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Chapter 35






















Everywhere became silent instantly waiting for the old but young chief judge who stood as a little boy who got lost in a long journey.



Ella couldn’t take her eyes off the old man to hear his final decision, meanwhile the rest of the people that were celebrating their victorious winner had stopped making merry, giving the judge a deadly look warning him not to do anything like rubbish in the game to save his life and that of his family.


Jack knew very well that they have loosed and there’s no way he could win without Meda competing with the girls when it was their turn.


“We are sorry we…. The chief judge paused opening the pages kf the book as if


he’s lost in the evil forest. Looking at the crowd once again to see their surprise look he cleared his throat and continue.


“During the recording ,we mistook Victoria’s result as Ella’s own, from what we witnessed, Ella took the 1st position, so adding everything together for the final results it is found that Ella Lanz who is from vision high school broke the record again taking the competition on her head, creative another history for the generation to be used and remember her name in case she dies. The result is now clear and clean, Ella Lanz wins this competition taking the 1st position with the total points of 580 while Victoria took the 2nd position with 578” he announced and in no time Mr Pius could be seen smiling from his seat while the rest of the students of vision high school rushed Ella, taking her on their shoulders. Mrs Roseline couldn’t stop herself from shedding tears seeing the girl she abused of not being able to speak correct, the girl she mocked, the girl she rejected, seeing her broke the record broke her heart.


Even Mr Pius couldn’t withstand the Joy in his heart that finally Ella the dumb girl as he took her has broken the record again in history.




The celebration wasn’t even complete, Ella was carried high up by their fellow students, Jeff smiled at her and wink at her while she couldn’t stop smiling.


Josephine didn’t know what to do since she has loosed in everything, without knowing what to do and how confused she was, she walked to Ella on a confused state, Jeff seeing her wondered where she was heading to because Josephine is not a type that relates that much. She stopped before Ella while Ella watched her



steps, with tears in her eyes regretting all her actions from the start till the end. Ella seeing that action knew that all is not well.


“I’m sorry Ella, for everything, for hating you for nothing ” she apologized as tears rolled down her cheek . Ella was touched from the heart, she pitied her knowing that she was not the cause.


“I don’t have anything in mind with you, I’ve forgiven you a long time.


Rachel walked down to her too apologizing, and in no time they embrace each other while others like Jeffery, Mirabel, Eric, Richard Gentle join in the reunion and then all the students join too.


“Hip ! Hip! Hip! ”


“Hurray” they all shouted celebrating their victory caused by Ella the poor girl but dumb who happens to be so intelligent but pretended as if she’s nothing just to gain real people by her side.


Meda could be seen walking down from the othe4 far end side looking so weak and dull as if she will faint in the next 1 hour.


She was so weak as she walked down there in sign of sorry looking at Ella and Jeff who nodded their heads at her telling her that she’s forgiven after they told her the story of how they got to know her plans and how they defeated her.




After everything Ella was honoured by everyone both in school and everywhere as her firm spread all around the city. Her pictures and everything kept on displaying on bill boards, TV sets, radio stations broad cast her name. Feeling like the queen of the universe.




Seeing that no one was fit for the position, vision high school management had no other option that give Ella the head girl while Jeff became the head boy thus



making visions high school to be in peace and rest for everyone both old and young who come across the school premises.




Ella won the scholarship to further her education in her university of her choice. It was a pleasant time for THE SCHOOL GIRL ” who broke the record and did everyrging best to put everything in order.


The whole city voted for Ella to be the leader of the school and all the organizations, Jeff was proud of who he had by his side




The governor sponsored Ella in everything making sure that she does not lack anything good in life. Whihww tge cause of the celebration.


Everything became normal until one beautiful hot afternoon something happened.








To be continued






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