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Chapter 31











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Looking at the wall clock the time reads 12:07am as Ella woke up sweating profusely though the room was dark but her breathing rate could be heard moving from normal to abnormal like a woman in labour room trying to push out the baby. With fear written all over Ella’s face she switched on the bedside lamp, never in her life has she such a nightmare which almost made her scream out loud in reality, the fear of dying in terms of competing grab her as she sat down only in her night dress which was transparent enough for one to see her white panties under.


She grabbed her phone trying to call Jeff to tell him to be careful, just then she glanced at the wall clock seeing how late the hour was, she dropped the phone back and tried to sleep but she couldn’t due to the fear but eventually sleep took her unaware at around 5:45am.




Jeff woke up smiling as the event of the previous crossed into his heart, even to forget about Ella in a second was something he can’t do.


He walked to the siting room first to see the old man called his father Mr Kenz sitting on the couch probably he won’t be going to work for the day.


” Good morning dad” he greeted yawning and stretching his body.



“Good morning Jeff, you are still on bed “? He asked as Jeff nodded his head in a yes gesture .


“Remember this early morning is the right hour for you to train yourself, just jogging for 1 hour is enough, here you are yawning food ” Mr Kenz said as Jeff sat down next to him smiling.


“Trust your boy, dad I’m still strong to win the competition even when I’m not trained ” he boast smiling


“You talk as if I don’t know you again Jeff, you better train cause the schools you guys are competition is 100% stronger than you guys ” Mr Kenz said as Jeff patted him on the shoulder and then walked back to his room.


The weather was neither bot nor cold but it was neutral as usual. Gentle sat down only in singlets, he was not well dressed but bus handsome face makes everything looks real as if he’s a model (like one of my dude called saviour who will soon become a model and future artist by God’s grace). . Richard was with him as usual.


“Guy you are so lazy ooo ” Richard said smiling


“You mean lazy? Don’t don’t use lazy just say I’m too dull ” Gentle joked as they both laugh.


“Come to think of it man, why not get yourself a girlfriend “? He asked


“Man you know I’m not that person that loves girl, if I try it I will end up hating a girl at last and jt won’t be perfect ” he said as Richard sighed. Seriously getting to be told about Gentle, the guy is so gentle as his name implies no too much friends except Richard the head boy.


There’s no harm in giving it a try, remember you helped me out in this. And to be sincere Mirabel is the best I can see for now, just give it a try oga ” Richard said as gentle looked down and finally spoke up.



I don’t know what this girl is using on me and why am having this strange feelings ” Gentle said


“You are on the point mehn, speak up for thy servant heareth ” Richard said as they both giggled.


“It’s Josephine man, the girl is Mirabel class, she damn killing me with thoughts and everything. Guy I was not planning for this but….. ” he paused


“But what, man just give it in and give it a try ” Richard said.




Ella set out to meet up with Jeff in their meeting point as usual, the neutral weather as said seems to be pleasant and awesome for two new couples to hang out.


Cars could be seen speeding on the road and some matching the brake as the tyres kept making a screeching sound rolling on the tarred road.


I’m so scared Jeff ” Ella said to Jeff who was now sitting next to her in the same fence as he kept watched like a watch dog in a compound.


What do you mean Ella “? He asked now looking at her


“I’m scared about the competition Jeff, it’s seems something is wrong somewhere ” She said in a teary voice that sounds just like that of a new born pu**y cat who us yawning for the mother.


“Tell me what is not right about the competition ” he requested. Ella took time to narrate her dream to him which seems interesting according to the information Jeff had been carrying for a long time as a secret to himself. He smiled and drew Ella close to himself looking deep into her eyes and then smiled.


“Fear not for I am with you always says the Lord ” he quoted and they both laughed


“When did you become a preacher “?



“Soon you will see my ministry” he joked as Ella couldn’t help than to laugh and forget her worries which was on ground.


“Ella I’m always there to protect you, I will do everything within my powers to make sure that you are safe. You mean a lot to me, so as long as am with you, nothing will harm you neither will anything happened to you ” he assured as Ella nodded her head in a yes gesture and then he smiled and kissed her on the forehead.


“My cute queen I will love you till eternity ” Jeff added


“No eternity is too short. Just love me till we get to heaven ” she joked.




“Remember vision high school is also in this competition so we need not to loose the game to them. A huge reward is awaiting the winning team and each competitors, so fasten tour seat belt and let the vehicle move “Mr Andrew the principal general of ” STARS COLLEGE “said facing his students who were all dressed in their long blue and white uniform watching him speak.


“For the girls, a new girl is said to be more powerful than Rachel and Josephine who had broken the record that had never been in visions school, so study to show yourself approve for this competition ” he said and dismissed them as they all moved to their different classes.


Jack a handsome dude could be seen smiling at the mention on the sports competition, he is said to be the hero of the school who always takes the lead for the school in terms of competition. He walked around the school with his hands in his pockets looking cute. Same height Witt Jeff and same complexion which ladies are dying for especially Gift who find it difficult to have him.


The name vision school sounds farmaliar to me, let’s just keep watch and see who they are ” he said as they smiled With Talent who is also a boy just like him.





The temperature was now high as people on the streets used umbrella to cover their heads to avoid the direct heat from the sun.


“Meda could be seen in her school dress walking on the road with two of her other friends returning from school. She stopped and then looked at her friends.


“I need to visit my friend from vision school to see how she’s doing, they are on break due to the preparation of the sport fiesta “she announced as they agreed and walked passed her, then she moved to Rachel’s house.


“Girl how are you doing “? Rachel asked immediately Meda had taken her rest and then finished a cool bottle water and then sigh jn sign of relief as if she’s returning from a long day journey.


“I’m good girl, what’s up with you girl? You look dull and weak “? She said as Josephine smiled


“It’s nothing girl”she lied


“Is it about the competition? And by the way who is competing “? She asked


“It’s a new girl called Ella ” she announced


“I’ve heard her history and everything, I will like to meet her ” Meda said looking at Josephine


“Please will you do me a favor by trying not to mention her name here again “? She begged and Meda accepted and then silence took over again.


” Meda are you competing “? She asked


“Yes I’m one of the competitors ” she said as Josephine smiled


” I will like you to help me then ” Josephine said







Vision high school resumed school after some days break which was organized by the school management, Ella and everyone were present once again resuming their normal reading stuffs.


Gentle had been trying to so hard to approach Josephine but he couldn’t due to the fear of being insulted because she’s known as the bad type who does not relate that much with people. But her behavior makes it hard for one to relate with the both of them. Gentle does not know why he’s having strange feelings for her but in everything there must be a reason behind it.


“Guys how prepared are you for the competition “? Eric asked the two competitors


“More than ever ready ” Jeff boast as they all laughed


“See who is making noise here” Mirabel added


The four friends kept making jokes as they laughed randomly. Forgetting that they are still in school which is only two days left for Jeff and Ella.






“Ella you know why everything is happening this way ?why they choose you in everything. Why you are a genius “? Mr Lanz the father asked sitting next to her as she shook her head in a negative way.


“It’s just because you are your mother. Your mother was just like you which I’m team of sports and everything in life, I’ve loved her since childhood but my selfishness killed her ” Mr Lanz Witt a teary eyes walking to the picture that was on the wall having Mrs Lanz on it.


Ella, Mr Lanz and the mother could be seen in the picture smiling as the mother held Ella on the hand.


Mr Lanz tears began dropping remembering how his wife died a painful death while he kept watching her die.



“Dad, stop blaming yourself for her death, it happened just unexpectedly” Ella said assuring him that all will be well soon.






The day finally arrived which the sport fiesta was set aside to be held for the students to show off their skills.


Everything was set and everything in place, vision high was ever ready likewise other schools competing.


A long white bus could be seen parked at the far extreme end of the school which does not belong to the school followed Witt the police van which was two and some police men could be seen with their guns walking around.


“Make us proud Ella and Jeff, we hope to see you do your best ” Mr Pius the principal said in bus office giving them handshake as they walked out to where the bus was packed. All the students gathered to witness how they are going to move, Eric, Mirabel and other were there too. The competition was for them to camp for two days and on the third day they compete.


Jeff shook hand with Eric and then embraced Mirabel, Ella did the same thing and the car engine was turned on as Jeff claimed in followed by Ella, then they door was closed as they car zoomed off while Jeff waved at his students.


“To thy tents oh Israel ” Mr Anderson announced as they all giggled.




The long bus could be seen speeding along the express road which had only Ella and Jeff jn it, just as the driver didn’t expect another long bus with full speed overtook him instantly thus making him to jerk in fear as he struggled not to loose control, screams of people was heard on the road as a collision sound was heard, just as they driver looked from the window the unexpected happened. .








To be continued






What is the unexpected that happened??


Will Jeff and Ella survived this??


Who will save them??









(The unexpected)


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