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Chapter 34

























Mirabel could be seen standing at a corner with Eric looking worried and restless.


It seems the both of them had the same feelings.


” That Josephine of a thing, she looks as if she’s hiding something from someone ” Mirabel said to Eric who almost said the same thing too.


“Maybe we need to visit her and warn her strictly never to try any thing rubbish or else he problem will be worse ” Eric said as Mike agreed and the both of them left to Josephine house immediately.


Josephine could be seen only on red pant alone which she was the only one in the house due to the hotness of the hour. The sun was so high that none could comprehend it. Josephine paced around her room with her phone on the hand ringing but none picked it. Eric and Mirabel couldn be seen walking like soldiers to Josephine’s house, getting to the door their heart calm down hearing Josephine speaking on phone with someone else.


“Hello Meda, what has been holding you? Don’t tell me you’ve not it yet tell the competition is tomorrow na ” Josephine said while Eric looked at Mirabel in the eyes that says “I TOLD YOU SHE’S UP TO SOMETHING ”



Everything will be done during the dinner night this evening, trust me I’m gonna bring Jeff and Ella down. They now believe in me and trust me “she said.










Darkness took over as usual but the students that went for the sport fiesta were in great light just as recorded in the Bible. Meda sat with Ella ND Jeff while the other students were enjoying making crazy noise in the environment. They were served several kinds of drinks and refreshments. Meda was looking for the opportunity to carry out her mission thank goodness she was ease as she stood up and excused herself walking to the restroom she grabbed the door knob and twist it open then closed it back. It was a bit far from where their tents, just then the door cracked open with force as Meda startle but It was too late as Eric and Richard the head boy from vision school entered looking angrily at Meda.


“I’m sorry we need to do this, you caused it ” Richard said and Meda wanted to scream but they threatened her to obey.


They tie Meda inside the rest room making sure she does not escape, they used something to cover her mouth so that she won’t shoot nor make noise.


They closed the door back, locked it from outside and threw the key away leaving the environment immediately through another route they took in.


Presently Meda is in the restroom held captive by the two guys.




Richard smiled looking at Eric while others watched the game happily praying Ella comes up with her strength never in almost all the games she kept arriving the ending point the same time with Victoria.


Different sports activities took place and Ella happens to be trying her best which got the crowd cheering and shouting her name in victory. The boys turn came and Jeff tried his best but Jack was just so powerful and stronger than him.



Everything was done quick and fast as time was flying, all the sports activities had been completed thus waiting for the results to come up.


“Please the results is what happens no cheat please, just bear with us and no sign of inpatient ” the referee said while crowd agreed and the DJ did it’s work by entertaining people.


Soon they came up with the results as fast as possible, after which the governor said some few words relating to what he said the previous time.


Everywhere was filled with crazy noise from schools shouting and singing their song of victory.


“Without taking much of our time, here is the final results for the final competition which seemed toughed but solved at last “he said and take deep breaths while everyone listened carefully, especially Mr Pius from vision school, expecting a good turn up.


“So so unfortunate that some people came bracket while some even took the last position, so with due respect allow me to bring to you the winner of this great competition “he paused and took s breath.


“The last person on my list who carries the total of 100 points is Beatrice Dave from heaven’s Dew college, the 4th position goes to Mia Khalifa from NOBLES HIGH SCHOOL, the 3rd position goes to Jane Austin from THE KINGS COLLEGE, the 2nd position goes to Ella Lanz from VISION HIGH SCHOOL and the overall winner is no other than Victoria Alex from HEAVEN’S DEW COLLEGE. ” he said and went down, Ella could be seen looking down in fear, pain, agony and even restless. Her physical appearance changed while Josephine smiled from where she sat. Everyone from heaven’s dew college couldn’t help to celebrate their hero who made them proud, Mr Pius was so disappointed likewise other staffs in vision high school, Ella finds it difficult to believe that she had loosed after everything. No jt can’t be just before they could say anythin, the chief recorder/the judge was seen running back to the podium with his materials back to the crowd and then tried to calm everyone down as everywhere became silent instantly with the microphone in his hand.


” I……… ” he paused and stopped, looking at everyone’s face to see different faces.


“I am sorry……. I…. We…. ” he paused and then stop again leaving everyone in










To be continued


What does the judge has to say??


Where will Ella be??


Who will rescue Meda??







(The unexpected)


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