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Chapter 2



Story .


















Everywhere became silent just at the hearing of the unknown voice as all turned to behold Jeffrey who was now standing at his position just like Aristotle who taught Alexander in one of the nursery school rhythm.


“Eric why can’t you just behave yourself? You are disturbing the peace of the school ” Jeffrey voice came out slowly but deep in tone


“Jeffrey stay out of this, it’s none of your business ” Eric said and Ella finally looked up to see the cute young man called Jeffrey defending her, she didn’t seem as if one us fighting on her behalf. She looked back to the book she was reading and then continued reading, just as the arguments was about exploring to another rank Mr Armstrong emerged form the door making whole class to be mute once again, everyone returned to thier seats including Eric who was now giving Ella a deadly glare.


“Good morning sir ” all chorused as Mr Armstrong dropped his teaching materials taking a proper look at the class again.


“Good morning, sit down ” Mr Armstrong added as all sat down bringing out their note book to take down the notes.


“Dude why are you so rude to the new girl “?Mike whispered to him as he whispered back


“That’s the best way of making friends with her ” he replied


“But that’s not proper ” Mike added



“It is proper because if I do it in a friendly way it will look as if I’m rushing her, but as it is now if I become friends Witt her everyone will be surprised of how we became friends ” Eric added and Mike seems interesting in the topic because it was so tactical just as he wanted to proceed the voice of Mr Anderson came as everywhere became silent.


He boldly wrote “GEOGRAPHY ” on the board and the he wrote the topic as “FLOODING ”


“Now class who can tell us the meaning of the topic “flooding “? Mr Anderson asked walking to the corner of the class while the students raised up their hands. Eric was one of those who raised up his hand glancing at Ella to see her looking at Mr Anderson strangely even Jeffery too knew the answer but didn’t raised up his hands.


” yes Evelyn ”


“Flooding is the accumulation of an abnormal large volume of water in an area which has refused to perculate or flow away ” Evelyn replied boldly


“Wow perfect answer Evy, I love this ” Mr Anderson said walking to the board and then continue writing and then everyone joined in writting especially Ella who didn’t want any form of distraction.


Mr Anderson paused after writing causes of flooding and then asked for the students to mention the causes of flooding. Almost half of the class raised up their hands but he noticed a fine pretty girl who was still writtin without even caring if a question is being asked, that was Ella.


“what are you doing young girl “? He asked Ella in a furry tone, she looked up


“Stand up ” he commanded while Ella stood up


“Who are you and what’s your name “?he asked but the class was as silent as a graveyard, Ella was only looking at him but didn’t say a word. He asked again but she said nothing for the second time.



“Young girl tell us your name and mention one cause of flooding ” Mr Anderson asked again and by this time all eyes were on Ella, Eric too wonderd what was wrong with the cute girl because she is not talking to me Anderson neither, Mirabel exchanged a deadly glare Witt Eric seeing the situation on ground, Jeffrey too looked at the cute for the last time as she bent down, took a piece of paper wrote her name on top of the paper and then the answer then stretched to Mr Anderson who collected it looking strangely at her wondering if she’s dumb or something.


His eyes widened in shock immediately he collected the paper, he only saw her name as Ella Lanz, the rest of the things on the paper was rubbish as she called her by name asking her to kneel down till the end of the class.


“Ella, come out here, kneel down here ” he commanded which she obediently did


“Nonsense ” he added and then continued what he was doing


“some cases of flooding include:


Presence of steep slope in an area


Break down of damps and embankments


Poor drainage system ” he added and then continue. The class was so boring to Ella as she kept kneeling down feeling bad for such a punishment on the first day in her new school.


The lesson finally ended as Ella returned to her seat and just immediately the bell for break finally came on.


The class was now calm as Ella sat alone feeling bad, she took off her glasses looking outside watching others taking a u-turn to the cafeteria.


She stood up walking outside like a lost fowl who got loss on the way, she didn’t even noticed that someone was coming as she collided with Richard popularly known as “Black ” due to his body complexion. Richard is the senior prefect of vision school, dark, tall and intelligent.


“Miss watch your steps next time ” Richard said in anger hoping she will apologized but she didn’t increasing the anger in him


Ella didn’t even showed any sign of regret


“you can’t even apologized ?do you know me in this school “? Richard asked


Ella stood watching him as dumb Witt her glasses in her eyes, she was not even moved. Jeffrey noticed what was happening and how the senior prefect was so angry, he knew that he needed to save Ella from the wrath of Richard who is known as “Black “. He rushed to the scene


“Good morning senior ” he greeted bowing a bit


“Good morning” RI hard replied still concentrating on Ella


“Apologize now or I deal with you seriously ” RI hard fired


Jeffrey hit her to apologize but she didn’t even showed concern


“Senior please I’m sorry on her behalf” Jeffrey said pleadingly


“Who is this rat here claiming so big and arrogant ” Richard added


“Senior am so sorry she’s dumb that’s why, she’s new in my class” Jeffery added as Ella was now visibly angry which leads to her giving Jeffery a deadly slap on the left cheek for calling her dumb. What an insult.


She walked away from them without minding what will happen to her Witt such a behavior in the school.


Richard was surprise likewise Jeffery who was holding his cheek in pain looking at her retrieving figure.


The bell for end of break finally came on, everyone retired to their classes. Ella sat on her desk alone while others came back to the class including Jeffery who was ashamed of himself for trying to help her but ended up being disgraced in front on the senior prefect.



Ella kept glancing at her wristwatch impatiently wishing the fine could be fast forwarded to 2:00pm but she couldn’t, the rest of the day was hell to her as she didn’t even know if she will come back to the school the next day. First it was Eric, second it was the geography teacher and lastly it was the senior prefect Richard, what a bad day. Just as she was expecting, the time finally flies and then rested exactly at 2:00pm. The bell for dismissal finally came on as she hurried up packing her books into her bag and others were watching her thinking of what type of human being she is, she has not said a word to anyone in a while day thus discouraging Florencia and the rest to make friends witt her.


Jeffrey took out his phone and then carried his school bag on his back while he kept nodding his head slowly to the tone of the music playing Witt the help of the white earphones in his ears.


He walked to the door looking back at Ella for the last time and walked away, the girl she was trying to help paid him back with a hot slap. He rubbed the cheek again feeling the hotness and walked to where his father’s car was waiting for him, he hop in greeting the young man that looked just like him and then the car zoom off.


Cars kept coming in and going out of the school building taking students out to their different destinations, Ella waited patiently for her driver because she knew it’s her driver that will be coming due to how busy her father is.


Richard sighted her from afar, and just as he wanted to approach her the second time to deal with her seriously, her driver finally showed up as she hop in the back seat relaxing without even greeting the driver .


Richard has to postpone her punishment to the next day praying she comes to school late so as to punish her due to her behavior.


The car finally zoomed off on the main road taking several turns until they finally reached their destination after several turning, the black gate was rolled open and they drove in.



Ella jumped out with her school bag immediately the car came to a halt, she walked directly inside after typing the door password as it rolled open and then she entered.


She walked directly to her room, open the door and threw her school bag on the bed and then collapsed on the bed with her school uniform reflecting on how her first day in Vision School was.


20 minutes later



The sound of water splashes could be heard from the bathroom as Ella was enjoying every bit of it. It finally stopped as she tied a towel to her br**st walking out of the bathroom to her room allowing the water to dripdown her body without cleaning it.


She walked to the fridge, opened it and brought out a chilled juice drink, poured it into a glass and then took a sip of it.


She brought out her iPad, unlock it and start playing her favourite game known as Candy crush while the popping sound kept popping. .










To be continued








Story ..








Why is Ella behaving that way??


Is Ella truly dumb??



What next will happen??









(The unexpected)



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