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I petted the child and sang lullabies to her until she started giggling.


“See? She’s laughing…” I said and laid the baby on her little bed.


“Now shuu!” I said and pushed and Austin aside.


I went to the Kitchen and took the apron and wrapped it.



I brought the dishes and placed them in the sink and added some detergent.


Austin came to the Kitchen and stood at the door post.


“We’ve not talked about my Fee, have we?” I asked and took some of the plates I’ve washed and placed them on the kitchen unit.


I rubbed some of the water off on my apron.


“How are you willing to pay?” I asked lining my self on the cupboard.


“Now way I’m hiring you. I ain’t doing that” Austin protested.


“Oh you’re” I said.


“No, I’m not”


“You are!” I yelled.


“I’m not!” he yelled back.


“And as i heard you have two kids ,,where’s the other one” i asked “Shes sleeping obviously”He replied nonchalantly


“I’ll stay here for awhile till you’re convinced then” I said and went back to washing the dishes.


“So how did she die?” I asked.


“None of your business!” he snapped.


“Oh. My bad. My sincerest condolences. And oh… I’m quite sure that your child wouldn’t want to lose me. . .”


“. . .And I ain’t replacing her With any body! Get that into your head!” he snapped.



“Alright… I washed the dishes and made sure your kid slept well. Aren’t you still hiring me?” I said.


He hesitated.


I dropped to my knees as soon as possible.


I’d need to pull a drama.


I buried my head on the floor.


“Please… I really need this job” I begged.






This girl is really crazy.


She’s crazy and fast and caring at the same time and I love that…


She begged and even knelt down begging.


“Alright alright. It’s fine. But you’ll be in the guest house” I said…


“Who’s living in the guest house?!” She said in a high tone.


“You of course.” I said.


“Alright. what’s my fee?” I asked.


“You’ll be paid 1.5$ dollars per month” I said and she smiled.


“… I’m not living in the guest room!” she said and ran off.


I followed until she went into one of the unoccupied rooms and locked herself up. Argh!


She’s so damn crazy!




To be continue…






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