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Chapter 30






















The atmosphere was calm and silent as everyone waited for Ella to say something which she didn’t even say anything. The officials, sports director, invited guest and other dignitaries couldn’t withstand the fact that a grown up girl like Ella is wasting their time with common a word of thank you.


Mr Pius seeing the incident and remembering who Ella is, that if she continues, her


wrong English will spoil everything for him, if she continues the government will


blame him hearing the girl in his school speaking English that Is not even found In


the dictionary.






Already Rachel had began giggling mocking Ella whom they knew that she can’t make with her English.


Many students began shouting her name knowing her real identity, Ella wasn’t surprised though. Jeff couldn’t help than to smile.


“I’m sorry you have wasted our time please, hand over the microphone to your next partner ” The Mc said while Ella smiled and then everyone wondered why she’s smiling instead of being sad because she can’t even say anything talkless of making a long correct English.


The silence that creep over the environment once again as Ella blew air into the microphone thus making it to send the sound out to the speaker.


“With due respect to the governor of our great state who took time to organized tgus just to see the hidden skills in the lives of students, my Ernest appreciation goes to those that made me feel rejected so that I will be able succeed, my thanks also to the staffs, teachers, and students of vision high school who did everything possible to see me through. Mrs Roseline my thanks also to you for time and ” she paused and take a deep breath, everyone were standing speechless. Everyone who stood there couldn’t move an inch, they kept looking at the young girl called Ella who has shocked everyone . Mr Pius couldn’t believe his ears, Mrs Roseline adjusted from her seat and her eyes were out of the socket. Rachel couldn’t withstand the sudden heart beat that came into her heart as the fear of loosing grab her. Josephine stood mouth open watching how fluent and good words kept flowing out of Ella’s mouth instead of the wrong and rubbish that always comes out. Mirabel was shocked that she couldn’t help than to smile shouting Ella’s name to continue Witt her speech and shame the devil, tears of happiness could be seen flowing down her cheeks. Eric looked down, how could he be so foolish not to know that Ella was pretending all this while, little did the know that the girl called Ella has potentials in making things happen.



Mr Lanz heart leaped for joy for the sudden change of her daughter whom he’s really impressed in the new turn around. Looking at Jeff her teacher, he smiled.


I’m using this opportunity to express my heart felt gratitude to Almighty God for the grace and strength he gave to me to succeed, even when I know nothing he stood by me as a father. I can’t forget to thank my real family in school who make me a hero today, Eric, Mirabel, Jeff I love you all. I can’t forget further but always appreciates what you have before you start complaining “Ella ended her speech while everywhere became silent that even a pin is dropped the sound will be heard


. Nobody moved as all were shocked to see the girl they have been mocking making then proud, not only the students but the teachers too had made life more miserable for Ella. Mr Pius regretted his actions including some of the teachers who could be seen in a shock state. None knew the cause of the sudden silence except the people of vision school.


The microphone was given to Jeff too to say a word.


“I’m impressed in what am seeing today, all thanks to God that he made “THE UNEXPECTED ” to happen today, your excellency permit me to use this medium to say a very big thank you to you for organizing this sport fiesta for us. Thank you sir and to everyone including the staffs of this great school, learn to appreciate what you have no matter what happens ” Jeff ended his speech without taking much of their time but his words hunt some of the teachers cause they are also the cause of what Ella went through in school.


Mr Pius walked slowly to the podium and then collected the microphone in a slow and gentle Wat everyone looked at him wondering what happened has to say in such mode.


“Though this is not the right place or right time for me to say this but let me just say it to clear my conscience. I’m deeply for this great event that took place now and the most shocking part is our competitors who happens to do the undoable which some people find it difficult to do. Ella has made us proud jn everything which everyone knew but now we are glad.



Shouts and scream filled the atmosphere as Ella and Jeff stepped down form the podium like new wedded couples while camera lights kept flashing on the both of them thus making them to smile the more especially Ella who didn’t even know that everything is for a reason. Mirabel rushed her and in no time embraced each other in happiness.




“With due respect to all the citizens of this great state and school, the winners of today’s competition will represent their school in the coming stars competition and the winners will represent the states and the winner in the state will be given an award and scholarship to study overseas in any university of their choice , so sit up and then keep going in grace. As for Ella the record break and the history creator, nothing much to say than to ask you to do more in the states level ” he said and handed over the microphone to the Mc while his escort followed him from behind releasing seven gun shot in the air.


Truly Ella had broken the record which had never been seen in visions school s before, her sports result was the best in history.


“Seeing you standing there back then there without saying anything made my heart sank into my stomach, I felt your pains not knowing that you had something in store for me, Ella you are a genius “Mirabel said as they embrace each other once again


“You know in life, sometimes we need to take different dimension to see how far we can go and how the environment we are living is” Ella said while Mirabel nodded her head in agreement .


“All thanks to my lecturer” Ella said smiling while Jeff smiled too.


“My able student thank you so very much ” Jeff said as they both chuckled


“I’m lost here please ” Mirabel complained


“Don’t worry we will find you ” Ella joked as they bursts out laughing.




The news of Ella the dumb girl wbk suddenly made her school proud of her and what she can do spread all over the locality, teaching people great lessons in life on how to treat another human being.




Two days rest was given to the students of vision high school to round up everything for examination to start.


Ella too was prepared for the exam including the competition too which is around the corner.


“Have I told you how beautiful you are “? Jeff asked as they sat in the cold night as the breeze kept blowing.


“Yes I knew it even when you don’t say it, I have not seen a guy as wonderful as you are. Jeff you stood by me to see me through, you stood by me to make me succeed. Jeff I can’t love you less for such love and understanding even when I myself wasn’t speaking the right English but falling in love with you makes everything different and perfect Jeff . I love you jeff” she said and embrace him tightly. Jeff too controlled his mind and temper.


“I love you Ella Lanz ”


“I love you beyond imagination Jeff “she said as he kissed her on the lips which she reciprocated.


Time was running very fast and things were happening and the time for Ella and Jeff to represent their school was at the corner as they all kept watch.






“Let’s just go for practice, our time is almost going “Jeff said to the smiling Ella that agreed almost immediately and they left.


“To bad we can’t represent the school anymore ” Rachel said in a sad tone


“That girl is a devil in human form ” Josephine complained bitterly


“What should we do?we need to push her out of the track and then take over or else she will do her worse ” Rachel said as Josephine reasoned what she said


“So what do we do now?”


“We need to clear the path and take over, if Ella is not found anymore they will call on one of us to take her place. It’s so bad she wants to take over from us” she said


“But what about Jeff “?


“Don’t worry I know how to handle him too ”




Jeff and Ella could be seen jogging in the field with their sporting clothes. They both looked neat and perfect for each other.


“Don’t make me loose control here Ella” Jeff said


“You won’t “she replied smiling


They kept moving from one sport activities to the other and just as they wanted to rest for the day, it was becoming dark already. Unfortunately for them just as Jeff grabbed his jacket to go, looking up he saw two hefty men Witt muscles before him, before he could say Jack, one of them had already carried Ella on his shoulder as she struggled to free herself while Jeff tried to help but it was not easy for him alone.


“Let’s move “one of the men ordered



“No we should do it here, he needs to watch us probably clap for us ” the leader said as they forcefully lay Ella down who tries her best to free herself but it was too late.


Jeff watched them tore Ella’s clothes leaving some parts of her body exposed, her small br**st could be seen as Jeff was like running mad.


“Raw meat we go chop you today ” one of them said taking off his clothes revealing his long erected d**k already while the other two held Ella on the leg and one held her bands to prevent her from escaping and to make easy penetrating for the boss.


Jeff hit of them real hard on the face but unfortunately one of them used bus gun


and then hit him on the head as he passed out, while the blood flow freely. Seeing


that Ella screamed ,but it was of no use as the man finally tore her skirt leaving her


red panties only in view, he licked his lips seductively and then slowly climbed on


top Ella.








To be continued




Who sent those niggas??


Who is behind the happening??


Who will save Ella now??


Will Ella survive the pains and everything??







(The unexpected)

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