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Chapter 3



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Jeffrey got to his own house with his father looking so tired and exhausted he collapsed on one of the parlor chair which was on a circle form.


Looking at the house, it was also described as small heaven on earth due to the structure of the house and the physical things presence. On wall were pictures of Jeffery’ when he was small and that of his late mother, on the other side were picture of the president of the country because Jeffery’s father is a government woker. Soon the door opened Mr Meyer walker in, seeing his son still on his school dress, he walked up to him


“Eh boy, won’t you take off your school uniform “? Mr Meyer asked


“Dad I will ”


“Go to your room and then do that, including taking your bath” Mr Meyer address walking to the where the TV was, he switched it on as a government worker listening to the house.



Mirabel could be seen with only a reward pant and a black bra sitting in her room on top of her bed, she was doing assignments but a mere looking at her you will find out that her mind is no longer with her due to how she was lost in thought. It’s true that she was thinking about Ella and her childish attitude which she didn’t understand, or could it mean that Ella is totally dumb due to what happened for the day. She didn’t talk to anyone including the geography teacher. “let’s see what tomorrow brings “she added and stood up walking to the refrigerator shaking her butt like a slut who is waiting for her customer on the roadside.


Eric too could be seen sitting only white singlet and a small expensive table before him, he was sitting in their house garden which was so soft awesome there, the cool breeze, the chirping of the birds, the falling on the dry leaves. Eric sat there reflecting back on the issue of Ella too, he had started having feelings for her that was why he did what he did in the class, but the funny thing here now is Ella refusing to talk. Wondering if she’s dumb, his interest in her began to fade away slowly. Eric took a sip from his drink and then dropped it back on the table allowing it to cool his dry throat knowing fully well that he will confirm the truth.


It was 9:00pm already, the streets lights illuminated the whole street making it looked matured and cool.


Ella could be found in her room lying face up to the ceiling but she wasn’t sleeping, the blue light that illuminated the room added to the blue wallpaper on the wall made the room awesome. She was thinking of her life in the new school and she’s going to cope with others without causing trouble in the school, she finally slept off after she might have concluded on what to do.




“Dad I’m almost through please “Ella shouted taking a look at herself in the huge dressing mirror before her, she was already dressed for school with her white uniform.


I’ll be there soon ” he added






Students could be seen walking up and down as the junior ones were running up and down so as to meet up with time for the morning devotion. Richard the senior prefect known as “Black ” could be seen giving his instructions to his fellow mates while he walked around with his hands in his trouser pocket.


The bell for morning devotion finally came on, the students rushed to the assembly hall which is located jn the third block next to the senior block.


Soon the devotion commenced, Eric was there, Jeffrey was there Mirabel was there too but Ella was missing. Richard still in his position outside scanned the whole environment if he will sight Ella the stubborn girl, just then Ella arrived with his father as she bid him goodbye while Mr Lanz kissed her on the forehead. She tried to walk pass Richard the senior prefect


“Hey girl, come back here ” Richard said in his standing position and Ella walked up to him like an obedient kid.


Richard was surprised cause he had punishment for her, he thought that she will prove stubborn again today but he was wrong, he had to forgive her and then take another decision.


“Check your time what’s the time ” he asked while glanced at her wrist watch and back to Richard without saying anything.


“Always be punctual to school, never you come to school late again ” he added as Ella walked away. Richard slowly looked back at her retrieving figure, even when he was talking with her his mind was no longer there as he was contemplating in his mind on how to talk to her.


Ella got the class and soon the daily activities began as usual. Eric came into the class and his eyes got to where Ella was sited, he diverted his eyes pretending as if he didn’t see her and walked away. Jeffrey too glanced at the pretty damsel called Ella to see her busy Witt her book that early morning he looked away also.


Mirabel was expecting that Ella will even say HI to her due to how she saved her from Eric wrath but she was wrong because Ella was not even concerned thus making her to wonder what type of human being she is.



The class was so noisy that even a bird will be disturbed about the whole noise, just then Mr Edwards the civic education teacher walked in and the class went silent instantly.


“Good morning sir “!


“Good morning students sit down ” he replied walking to the board directly he whip the board and began tge business of the day while everyone were now busy writing.


Ella was busy writting likewise others when Mr Edwards stopped on the way then looked back to the class. Mr Edwards is not w type that always take jokes or smile, he is strict type. He looked at the class If everyone is present, he saw his favorite students Jeffery who happens to be the most intelligent dude in the class, he smiled and then paused


“Good morning once again students ”


“Good morning sir ”


“Now looking at the board you will see the topic as “HUMAN RIGHTS , Jeffrey can you tell us the meaning of this “? He added and Jeffrey smiled because he knew very well that it’s him he will choose, he stood up while Ella watched him and listened to what he has to say.


“Sir, human rights are freedoms, privileges, prerogatives enjoyed by the citizens of a given state without which life becomes dull and uninteresting ” he replied and Mr Edwards was pleased


“That’s why I like you dude, perfect answer I love it ” he added smiling


“Can someone else give us another definition of human rights “? He asked scanning the whole class as his eyes met with that of Ella the new girl.


“Yes you tell us what is human rights “?he asked pointing at Ella as all eyes went straight to her. Ella stood up in respect looking directly at Mr Edwards. Eric



listened very good to hear if she will finally say a word including Jeffrey and the whole class who witnessed what happened the previous day.


“Tell us your name and the meaning of human rights ” Mr Edwards added while Ella didn’t say a word but kept looking at him


“Don’t waste my time start talking ” he added while brought out a piece of paper, wrote her name and the meaning of human rights stretching it to him. Mr Edwards collected looking surprisingly at her if she’s dumb but his eyes widened when he saw the content in the book which she assumed as the meaning of human right. His smile faded while he looked angrily at Ella,


“Jackson Jeffery come and take this and read to the whole class ” he called Jeffery who obeyed while the whole class listened carefully to the hear what Ella wrote, Jeffrey collected the paper standing before the class to read it.


He began “Human rights is the breaking down of rocks into smaller particles by rainfall ” he ended.


The class couldn’t control it anylonger as they all burst out laughing at Ella who is as foolish as a 1 year old kid.


She was confused, all eyes were on her now laughing and mocking her.


While Mirabel and Jeffrey shook their head in shame and pitiful way.








To be continued








Does it mean that Ella is truly dumb??


Is Ella a dull student??









(The unexpected)




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