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Chapter 4















Mr Edwards was so mad and furious at Ella for supplying him such rubbish she called answer.


“Come out here Ella or whatever you call yourself ” he said angrily as other students were busy laughing at Ella for saying that human right is the washing away of the top soil by water.


Ella stood up walking like a princess as her butt kept shaking to and fro.


People like Jeffrey and Mirabel were surprised if Ella is that really dumb, if so then What is she doing in VISIONS SCHOOL cause the school is not meant for dull type like Ella.


“Get on your knees now ” Mr Edwards commanded as Ella felt bad and embarrassed, she knelt down feeling the hot temper running in her veins as if she can just control Mr Edwards and flogged him very well like a kid.


“Now let’s proceed “Mr Edwards began. He took time to explain everything about human right to the understanding of everyone meanwhile Ella has been kneeling down for the past 1 hour, she was damn weak and tired but Mr Edwards didn’t care, all he was after was a qualified student not a fool.


Mr Edwards finally packed his teaching materials for walking out of the class and then looked back at Ella finally



“Better learn how to be smart cause I don’t understand you ” he said and walked away while Ella stood up walking to her seat, most of the students couldn’t help than to make mockery of her laughing really hard at her as if their lives depends on it.


Roseline a brown skin girl just like Mirabel went out to the front of the class carrying a piece of chalk and a Cain .


hey you come, tell the whole class what human rights is ” she asked pointing to Fred who stood up too laughing


“Human rights is the washing away of the top soil by water ” he joked while Ella remained mute and deep down she was crying herself out, Mirabel understood her but she dared not go close to her since she’s a tiger in human form.


The class was so noisy and full of gist since there was no teacher to tell them what to do.


Time was running so fast till it finally clicked 12:00pm which is for long break in VISION HIGH SCHOOL. Everyone went out leaving Ella all alone to think over her life and to decide if she will continue that way or she will challenge herself.


Jeffrey pretended as if he was writting note but he wasn’t writing notes, he took time to study her and know what she’s up to.


Jeffery’s mind was on how to finally change Ella from being mute to a talkative but he didn’t know her to make it possible.


The cool breeze began blowing in the hot afternoon hour, the chirping of birds in the school garden,the sound of moving vehicles on the road could be heard as Ella finally walked out of the class heading outside, the gentle breeze blew her white school uniform to the left direction,while her long hair danced to the tone of the sweet melody offered by the gentle breeze .


She was folding her hands like a kid who just lost something important, she walked to the huge mango tree standing on the middle of the school which served as shade, she sat down watching the children in junior level playing, she smiled hoping that it will be well soon.



Her glasses was still on her eyes as she kept watching the kids played in the field. Richard saw her from a distance cause it’s tge school rule the none should sit under the mango tree but it seems no one told Ella about it which means she’s in a deep mess with the school authority.


Richard senior prefect called Charles his assistant and Gentle the sanitary prefect pointing his hand to the girl called Ella who has just disobeyed the school order


look at what we have there ” Richard said pointing to Ella. “Who is she not to respect the school order “? Charles added


“Let’s show her the best way ” gentle added as they all walked to Ella who was not smiling anylonger seeing them walking towards her direction especially seeing Richard again tge head boy who always claim too big.


Richard himself was glad that he was not alone, he got people at his back who is ready to strike anytime, if Ella proves stubborn.


They finally got to where Ella was sitting, she pretended as if she didn’t see anyone at all which got Gentle provoked


“Hey miss can’t you see the senior prefect is here? Or can’t you even greet “he said angrily but Ella gave them deaf ears. Seeing that Charles too was provoked, Richard carried his hands up spreading it wide telling them that’s how she always behaves .


“Do you know you’ve disobeyed the school rules by sitting here and by refusing to give your senior prefect the respect he deserves “? Charles asked as Ella looked disdainfully at them.


“Now apologize now or we will take you to the higher authority ” gentle added feeling his blood boiling in anger but Ella showed no concern as she stood up to leave, she was returned back to her seat with a hot slap from Gentle which landed her on the left cheek tgus making her face to be red instantly.

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“That’s for proving stubborn ” he added


Ella didn’t know what to do at this time as she kept looking at gentle caressing her cheeks which was now burning like a hot flame.


Just then Mr Anderson heard all what was happening from his office, he came out, adjusted his glasses looking directly at the teens under the mango tree.


“Davidson what’s happening there ” he called tge senior prefect by his surname as he turned around.


He remembered Ella as tge girl who refused to say anything in his class, who wrote on a piece of paper for him. He wondered what she did this time around.


Ella too recalled him as the physics teacher, by now break was over and everyone were in their different classes.


“Davidson what happened “? He asked immediately he got to where they were all standing


Richard took time to explained everything to him, he looked at Ella wondering what type of human being she is to be this stubborn.


“Young girl what happened “? He asked but Ella said nothing and he shook his head in pity and pain.


“Apologize to the senior prefect now, or they will Hans you over to the school authority ” Mr Edwards said and this time tears had already formed in her eyes but she didn’t say a word rather looked carefully at Mr Edwards as if she was expecting something from him like the blind man at the beautiful gate in the Bible that was always ready to receive gifts from people.


“Take her to the principal’s office ” Mr Edwards added and walked out on them.


Richard and his team took her to the principal’s office, Richard clicked on the bell as it rang and a deep masculine voice could be heard telling them to come in as Richard and his team finally went in, standing before the man who still looked



young and fresh at the age of 50. He was busy signing some importants files without looking up, on the wall were images of different government workers including that of the country president.


“Yes, Davidson what brings you to my office “? He asked without looking up


Richard took time to explained everything to the principal, finally Mr Pius finally looked up to see the stubborn girl and was surprised at what he saw. Such a pretty girl being a trouble maker


“Is she the one Davison “? He asked and he nodded his head in a yes gesture. It was now time for Ella to make her own statement.


“Yes young girl tell us what happened “? Me Pius asked returning his attention to what he was doing. Time was going without any single word coming out of Ella’s mouth. Tge office was as silent as a graveyard still Ella said nothing, thinking that they have all gone Mr Pius looked up but was surprised to see that there’s were still there.


“Are you deaf young girl?tell me what happened “? He asked as another moment


of silence took place.










To be continued.






Will Ella finally say something??








What is wrong with Ella??









(The unexpected)



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