Sun. Feb 11th, 2024






There was no way I was gonna leave.


At least not without a pay.


But I can’t just explain why or how I lost.


I haven’t slept this much except when I was in High School.




Just a simple f’cking test.


“Do you need a car… I mean a lift or something?” Austin asked.


“No. Thanks.” I said coldly and went to get my clothes.


“Alright alright… your command is my wish. Sorry, your wish is my command” he said and left.


Austin was just so good and caring yesterday.


I can’t just explain.


I went to the Kitchen to make breakfast for myself.


I took my luggage along with me.


“What are you doing in my kitchen!” Austin yelled.


“I’m taking some stuff ofcourse.” I said trying to pack some beverage.



” don’t you dare!” he snapped.


“I dare. And I’ll do. I’m leaving by the way” I said and packed them in my luggage.


“Let’s see how you get ou-” he didn’t complete his sentence when his phone rang.



“Austin Smith here” he said.



“What the! Which hospital!?” he asked and ran off.


What could be wrong?


Well, it ain’t my business anyways.





I got a call from the day care.


Mitchell fell sick.


That’s one sh!t I despise.


My Kid’s being ill isn’t a thing of joy to me.


It’s my responsibility to take care of them and allowing them to fell sick means I’ve failed as a Father.


I left Kira and problematic attitude. .. my kids come first.


I took my car keys and ran off.


I ignited my car to Life and in few seconds, I had already hit the road.


I got the hospital.


“JenniJack Hospital”


I went straight to Kid’s Ward Reception.


“Hey I’m Austi—”


“Mr. Austin, your child is in Room 7.” she said cutting me off.


“Oh… Thanks. ” I said and ran off.


I went to her room and saw her lying on the sick bay.


“Hey.” I called her…


She turned without saying a word.


“Are you OK?” I asked as I drew closer.


The doctor came in.


“She’s gonna be alright Sir. But she wrote something on a platecard.” The doctor and brought out a platecard from the drawer.


“I want Nanny Kira.” was written on it.


“Who wrote this?” I asked.


She looked at Mitchell which means that Mitchell wrote it.


“Alright” I said and walked out.


I need to Find Kira.


I didn’t even know her house.




I went home and went straight to her room.


She had already packed her stuffs.


I went downstairs and started hearing some noise.


I traced the noise and it was coming from the Kitchen.


I sneaked in and saw Kira cooking.




Thank goodness.


“What are you doing?” I enquired.


“I’m making pas-” she didn’t finish her sentence when I remembered Mitchell.


i put off the gas and dragged her with her apron and spatula.


She was probably making some pasta.


I drove her to the hospital and dragged her to the Room 7.


“Here is your Nanny Kira. Mitch. Your Nanny’s here.” I said presenting Kira to her.


she opened her eyes slowly and jumped out of the bed.


“Gotcha!” she exclaimed.


“Dad. I caught you adding something to the Milk. You thought I didn’t know about the challenge?” she said giggling.


Kira turned to me with her spatula.


“You did what!?” she yelled and raised her spatula and I ran off.




To be continue…







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