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Chapter 32



























The sound of the moving vehicle could be heard as its speed could not be calculated, Ella glanced at Jeff in fear showing how frightened she was. Jeff pulled her to himself which she rested her head on his shoulder.




The long bus finally came to a halt, the environment was so amazing. It was a stadium which they are to lodge and camp for two days and on the third day they compete. Electric bulb illuminated everywhere thus making it to be so comfortable, security guards were everywhere including some watch dogs. Other students from other school were there already, they moved around freely. Ella grab her bag which contain feeling of her stuffs, she walked into the main environment while Jeff followed from behind.


Some boys who saw Ella couldn’t take their eyes off her due to how beautiful she was without artificial make up.


Ella and Jeff finally locate their tents which they were to launch for the mean time, Ella due to how weak she was sat down on the mattress.


Jeff took time to study the environment, other schools were still coming thus making the environment to be more crowded than before.


“They are much Jeff, can we do this “? Ella asked and Jeff smiled.


“Yes we can, what we need to do is to believe in ourselves. Let’s have fun outside ” Jeff announced as they both walked outside to meet the eyes of boys lost in Ella’s body.


“They are dying for you ” Jeff whispered to her as they both laughed out their nerves.


“You are not serious” she replied meanwhile Meda stood at a distance to monitor them, absolutely she looked like a spy sent on a mission to spy out a land. Her dress was q flowing red gown which added to her beauty also.



Soon the bell came on for dinner, it was already 7:54pm as darkness took over the city, but in the stadium where the kids were, nothing like darkness could be detected due to how the place was well manged and arranged .


“Good evening our great citizens, once again I’m pleased to talk with you again concerning the great sport fiesta that is coming. Your children are out there trying to make us proud, we will do our best with them too. Thank you ” The governor said as the TV went blank again displaying other things.



Ella got her food which was bread with coffee and indomine just to make them feel at home for the night, Meda had been trying to have a conversation with her but finds it difficult since Ella is always with Jeff.


Soon everyone was done with food as a gathered making fire in front of their tents


just to play moonlight game which they found it interesting. Ella and Jeff set out to search for firewood to use and Meda grabbed that opportunity to follow them also searching for the same thing.


“Hey ” Meda waved at Ella while she smiled and wave back. Jeff moved away allowing them to have thier ladies conversation as usual.


“You look like you are from visions high school “Meda asked and Ella nodded her head in a yes gesture.


“Well I don’t know you that much but we will get to know each other very soon ” Ella added and just then Jeff passed them with th3 firewood as Ella followed.


Meda smiled to herself having what she needed.






Back to the city where darkness took over.


Mirabel could be seen lying on Richard laps looking at the shinning stars in the sky which the cool breeze kept blowing her hair backwards. She looked worried and Richard noticed it.


“Why are you looking dull Mirabel “? He asked


“It’s all about the competition, I’m having this strange feelings that something is going to happen to Ella which I’m scared ” she said in teary eyes looking s5 Richard


“When did you become a priest Mirabel “? Richard asked


“You won’t just understand, everything seems not right the way I’m feeling. I’ve never felt like this, is like those guys are not safe out there, is like someone is after them. I can sense it “she said looking at Richard in they eye.


“Calm down baby, everything will be fine, just don’t worry too muc much “he added and kissed her forehead while she laid back on his laps.


Gentle had been trying to talk to Josephine but couldn’t due to how scared he was thinking that she will disgrace him.


The news of the students participating in the sport fiesta was all around the city as it kept showing on the TV making sure nobody missed out that particular day.


Next day


All the competitors were seen in front of their tents dressed in white short and white polo doing some regular exercise which will help build their body for the competition.


Jeff and Ella took it more serious and they even added more time to themselves, Meda watched them and then walked up to them smiling.


“Can I join you guys please “? She asked


“We are all one, you are free to join us ” Jeff said as Meda smiled and join them in the excersice.


“Are you Jeff Kenz “? She asked while Jeff looked at her before he finally answered



“Yes I am ”


Your news and firms are everywhere “she said as Jeff smiled “Thank you” he replied while he left her with Ella to answer his call. “Hello dad, ”


“How are you doing son “? He asked


“I’m fine dad ” he replied as they talked on random stuff and then ended the call.


Meda happens to be so close to Jeff and Ella, thus making her to stick to them as if they had known each other for a long time.


Having a nice time with Meda was not bad, which Ella and Jeff took her now as sister and partner which they believed she’s a good companion.


Time was flying fast and everything kept moving as the competition day was approaching, it’s only one day left, the next day will be the competition.






The crowd was uncountable who were cheering and making noise, screaming just like football fans who always makes noise for their fans, that was the same thing that happened. Everyone one seated and the crowds was much, all the competitors were dressed in different uniform according to what number they picked so that there will be no confusion likewise distraction.


Jeff could be seen standing with Ella on the same line, while Meda stood with Jack his partner on the same line including other schools who did the same.


Eric watched Ella and Jeff standing at a spot which they were waiting for the whistle to be blown for them to commence. Mirabel, Eric, Mr Pius, Rachel, gentle and other people from vision school were present there too including parents of the competitors.


Tracks were cleared as the officials and referee too their normal stand and position.


Six other boys from other schools were selected to stand on this different tracks while Jeff stood as the 7th man. He looked up to see his principal and other teachers giving him a thumb to make them proud, he smiled. Looking at Josephine, he could see the envy and dangerous looks she was giving him. He concentrated on the competition leaving her to be, without knowing the cause his vision became blurry bit by bit, he still stand strong as if nothing happened to him. His vision was more blurry than before as he blinked his eyes to have a clear vision but it was too late, just then the referee did his work.


“On your tracks, get set, ready , go…… He shouted at last and everyone were


expecting to see all of them moved at a time but unfortunately Jeff fell down instantly and loss consciousness while Ella screamed in fear.


“Noooooooooo…….. ” Eric scream in fear and in shock and then woke up that was


when he knew it was a dream but this very dream js so powerful relating to what’s happening now, that means it can come true if care is not taken. He glanced at the wall clock and then picked his phone and dial Jeff’s number which he picked it up on the second beep.


“Thank God you are still awake Jeff ” he said in a hurry


“Why are you sounding like this Eric, is anything the matter “? He asked detecting it from his voice


“Yes man, you need to be careful out there man everything is not perfect boss ” Eric said breathing hard as Jeff smiled.


“You know I’m always careful man ” Jeff said


“I know but you have to be extra careful because I see you guys loose the competition “he added while Jeff didn’t take that


“You are believing in a dream? Why not take some drugs “? He joked but hearing how serious Eric sounded made him believe that he was not joking and that thing is out of hand.



“Okay man “he said and ended the call.


Since Jeff trsusr people so much that finds Meda to be a true friend, he’s not suspecting her of anything. They are just like brothers and sisters from different mother. Meda is always with them catching fun and doing the rest of other things with them which they found her to be a true friend.


Jeff kept the secret to himself praying her overcomes such.


Finally finally the long awaited day arrived in full.








To be continued






Will Jeff and Ella make it out??






Who will win this time around??


What is about to happen that will shock everyone??






Drop your reasonable .s





(The unexpected)


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