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Chapter 8



























Richard got home, walking briskly with an angry face which shows that all is not working on well.




He opened the door, flung his school bag on the room.


cushion then walked to his



Mrs Oba saw him from the kitchen with such an uneasy look but decided he should rest first before she knows what to do.


Richard sat down only on singlets showing his bare chest that’s filled Witt hairs, he sat down on his bed looking so downcasted, how can Mr Pius did such rubbish just because of a mere girl called Ella.


Jeffrey the gentle man got home, he had took time to studied Ella to know her mission and why she’s behaving that way and finally he arrived at a conclusion but decided to watch and see if his guess is right.



“Mom, I’m hungry ” Jeffrey shouted from the kitchen checking out and found no food


“Darling check your refrigerator, it’s there, coming or warm it” she said from the kitchen and Jeffrey returned to his room smiling that he has a caring mother.


Mirabel had tried her best to go close to Ella but it seems as she’s trying to go close, she’s retrieving backward, but her mind is set in making sure that Ella is like her one day.


Mirabel stood up Witt her phone in her hands, she dialed a number placing the phone on her ear.


“Hello, I will be there soon ” she said hanging the call and then went to her wardrobe to check the outfit that will be better for her.


Mr Lanz could be seen signing some important documents in the office when the door flung open, his secretary walked in with some files in his hands.


“Sir please we have another letter here from Neil’s company, requesting to partner with us ” Paul said


“Okay just keep it there I will do that soon.” he said pointing to the table without looking up as he dropped it and left.




The night was beginning to take over as darkness was there to continue it’s work from where the day stopped.


Meanwhile in the busy street cars could be seen speeding up Witt their headlight onn,adding to the brightness of the street light, no place was left for darkness.


Mr Lanz bad promised on taking her daughter Ella out just to have fun with her only daughter, Ella could be seen in a jean trouser and whit polo that had designs all over.



Mr Lanz saw how beautiful his daughter was, but deep down he was sad that even Witt this cuteness he had tried everything good to educate been but it seems it’s not working. He looked at his princess for the last time and smiled as Ella returned the smile


“Can we proceed my queen ” he asked stretching out his hand like a groom who is ready to take them bride to the alter


“Yes my lord ” she replied as they both end up laughing like crazy dogs


“I don’t blame you, let’s proceed ” Mr Lanz said opening the door for Ella who took the front sit, checking out her looks from the car mirror.






Music was playing everywhere in a cool and enjoyable way, blue light could be seen rotating all over the house as couples danced to the tune of the music playing on the background.


Ella arrived with the father holding hands together like new wedded couple, she kept smiling at her father who never stopped admiring how beautiful she was looking.


Guys were drilling over her already as some of them were even staring at her with mouth wide open.


“Sir please this way, let’s take the VIP area ” on of the attendant dressed in red polo and black jean skirt directed them as they took the next step going up to the VIP area.


One thing about Mr Lanz he doesn’t want to behave like he has and owned everything, like in the case of going to occasions with escort he’s always on a low key maintaining life.


They located an empty seat with four expensive chairs round it, they say down as Mr Lanz told Ella to choose Witt she wanted, in less than 5 minutes, the table was



filled with orders made by Ella as the father watched her smiling remembering her mother, who was just the same as her Ella.


Jeffrey who was in a hurry to meet up with John his friend who invited him Motrin shopping mall.


Jeffrey could be seen walking in an unexplainable speed that the breeze alone can even push out an old man, he kept checking his wrist watch continuously to meet up with time praying that he does not arrive there late so as not make John angry.


John a handsome young dude could be seen with his friends sitting round a table which was meant for them .


John was just like Jeffery, same height, complexion and everything was just the same .


John smiled seeing Jeffery approaching him, they both embrace each other in a friendly way patting each other on the back.


“I thought you will not come ” John complained


“If I no come for you who I go for dude ” Jeffery replied smiling taking his seat as all looked strangely at him .


Just as he sat down, another pretty image arrived looking extremely beautiful in a long red flowing gown that made her look like a goddess.


Jeffrey looked to behold Mirabel the queen of beauty walking up to them, she was smiling all through.


John stood up embracing her so tight, pecking her on the cheek.


Mirabel is John’s girlfriend and it’s obvious John is celebrating his birthday there, in no time, John’s table was filled with visitors as they began singing birthday song for John popping Champaign like never before pouring him drinks all over.



Mirabel kept smiling to the childish act by John’s friend pouring him drink he carried that wet body and hug Mirabel who reciprocated.


Jeffrey left for the rest room to ease himself, he took his left handside leading to the restroom but unfortunately on getting there he missed the right place entering the wrong room which was for the female, he pushed the door open and closed it back instantly seeing that a lady is there already, he lean on the wall since the lady resembled someone, he wanted to be sure it’s her.


The door to the restroom flung open and Ella walked out arranging her clothes, trying to walk pass as a strange hand grab her, she jerked in fear as her body became cold instantly.


Jeffrey was still leaning on the wall without moving, Ella moved her eyes eyes to where the hand came from to see Jeffery the guy she dislike most she almost slapped him but decided to act cool.


She tried to disengaged her hands from that of Jeffery but the hand was just too strong, she didn’t want to say anything so as to avoid making the mistake again in speaking the wrong language.


“We need to talk Ella ” Jeffrey said calmly in a slow and gentle voice but Ella didn’t seem to be listening to him


“See, whatever you are passing through, I can be of help ” he said looking directly at her but she averted her eyes instantly.


She tried again to disengage but she couldn’t.


“Whatever the case may be, you can share it with me ” Jeffery said calmly as Ella mode changed instantly Witt anger and furious rage.


“Since you don’t want to talk, let me tell you. I’ve studied you for a long time now, and I know what is your mission in vision high school and why you are acting so weird, so I’m giving you the next 17 hours from now for us to talk about this or I expose you to the whole school” Jeffrey added releasing her and walked away.



Ella stood close to 2 minutes without moving or saying anything, Jeffrey just said the unexpected but that can’t be possible and besides she’s not up to anything. She finally left too to where her father was, she pleaded Witt him for them to leave as they both left after so much persuasion.


Ella got home, she couldn’t even sleep thinking over and over on Jeffery’s words ,it seems he means it and 17 hours is from now till tomorrow. She kept thinking until she slept off at around 1:54am in the morning.


Next day




The environment was as bust as usual, as students walk up and down. Richard since he was suspended was not found in his duty post, instead Gentle was there to act as the head boy showing the people what to do and how to do it.


Jeffrey arrived tge school in bus father’s car walking directly into his classroom with his bag hanging on his shoulder.


Taking the stairs to the class, they met with each as Ella looked away not to look at Jeffery in the eyes while her heart was racing so fast if what Jeffrey said the previous was a threat or not.


Jeffrey stopped on his track holding the wall for support without looking back.


” Are you ready to talk to me? If yes meet me In the school cafeteria by 12:00pm ”


He added and walked away not looking back as Ella walked away thinking of the


possible solution too.










To be continued






Will Ella meet Witt Jeffery??



What will the meeting be all about??


What will happen next??







(The unexpected)



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