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Chapter 29






















The security agents and the first aids management could be seen rushing Mirabel as if they are on their way to fight the second World War. Mirabel had collapsed and foams stated coming out of her mouth as if she’s being poison by someone.


The surprise look on the face of the students could be seen especially Mr Pius the principal Witt the fear that Mirabel. Mirabel laid flat without moving an inch, Ella stood from s distance shedding tears, while Jeff and Eric in their sports attires didn’t know what to say or do again.


“She will be fine, let’s just take her to my hospital ” Doctor Dan said as they carried Mirabel using the stretcher to the ambulance that the alarm was still blowing.


Silence took over once again before the Mc finally get hold of the microphone.


“It’s is not a new thing that people does collapsed in the competition filed, let’s just keep going she will be fine ” He said calmly, looking at Mrs Roseline the shock expression could be found on her face cause no one else will represent her house.


Other competitors were still on their tracks waiting for replacement of Mirabel, Mrs Roseline could be seen walking around searching for who will represent her group.


Ella was also in the middle of the crowd, after a long search but unfortunately for her she found no body, her eyes met with that of Ella and then she walked towards her but Ella didn’t even care to look at him everyone were running out of time and patience.


Mrs Roseline walked to Ella jn a motherly way.


“Ella, can you help us”?


“No madam I was sorrying, I am nothing a match to those girls ” She said as people who stood there began to laugh at Ella’s English.


“Since there’s no other representive in group A, then we are moving. Let’s use this 3 people ” The Mc said and the sports officials took over, Mrs Roseline was damn angry and physically she was just like a lioness who has lost her senses. The four people gathered again on their tracks getting ready to move, Rachel and Josephine smiled bec Mirabel is out if the game.


“On your marks, get set, ready…….. Just he was about shouting go Jeff ran to him


panting heavily like a driver who just escaped death, he whispered to the referee and then handed him a white sheet of paper.


“Hold on we have another representative here to replace Mirabel. Her name is Ella Lanz ” Ella widened her eyes in shock, oh no why her. They want to mock at her. Looking at Jeff’s direction he smiled at her and gave her an assurance smile asking her to go.



Mr Lanz the father looked down to see her beautiful daughter almost crying for being choosed, Mrs Roseline was disappointed because Ella is never a match to the two girls.


Most of the students who saw her walking slowly to the tracks started laughing already knowing the type of idiot Ella is. Ella walked to the field after being dressed in her attire, Rachel and Josephine couldn’t stop smiling for the type of girl they are to compete With.


The referee took his stand while Ella took her own line representing Mirabel who she was feeling her pains, just as they wanted to proceed the sound of the sirens made everyone looked at the gate direction to see the organizers of the event, the governor was not left out including his entourage who followed him from behind. Security that followed him was so tight that none will be able to go near him, Mr Pius smiled seeing the old man in his school. Everyone stood still as the national anthem was played while the pledge was recited there after by the citizens.


Mr Rick the governor smiled seeing the competitors on their tracks.


“On you tracks, get set, ready……… All the competitors were now looking forward


expecting to hear the final command which was yet to come. Ella was just so dull.


“Go”! The referee shouted as Rachel and Josephine began running like tigers and cheetah including Ann too who followed them, but seeing the shock expression on people’s faces to see Ella battling on how to meet up with their fellow competitors, some students had began laughing already knowing that Ella won’t make it, her team members was dissapointed, Mrs Roseline didn’t even want to show her face again, Mr Lanz looked dissapointed and looked down. The competitors were still running around the field which was so big remember it’s (2000 metres) Ella was just at the end while others like Rachel and Josephine were taking the lead running as their legs could carry them and also panting like heavy men in the war front.


Ella was being laughed at even Jeff and Eric couldn’t hold their temper, they had already taken 1800 metres remaining 200 metres while the whistle began sounding telling that it’s the last round for the winner to show forth.


Everyone stood up in alert shouting, all wideden their eyes, many stood up watching the unexpected miracle, while some were even shouting screaming their



competitors name to gather up strength. Mr Rick the governor couldn’t help than to smile some people smiled along, looking at the track the speed of which Ella WWE carrying just like a moving train who lost its break, before they could say Jack Ella was already on the centre of the field Josephine and Rachel heard their name being shouted to fasten their steps but it was too late, Ella had already gotten to them and meet up with them while the whistle kept blowing and fans couldn’t stop shouting and screaming Ella’s name due to the unexpected turn up. Ella in no time ran and pass Rachel which Rachel tactical tried to sturd Ella but she was so smart to dodge it. The scream, the shout,the jubilation even the smile on people’s faces especially Mrs Roseline could be seen, Jeff Eric and others couldn’t help than to smile.


Ella ran and passed the three girls heading to the end track and in no time she crossed the line as the first person and the overall winner which was unexpected. They joy knew no bound to their team members.


Other sport activities took place which miraculously Ella happens to know sport more than others which she was only pretending we if she knows nothing, she kept breaking the record. The record which in the history of vision school since it was founded none made such record, Ella was so smart and tactical in everything she does. Rachel couldn’t help the disappointment in her, how was she so foolish to think that Ella is a dull fool? Camera lights kept flashing on Ella as she kept breaking the record which in high jump she took the lead too including other sports activities. The environment changed immediately to win exciting one all of a sudden, Ella has broken the record and created history. Jeff smiled at her and gave her a thumb up for the job well done.


The boys took over after the girls and they took part In the same sporting activities that the girls did too. Unfortunately Eric missed it to Jeff who won the competition in the boys categories. Ella’s name was being chanted as the game changer and the queen of sports, everyone couldn’t help than to smile but Josephine couldn’t held her anger for loosing to q girl who knows nothing. She kept feeling bad for not being prepared to Ella, she was prepared for Mirabel because she knows her weak point not Ella.


Soon the result was with the officials, every other games took place as usual. Most parents smiled seeing thier children performing.



Mr Lanz couldn’t hold his happiness as he embraced her. Jeff too smiled at her including Eric.


The result was just to be announced as they looked to see Mirabel running to Ella shouting her name in happiness.


“Yes you made it girl, you did it “she shouted hugging her real tight while many people looked at her feeling shock knowing that she’s the girl that passed away some minutes ago


“You made it Ella, you broke the record and create history, I love you girl “Shw said and kissed her on the forehead.




Ella couldn’t help the fact that Mrs Roseline hates her in all round, she sat down thinking critically on hw3 life just then Mirabel arrived.


“Girl you look dull and weak please brightened up “she pleaded but Ella only nod her head


“Looking at you Ella I see the ability in you, I see you as the record breaker and the game changer why not take over “? Mirabel said but Ella didn’t say a word.


“I’m sorry you are wrong I can’t ”


“Yes you can”


“No I can’t ”


“Yes you can Ella please ” Mirabel begged


“What if I fail you guys? What if I loose? What if I disappoint our mistress “? She said


“No you won’t, Ella we believe in you ”



“then what will us be doing now “?she asked


“I think I know what to do. Since your name is not in the list and my name is, I will discuss Witt Mrs Roseline to arrange for a doctor and medical team to take care of the students in case anyone faints or sustains injuries which the doctor will be the one u will bring after explaining what will happen to him. Immediately they will want to commence the competition I will faint while they will rush me our pretending to take me to the hospital and then Jeff will give the official your name as the new competitor”




The camera lights couldn’t stop flashing on the two students who happens to be the winner of the competition Ella and Jeff. The governor walked down to them, have an handshake Witt them and then as instructed after the two of them had been announced as the winner, he gave them the gold medal and had them the trophy





It was time for the winners to sat something as they hand over the microphone to Ella. The sad and shock expression on people’s faces could be seen, everyone’s happy faces turned to sad one.


All the teachers stood up looking at each other in s sad way, Mr Pius the principal too wasn’t smiling Rachel and Josephine was now smiling. Everything stood still but looking at the faces of people who knew Ella, none of them was happy. Ella stood with the microphone for some minutes without knowing what to say.


Mirabel, Eric and others were all sad.


Mrs Roseline whispered to Mr Pius the principal while the governor didn’t understand what was happening why the sudden change of faces instantly.


Ella sad face was seen by everyone as she held the microphone without knowing what to say and how to start but then something unexpected happened. .






To be continued




What is the unexpected that will happen??


What did Mrs Roseline said to the principal??


Why has everyone’s face changed??


What is about to happen??









(The unexpected)


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