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Chapter 12






















The day was so bright as the birds began their usual way of praising the eternal God who made them to witness the new day despite the fact that they don’t plant but our Heavenly Father always feed them just as it is recorded in the Holy scripture.



It was weekend meaning there’s no school, the street was less busy thus making some hawkers to have their rest for the day.


Ella could be seen in the sitting room with a bumbshort showing her hips and what she carries as a lady that even a mere look it will cause an accident on the road to many guys looking at her.


Her long hair covered her face as she sat crossing her legs on the glass table that was before her.


The incident of the previous day flashed back into her memory as she recalled how Mirabel saved her from the shame that was about overwhelming her but at last she finally got into the trap set for her by Mrs Olivia thus bringing tears back to her eyes remembering how the students mocked at her including the junior ones which she senior, even Rachel and Josephine who made the issue worse as her classmates.


But her joy now was that she had people at her back who are willing to sacrifice their time for her just to make sure that she succceed in life.


Jeffrey could be seen only on white singlets and a jean trouser parading the compound, it was a well fence compound that everything was computerized that even a mere car horn was also computerized, tgus showing how rich his father is.


Jeffrey walked around the house Witt his hands in his trousers pocket taking a close look at how the environment is, his thought suddenly drifted to Ella as he sat down on a wooden chair jn the garden which was so cool and pleasant for one to be in such a weather.


There’s this feeling in him that is always different anytime he looks at Ella, something keeps telling him something more special about the girl called Ella. But how does he explains this? Should he call it love or lust? It keeps coming up more and more anytime he feels like hurting the poor girl called Ella, something keeps telling him that Ella is not who he thinks she is.



His ringing phone brought him back to reality as he looked into the screen to see it boldly written “My dad ” he slid the phone to receiver side placing it on his ear as a deep voice sounded on the phone.


“Son where are you “?


“Good afternoon dad, I’m home ” he replied scratching his head


“Good, meet me in my office now, you have a work to do ” he added and the line went dead instantly.


He grabbed his phone stood up and walked to the inner house after typing the house password and the opened automatically.


In no time he was already dressed in a black polo, black long trouser and a black face cap thus making him to look like an assassin who is in a mission to execute someone.


Ella on the other hand was feeling bored all alone in the house, she tries everything possible to make her lively but it seems none was working.


She brought out her phone, tired to log into to facebook but network was making it so dull for her, she threw the phone on the bed wallowing in thought as the idea of visiting her father struck her.


She stood up instantly smiling, she walked to the the bathroom, in no time the rushing of water was heard like that of a mighty ocean carrying w mighty fish.


She walked out of the shower with a towel tie to her waist thus exposing her upper side, the sight of her nipples standing erect as If she’s about to act porn, even her thigh was so so attractive.


She walked to the mirror, pull down the towel thus exposing her well shaved pu**y which had fiary hairs from the lower abdomen to the chest region.


She applied some lotion and other ladies stuff which normally takes them time to finish it up, in less than 30 minutes she was done.



She had a pink handless top and a jean trouser, on her feet were white canvas which added to her beauty, she packed her hair really cool thus mounting out as a mermaid stepping out of the ocean.


“Charles “! She called as a young handsome dude walked out from the security post to her.


Charles is one of her driver, who is also handsome and has been giving her small madam green light but she seems not to be noticing it.


“Please brought out the cars and took me to my father’s office ” she said while Charles smiled


“Okay ma ” he said trying to walk away as Ella called him back


“I’ve been talking you that my name was not ma, but Ella, got that into you membrane ” she said




“Shhhh, no but, now be coming ” She added


Eric could be seen smiling like a man who is suffering from love charm by the wife as he laid facing the ceiling of his room, the room looked well arranged and


nice as guys room (unlike girls own which is always unkept ).



He kept smiling remembering something which is unknown to the author but only to Eric himself who knew the cause of his smile.


“Ella, you are damn cute. I’m praying you hear me out first cause in dying slowly pretending ” he said out, it’s obvious he’s feeling for Ella and waiting for the right time for him to confess his feelings for her.


He stood up rubbing his two hands together like an Hausa man who us done praying to Allah, he stood up walking to the kitchen, he poured himself a hot cup of coffee walking to his room again.



Remembering that the inter house sport is approaching so soon and about those that will be chosen to represent the state, she smiled so wide cause in terms of race, Eric is as fast as a cheetah which means none ever wins him.


Cars could be seen speeding along the busy road, while Jeffrey was in one of the car shaking his head to rhythm of the song playing, he increased the volume a little meaning that he’s enjoying the music playing to the fullest.


Soon the car came to a halt in front of a tall building which could be described as a company due to how it is built.


It was well fenced and security wires were everywhere,he pressed the car horn as one of the security well dressed opened the small gate, seeing that it’s him he closed it back instantly opening the big one as Jeffrey drove in packing the car in the rightful position.


Many workers could be seen walking up and down showing how busy they are, some greeted him bowing while some waved at him, he felt like super man in teenage form.


He walked further inside after the door was opened with a password as a female voice welcomed him which was computerized.


“This old man will not fail to amaze me, he’s really trying ” he said smiling as he took the elevator leading to his father’s office.


“Sir, the company that had the letter in your table is visiting you today for a brief meeting ” Arnold said who is the secretary to Mr Lanz Ella’s father.


“Good, get everything in place and prepare to meet them ” he said aloud taking his coffee.


“Okay sir” he replied bowing down and then left the office.



“Get everything in place, pit double effort in producing the products cause we are having visitors today ” Mr Lanz said into the intercom a lady voice concurred Witt him and the line went off instantly.


30 minutes later


Mr Lanz was still in his office when a female voice from a screen hanged in his office make a sound.


“Excuse me sir, you have a visitor ” the voice said and the lady’s face disappeaed, Mr Lanz looked at the screen to see his visitor and a handsome young boy, he smiled. .


He pressed a green button on a remote that was before him as the the door rolled open and Mr Kenz and Jeffrey the son walked in majestically followed by two men dressed in black which is their security.


They stood before Mr Lanz who smiled at them.


“Have a sit please ” he said pointing to two empty sit that was before them as they both sat down.


“Coffee please ” Mr Lanz said pointing to the coffee that was on the table


“No thank you, we are okay ” Mr Kenz replied smiling as Jeffery took time to study the environment and happens to like it.


Just then his ringing phone interrupted him as he took permission from the two old men walking to the door, he grabbed the door knob twisting it down but it wasn’t opening


“Hey take it easy young man ” Mr Lanz said as he pressed the remote again and the door opened automatically, Jeffrey smiled and then vanished. The door closed back by itself.



He was looking directly into the screen, just in point of sliding the phone to the receiver side, the speed he was on was nothing to write home about as he bumped into a figure Witt the speed he was carrying and his phone fell to the floor, it was too late as she tried to save the girl he came in contact with but the girl was already on the floor as she hit her head on the tiled floor thus making her head to break instantly as blood filled the floor.


Jeffrey looked to behold the lady as Ella, what is she doing there? Who does she know here? The question was running through his mind instead of looking for a solution to the problem. Already Ella had fainted as blood kept coming out of her wound.


Jeffrey knelt down shouting for help as he carried Ella in his arms running to the exit, the security tried to stop him but he explained everything to them telling them that Ella’s father has knowledge about where he’s taking her to receive treatment which they allow him out , be opened the car door, put Ella and closed it back.


He entered the driver seat and zoomed off glancing at Ella through the car mirror to see if she’s still breathing.


“I guess you are Mr Kenz “? Mr Lanz asked as Jeffery’s father nodded in agreement .


“I guess you’ve received my letter too, I want to partner with your company since its the best in town as at now your products is everywhere ” he said as Mr Lanz smiled


“You can say that again, I want to say that…… He didn’t end his speech as the lady


voice came again thus returning the remaining words into his belly.


“Excuse me sir, you have a visitor ” the voice came as he looked into the screen to see one of his security panting standing before the camera


“What’s the problem boy”? He asked



“Your daughter has been rushed to the hospital, she was hit coincidentally by a guy who was trying to receive a call ” be explained and Mr Lanz exchanged a deadly look Witt Mr Kenz


“And what is the major challenge “? He asked


“She has loosed som many blood and she’s also unconscious ” he added as Mr Lanz eyes turned reddish instantly looking directly into Mr Kenz eyes and he could perceive anger from the tone of his voice.


“So you brought your son here to kill my interview daughter “? He said with a voice filled Witt anger and venom


“it’s just an accident, take it slowly ” Mr Kenz added


“You say I should take it slowly while Mr daughter is about to die, you better pray nothing happens to her, cause if anything happens you won’t like me ” he added as he picked his car key about to leave


“Which hospital is he “? He asked the security


“Sir we have no idea ” he added as Mr Lanz was now at the peak of his anger looking directly into Mr Kenz eyes and left angrily immediately. .








To be continued






What is about to happen next??











(The unexpected)

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