson, thank you for the report just go to your class I will settle the case, only her should remain here ” Mr Pius said as Richard and .s left.


Immediately they left, he looked at Ella to see how ashamed and embarrassed she was feeling, he felt pity for her.


No wonder Ella is behaving like a dumb he goat refusing to talk to anyone in the class including the teachers that has been teaching her.


“Young girl, just go to your class, I will see what I can do ” Mr Pius said and Ella left immediately without even waiting for another word by the principal.


She was really embarrassed, on getting to the classroom, she packed her books, it was 1:15pm.


She packed been books into her bag, Eric who saw her from where she sat wondered where she was and why she’s going without the school closing.


Everyone in the class looked at the strange girl to see that she was really down, she had cried her eyes out, she knew very well that she cant speak good English that is why she has been avoiding some people and refused to talk to them.


The tears in her eyes was about to drop as she hurried her steps out of the classroom.


Eric watched her from the window feeling for her and how he’s feeling sorry for her for whatever the case may be.


People like Jeffery too wondered the sudden change of Ella but they were not surprised because she has been acting so weird since she came to the school , she got to the school gate, after answering series of questions from the security Men and lying to them that she has vomited 3 good times that she needs to see her doctor, she was allowed to go out.


Without waiting for her driver because it was not 2pm, she boarded a cab home.



On getting to the house, Ella typed in the security password as the door unlocked at the last digit and closed back automatically, she flung her school on one of the cushion in the sitting room walking to her room instantly. She collapsed on the bed allowing the tears to flow without cleaning them. Finally what she has been avoiding for a long time has been known, the same reason she left her previous school because of the same reason.


She faced a lot of shame, insult and most of all embarrassment, but now her real identity has been known in the principal’s office despite the fact that she’s living in a develop area but she can’t join others in speaking correct English.


Ella wept so bitterly, “why is my own case always different, why me? Why did God even create me to face such pain and embarrassment, why is my case always different, God why did you even created me in the first place to face this great pain and suffering? I’m tired of this life, just take me” Ella complained so bitterly and slept off.


Eric got to the house so worried thinking of Ella and what caused her to be so down and leaving the class when the time was not due.


Maybe there’s something bothering her that’s she doesn’t want anyone to know ” Eric said taking off his clothes revealing his masculine body as hairs filled his chest like that of Sampson in the Bible.


The sound of music playing in a phone was heard while Mirabel sat down with only panties since she was the only one in the room, reveling her cute and awesome body structure that a man’s d**k can rise immediately without resisting such a damn cute body.


Her thoughts drifted to Ella again for, she looked worried about Ella.


She had took time to study her and her lifestyle, maybe there’s something she needs to know about her, maybe there’s something more important that she’s hiding from people, maybe she’s suffering from something and she wants it to be a secret between her only.



From the look of things, Ella is not okay with that life, she needs someone to talk to, she needs something to advice her, she needs someone to help her overcome her fears, she need someone to be ready to carry her burden.


“I think I will help the poor girl Ella, she needs help ” Mirabel said taking he4 phone by the hand and walking to the kitchen.


Ella woke up hearing a soft knock on her door, she has slept for the past 5 hours, she was still on her school uniform. She had slept from 1pm to 6pm.


She stood up walking sluggishly to the door, she grabbed the knob twist it open to behold the handsome man Mr Lanz who opened his arms wide for a huge and was surprised when Ella turned her back on him.


He walked fully inside closing the door from behind as Ella sat on the bed with her head down as if she’s praying to Allah.


” My queen what’s the matter “? She asked and Ella remained quiet


That’s how she has been behaving for the past years while she was in her previous school, thinking that she will changed he moved her to visions high school which is now her new school.


Mr Lanz looked to see her daughter sad and broken.


“Talk to me dear, that’s why am always here for you baby ” Mr Lanz said like a husband to his wife


She’s all he got so he dare not joke with her precious daughter, he loves her more than gold.


Ella leaned on her father’s shoulder crying out her heart as Mr Lanz took the responsibility of a father to make sure she’s safe.


“So sorry baby, get up and take your bath it’s late already, everything will be soon okay ” Mr Lanz assured as Ella stood up undressing before the father who stood up walking outside, giving her the privacy she needed.



She walked to the bathroom which was just still in the same room with hers, the sound of the running water was heard as it landed on Ella’s bare body. .






Next day



Visions high school was busy as usual as cars kept dropping students, cars of different colours and different sizes and different model could be seen dropping students.


Richard the senior prefect popularly known as black could be seen in the late post with his people showing them what to do, his two hands were in his trousers pocket looking damn hot and cute.


Just then he sighted a car dropping Ella at a distance, he smiled Witt his hands still in his pockets.


Ella pecked him on the forehead and then waved him goodbye as he left.


Immediately she came near Richard the head boy, Richard began laughing o loud that none knew the cause.


All eyes were now on the head boy wondering what causes the sudden laughter, his eyes were trailing Ella.


Others who knew what he was laughing joined him in the work.












To be continued.













I love you all


What is Ella suffering from??






Why is Richard laughing all of a sudden??


Will Ella still stay in visions school??









(The unexpected)





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