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Chapter 6










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Richard was still laughing at Ella, she was really ashamed of herself knowing fully well that it’s before of her wrong English the previous day that caused the sudden laughter by the head boy.


She tried her possible best not to be carried away by his laughter, she walked passed them trying to get to the class while Richard the head boy called her back.


“Hey girl, come back here ” he called Ella back which she obediently did.


Mirabel who came to school early enough stood at a far distance watching her and the head boy who is trying to punish her.


“You can’t even greet right? Or are you afraid of greeting in the wrong way again? ” Richard asked Ella who didn’t show any concern about what he said.


She was really annoyed that if Richard was not the head boy he would have died that instant with a hot slap.






The morning devotion ended and everyone dispersed to the different classes including Jeffrey, Eric too was in the queue of people moving to their class.


Ella didn’t even care to join them but deep down she decided to start talking no matter how shameful it will be for her to be speaking wrong English, since it’s high time she starts talking so that she will be corrected of her errors.


The class was so noisy that early morning as Mr Adams emerged from the door thus causing another tranquility in the midst of the students, Ella was in her seat while Eric kept stretching his neck to see if their eyes will come in contact with each other but it didn’t.


“Good morning sir ”


“Good morning students, sit down and get your writing materials ready ” Mr Adams announced walking to the board majestically Witt his white beards in his jaws.



Mr Adams Witt his long brown trouser which he adjusted to his belly area, and a white shirt which he properly tucked it in. On his eyes were eye glass which enabled him to read and write clearly.


“Good morning students once again ”


“Good morning sir ”


He smiled and began


Today we are dealing with acid and their classes including their properties and everything ” he paused looking at the students to see them all paying great attention which made he smile and continue.


“Now can someone tell me what is acid? ” he asked and by tgus time Ella’s heart has started racing so fast that if care is not taken she will faint because of the fear that she will be chosen to answer the question and it will cause her another pains and shame.


Many hands were up including Eric, Jeffrey, Mirabel, Josephine. Mr Adams looked at his brilliant and chooses Eric to answer the question.


“Yes Eric tell us your answer ”


“Sir, acid is a substance when dissolved in water it produces a hydroxonium ion as the only positive ion ” he replied looking at Ella


“Great , I love this ” Mr Adams announced and walked to the board and then wrote down Eric’s definition of acid which was the correct thing.


“No the chemical properties of acid, who knows it “? Mr Adams asked scanning the whole class to see a beautiful damsel she has not seen before, she didn’t raise up her hand and her mind was far from the class.


“Hey young girl tell us your name and the physical properties of acid ” he said pointing to Ella as everyone looked at her, while others who remembered what



happened the previous day while she was trying to define human rights began laughing.


Ella stood up this time around boldly, she tried her possible best not to be ashamed, she had already made up her mind to speak, even though it will cause her more pains, shame, agony and a lot of things but it’s her decision.


All eyes were on her watching and listening to her if she will finally talk because she is being described as dumb in the class.


She stood there as silence enveloped the whole class


“Yes young girl tell us your name and some physical properties of acid ” Mr Adams added


Ella stood Witt her cute face up and her lips were now about to moved for her to speak.


Jeffrey looked at her praying she says something, Mirabel smiled hoping she make a correct sentence, Eric too felt as if he will answer the question for her due to how he felt for her.


“Good morning sir ” she greeted for the first time and everyone were like shocked for Ella to speak which has never happened before.


“Good morning, now tell me the physical properties of acid ” Mr Adams added as Ella cleared her throat to speak up


“Sir, acid was a substance which dissolved and dissolved when heated it can’t become a common salt ” she said looking at Mr Adams to see if there’s answer is correct, meanwhile the whole class couldn’t control their laughter again for such an overgrown fool to be in VISION school which is known as the best school ever.


Everyone laughed hitting their desk Eric looked down feeling ashamed. Instantly Mirabel understood while Ella choosed to be silent all through her life.



Adding to what she wrote yesterday also as the definition of salt, it was so so shameful, Ella tried her possible best not to shed tears since she was determined.


Mr Adams understood her, she asked her to sit down. Mr Adams hope to see her a better person in the nearest future.


“Look at her, as beautiful as she is but she’s so dull ” Miranda whispered to Ann as they both chuckle


“Silent everywhere “! Mr Adams ordered as everywhere became silent that instant. He didn’t wished for any answers again form the students as he began writing on the board.


Everything went smoothly as he kept explaining everything after the notes on the board he left thus causing another riot in the class.


Ella didn’t even care if they were mocking at her or not but she was meant to face it no matter how it will be.


Teachers kept coming in and out of the class giving them different lessons, the students kept mocking Ella on every lesson that is being taught, they kept uttering silent words.


Time flew so fast that the time was already 12:00pm as the bell for break came in, people began leaving gradually while Eric was waiting patiently if they will go out leaving Ella alone for him to strike a conversation with her but Mirabel also was waiting for that also.


Ella sat down, she brought out her book to read despite the fact that she’s full but she still keeps on reading to prevent shame.


Mirabel walked slowly to Ella to see her reading a book tittled “My intelligence “, she smiled standing before her, Ella pretended as if she saw no one and as if no one is before her.


Eric too kept sitting to watch the next thing that will happen.



“Hi ” Mirabel said to Ella who looked up to see Mirabel smiling but she looked away again instantly.


“I understand how you are feeling but at least, am here to help, I mean no harm ” Mirabel added as Ella pretended as if she’s deaf


“Just one thing is what I need from you, just want us to be friends ” Mirabel said and Ella didn’t care.


She closed her locker, and then stood up without looking at Mirabel on the face, she walked pass her heading outside to the mango tree again forgetting what she faced the previous time.


Mirabel left disappointed but she was mean in talking to her, she was not ready to let her be until she makes sure that Ella is just like her in terms of reading, speaking and success in her academic carrier.


Eric stood up walking outside, the sun was so hot as he sighted Ella sitting under the mango tree which she’s not supposed to sit, he ran to her so as to tell her not to be there.


“Hi ” he greeted waving at her but she didn’t say a word


“I know I offended you but I’m now sorry, you need to forgive me and let’s be friends ” Eric said but Ella kept reading her book as if no one is talking to her.


Eric looked foolish and disappointed, be was hoping that at least she will forgive him but it wasn’t going to be possible.


“Just forget about everything I did to you, I’m now here to help you. It’s dangerous for for you to be here, if the head boy sees you here, it’s a punishable offence for sitting here, please Ella just get up and sit somewhere else ” he said but she paid dead ears to him as if no one is talking.


“I’m only trying to help you ” he added but still Ella was not moved



Just then Richard the head boy and his team arrived the place as if they always knew that Ella will be there.


Seeing them Eric froze immediately knowing fully well what he’s going to face also which was damn bad.


“Chai I’m dead ” Eric said as Ella looked up to see the beast again called Richard as they walked to them glaring at them, which the unexpected is about to happen. .






To be continued


What is the unexpected that will happen??




Will Mirabel succeed in impacting something on Ella??


Will Ella make it??









(The unexpected)


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