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Chapter 17


























They were still gisting when Eric sighted the smoke that escalated the wild building meanwhile Ella had already fainted.


“Ella !!!!” he shouted on top of his voice as Jeffery and Mirabel directed their eyes to what made Eric screamed Ella’s name only to see the smoke that filled everywhere.


Eric had already left the two people running as fast as his legs could carry him, while others joined him from behind.


On getting there, the whole smoke was becoming unbearable as Eric paused looking at the door that was locked from outside while Ella was suffering inside coughing as if she’s about to give up the ghost.


“Hang on Ella, I’m here to save you “Eric said out loud while the rest arrived. Hearing Eric’s voice gave her hope and assurance that he will be there soon, just as they were all waiting for the next step to take, the same thing Ella is experiencing inside followed them too as Eric began coughing real hard likewise others as the smoke now filled their nostrils and the room which they were.


Mirabel who was a lady had to run our for her dear life while Eric was battling with the smoke too just to breath.


Jeffery remembering that Ella is still in there, he hit the door real hard on his leg but it refused to open, he hit it again coughing but it refuses to open. Eric ran out instantly cause he was out of breath, Jeffery decided to try his luck again for the last time as the door break.


He rushed inside to see Ella already on the floor as her white clothe was so dirty and smelling.


He tried calling her but she was no responding, without time wastage, he carried her his arms in a bridal Wat leading the way out of the building, Ella opened her eyes slowly


“Eric “? She called with her last breath


“It’s Jeffery ” he replied as Ella smiled without Jeffery looking at her.


The securities were now everywhere trying to figure out the cause of the sudden event the would have almost took someone’s life.


The three of them could be seen in their school uniform inside a cab as they kept praying silently that Ella survives.



Soon they got to St Andrews hospital Jeff got down, carried Ella in his arms like his bride before the nurses could even return Witt the stretcher.


They took her from Jeff as they rolled her inside, the three good Samaritans followed them from behind.




The house was so dull and doom unlike other days, Mr Lanz just returned from work still dressed in his expensive suits, he dropped his briefcase on the table spreading his hands wide as if he’s expecting a hug from someone.


“Hello, my princess daddy is home ” Mr Lanz said as he heard nothing in response, he repeated again but no response came. He slowly walked to Ella’s room, opened it and then found no one inside, he walked outside to the gate area.


“Akpu! Akpu “he called out in anger as the gateman appeared before him immediately as if he’s a spirit being summoned by a priest.


“Has Ella not returned from school since morning “? He asked


“No sir, she has not ” he replied as Mr Lanz blood began boiling in anger, he walked away from him dialing Ella’s number but it wasn’t reachable thus giving him much headache. The fesr of Ella being kidnapped struck him as he shook his head in a negative gesture .


” No one came here to check on her “? He asked again as the gateman confirmed.



Just as he wanted to proceed an unknown number called him in his private number which is only for business purposes, he refused at first but remembering the situation at hand, he slid the call to the receiver side and then put it on speaker .


“Hello sir, please am j speaking with Mr Lanz”? Jeff asked as others stared at him in surprise


“yes, who’s this? ” Mr Lanz asked


“You daughter needs to see you, just come to St Andrews hospital now” Jeff said as being ina by Ella that she wants to see her father before any other thing.


“Who am I speaking with ?I hope it’s not that idiotic son of Mr Kenz who happens to wound my daughter the previous day “? He asked jn anger as Jeff looked at others before he answered.


“Yes it’s that idiot ” he said and Mr Kenz ended the call not waiting for him to continue


“I need to teach that idiot a lesson before he kills my daughter for me ” Mr Lanz said angrily as he walked in speed placing his two phones on his ear at the same time.


“Hello, officer send me your men in square now, direction is St Andrews hospital “he ordered immediately as he proceeded to the car.


“Yeah Mr Ron it’s me, send me your men now to meet up wit me at St Andrews hospital ” he said again hanging the call as the driver set the car in motion.


Nevertheless night was approaching so fast while the kids were still on their school uniform feeling so weak and hungry but for the love they all have for Ella, they all happened to stay by her side and protect her like her guardian angel.


Eric was so weak and sad at the same time, remembering how he told Ella he loves her but he couldn’t save her back then.



he remembered that he couldn’t even protect Ella according to how he promised the day he proposed to her thus making her feel bad, just as he was still in thought the hospital door flung open instantly force as Mr Lanz walked in angrily with army men following him from behind all dressed in this uniform. The speed at which Mr Lanz was operating on could even make a mere baby cry for her life, his eyes were reddish, his fist was tightened his anger rose from 30% to 99.9% seeing that the two kids Eric and Mirabel knew instantly that Ella’s father is on the run while Jeff remained unmoved.


Silence took over as Mr Lanz stood before Jeffery in an angry mode as his face could be seen reddish.


“You dare hurt my daughter again “? Mr Lanz said angrily pointing his index finger at him.


All stared at Mr Lanz who was speaking as if they have met Witt Jeffery before.


“Take him ” Mr Lanz ordered the men who didn’t hesitate to carry out their work as they approached Jeffery who was still not moving an inch just as they wanted to handcuff him which Jeff was smiling all along Mirabel spoke up.


She told the story of how everything happened and now Jeffery happens to be the Savior of her daughter Ella who would have died if nothing was done.


His anger turned to smile as he watched Jeff who was now looking at him expecting to see the next step he will take.



Next day



Visions school premises was filled up already with students both senior and junior, Gentle walked with his hands in his pockets while his bag was on his left shoulder.


The devotion ended very well as usual, the head boy stepped on the podium with his smile on. Richard stepped on the podium looking more handsomely handsome. Everywhere became silent as Richard the head boy began his speech.



“On behalf of the prefects and all the staffs,im here to announce to you that the school authority have come to a conclusion that….. He paused looking at the students to see them anxiously waiting to hear from him.


He smiled and continue


“The school has come to a conclusion that as from today both junior students and senior students are to participate in every sporting events and now should be left out especially those in SS2. He said and went down instantly dismissing everyone to their various houses.


Jeffrey eyes went to Josephine and Rachel standing at a spot together, they could see him too looking at their direction as they hurriedly escaped heading to the class in a haste.


Jeffery watched them and smiled then took another route leading to where they are going too, just as they took the stairs leading to their class. They found Jeffery already standing before them, how did he got there before them. Did he disappeared?? What really happened? Their heart beats could be easily heard making a knocking sound at the sight of Jeffery.


Jeff too a gentle man like him, stood with his hands in his pockets looking at the both of them from left to right.


He cleared his throat and then continued


“Josephine, Rachel ” he called gently as their heart was now beating as if it will


soon stop pumping blood.












To be continued








What is Jeffrey about to say??



What will happen next??


Will Ella get home safely??








(The unexpected)

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