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Chapter 27
























Mr Pius stood there for seconds as the environment looked calm and gentle, Richard was found at a far distance gathering his boys to check on students while he himself was still looking dull and then Mirabel ever regretted ever behaving like that with him the previous night knowing fully well that she’s the reason why Ricard is like that.


“I’m so disappointed and discouraged in you guys “Mr Pius said and paused as Mr Anderson adjusted his glasses and then looked at the students.


“Your effort concerning the competition is nothing to write home about, the result is so poor and no one yet is found to represent us according to the games master, Eric is now forming big boy. I’ve heard that Miles high school the best school is going to compete with us too so let’s improve “Mr Pius said as they all watched him



“Sir, are we included too “? One of the boys in junior section asked


“You are not serious, all the SS2 student should meet me after here ” he said and climbed down and the stopped at his tracks


“Remember after the competition the school will close and everything will be in place ” he said and moved away




Different sports activities took place as usual, Richard stood watching everything happening that was their last week for rehearsal which next week they are to compete.


Eric did real good even Mirabel who tried her best just to make sure Rachel doesn’t win her this time around.


you can do this Ella ” Mirabel said to Ella who was on the ground groaning in pains.


“I’m sorry I can’t” Ella replied while Jeff gave her “don’t say that look.


“Yes you can do it Ella ” Jeff said giving her s lovely look.


“Sorry Ella ” Eric said giving her his hands as she looked at Jeff and he nodded before she accepted his hand and stood up.


“I’m sorry Ella for everything ” Eric apologized as Mirabel smiled while Ella looked at him to see the sincerity in his eyes. She walked to him and embrace him in a friendly hug.


“It’s okay I have been understanding it ” she replied as Jeff smiled


Just then Mirabel sighted Richard walking in a slow and gentle man way but deep down he was really disturbed, she shouted his name.



“Richard !!” she shouted his name forgetting that they are in school as he turned swiftly to where the voice came from to see Mirabel walking up to him while Jeff gave her the go ahead.


Richard stopped without saying a word but looked down feeling bad and rejected. Mirabel rushed to him so that she won’t become the next talk in school by Mr Pius.


“We need to talk Richard ” zhe said rusdhed back shaking her butts without allowing him to talk. Richard smiled at her childish behavior knowing that maybe his prayers will soon come to pass.




Time flew so fast that no one understands and the competition was jjust around the corner meanwhile Mirabel had given Richard the chance to love her after testing him Witt her best friend to see if he’s trustful which he passed the test successfully and she decided to love him back.


Jeff and Ella had been going so fast in her studies which Jeff found out that she’s heading to somewhere


“Ella what’s your problem “? Jeff asked sitting next to her in their lesson class.


“What is the meaningless of this “? She returned back the question looking at Jeff as he looked at her lips.


“You know I love you just from the start and I won’t back off now ” Jeff said as Ella nodded her head in a yes gesture


She happens to love Jeff with the whole of her life that she can’t missed a moment without staying with him and having his company.


“There’s something you are hiding from me Ella and I don’t like it ” Jeff said in a


sincere tone looking directly into her eyes as he averted it looking at the house


corner and then returned


her eyes to him.



“Tell me there’s something I need to know about you ” Jeff said looking directly into her eyes, she blinked her eyes to prevent the truth from being detected from her eyes.


“I’m sorry I have been nothing to hide “she replied as Jeff took her to be joking.


“You can’t fool be that you are dumb and dull after even after all my lessons and things? Do you think I’m that so foolish to know it? ” Jeff said and Ella was dumb founded as the silence was just told much, Jeff knew the perfect way to catch her as he leaned close and in no time their lips locked jn a hot and passionate kiss which is always found in the movie called Spartacus. Ella grew wild as Jeff took time to handle her jn a way when she’s been released she will tell the truth.




Mirabel decided to pay Richard a pleasant visit and luckily his mom wasn’t around.


She was super beautiful than before which made Richard grew cold.


“Have a sit please ” he said pointing to where she will sit


“You don’t tell me where to sit, grab that into your skull ” she said walking majestically to him a seductive way and sat on Richard’s laps making him to jerk.


“Back then I thought that I’ve lossed you dear but I’m a glad man now ” Richard said to Mirabel who was now smiling than before.


“I have come to love more ” she said kissing him while Richard stood up knowing where that will lead to.


“Lemme just get you something to eat ” he said and Mirabel grabbed him on the waist and then he fell on her in a way his lips almost crash Witt that of Mirabel.


“You must be kidding, in following you ” zhe said walking to the kitchen while Richard smiling and then followed her from behind





The weather was pleasant as Jeff glanced at his wristwatch to see the time reads 4:45pm he was restless it seems he was expecting someone just then Ella walked out from the gate well dressed in a Nigerian Jessey that made her look like s football, on her feet where canvas which was brown in colour. Jeff too was dressed in a Real Madrid Jessey, immediately Ella arrived without asking too much questions Jeff opened the car door to her and they zoomed off.









Jeff and Ella arrived to see Mirabel dressing up there, the field was so big and wide looking like an expensive stadium.


“What took you guys so long or did you “? She asked looking at Ella from head to toe. It’s obvious they have been training for a long time preparing for the competition.


Jeff without time wastage set up everything and In no time Eric arrived too well dressed in his sport attire.


Ella looked down to see Mirabel watching her closely and then she walked slowly to her and pat her on the back.


“You will make it, we believe in you ” she said as Ella smiled bitterly


“Let’s proceed guys ” Jeff announced and they got on their tracks getting ready to move.


They spend hours training, from running to jumping and other activities which got them real tired especially Ella who looked as if she will faint if care is not taken.


“You’ll be fine dear ” Jeff said grabbing her on the waist and then they walked out to the house.





Ella, Eric, Jeff and Mirabel kept training themselves for the competition which was yet to come and everyday they kept discovering new skills.


Likewise Nelson, Rachel and Josephine too were preparing too to make themselves available for the competition which they believed in themselves too.


“Mirabel will suffer this time around ” Josephine said as Rachel smiled


“Take it easy girl, we will see the end” Rachel said walking to her.




Mirabel and Ella were in the same house, while Nelson, Eric, Rachel, Josephine, Jeffrey were in different houses.


The day finally came that the participants will be jotted down in the book of life which happens to be one of the day Nelson and his team were looking for.


Rachel gave Ella a deadly look before walking out to where the names were written.


All the house masters and mistress were doing their work in picking their best students to represent their houses which will lead to their success, so unfortunate that Mrs Roseline was Ella’s house mistress who didn’t like Ella a bit.


“Ma write down Ella’s name please ” Mirabel requested as Mrs Roseline looked at her in a eyeah that showed how angry she was for her to mention Ella’s name.


“Who do you say “? She asked as some of the students began laughing remembering Ella’s grammar as she looked down smiling without any sign of fear nor shame.


“She can’t even speak good English then tell me how she will cooperate, don’t tell me something that will make me hate you. Mirabel are you representing us or not “? She fired at her as she had no option than to accept the fact.



“I will ma”she replied as everything was set jn place and everything was about to commence in due time.


All the teams were ready especially the competitors who didn’t rest to see that they will make it.


Finally the long awaited day arrived










To be continued






Will Mirabel make it??


Will she be a match to Rachel and Josephine??


What is the unexpected that will happen??


Who will win the competition??


Who will break the record.









(The unexpected)

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