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Chapter 22






















The look Mr Pius the principal gave the four students almost made them cry out loud in fear.


“Good morning sir “They greeted in unison


“Keep the morning to yourself !” Mr Pius fired at them thus making them to startle in fear.


He adjusted his tie and then sit up right looking from the first to the rest.


“It has been brought to my notice that you all here are not participating in any games concerning the competition,all you do is to play love around the school compound ” Mr Pius said as Mrs Roseline chuckled


“Even this one that knows nothing is also included ” she said pointing her hand at Ella while she looked down in shame and fear


“All she knows is love not book ” Mr Anderson added jokingly making Ella to burn in anger deep down.


Jeffery including you, you of all people, you all know that in two weeks time you are taking over from the present governors of the school, why not act like gentle men “? Mr Pius said sreading his hands wide.


“I’m sorry sir it won’t repeat itself ” Jeff said trying to calm him down while the rest stood as molten lava.


Ella was heart broken remembering the challenge and how Mrs Roseline mocked her including the junior ones which she seniors because of her wrong English.


“Sir what’s the way forward now “? Mr Anderson asked the principal


“Good, as the games master you are going to keep close range and observe them to see what they will do in this competition ” .


Eric including you our super hero, you are forming big boy because of a girl” Mr Pius added


“Better prepare for the competition and how to handle the school in the next weeks coming ” he added as they all walked out of the office.


“Look at that fine girl, nothing is In that her medulla oblongata, all she know is a guy. I pity her generation ” she added



Richard stood from a distance, he and Gentle are like twins always walking with each other but not actually.


“I need help bro, I’m dying silently because of that girl ” Richard told Gentle his heart.


“Take it easy man, you know you are the head boy, so anytging for you ” he said as they both smiled




Ella got to the class as she covered her face on her desk, it’s obvious Mrs Roseline has reminded her of her predicament the time she wanted to forget about it entirely, Mirabel knew what the problem was, she walked to her in a sister way.


“I understand how you are feeling but, you will make it, it’s just a matter of time “She assured he


No you don’t even knowing it, I was being able to read or write, I am going illetrare. It hurts ” she cried as Mirabel pulled her into a friendly hug.


Josephine walked in from the door hearing their conversation, she hissed and walked away heading to her desk.




Ella opened her locker and found a piece of paper in it and a number written on it “Please call me ” says the inscription, she quickly looked to see if she’s in the right place. That was when she noticed that it’s Mirabel desk that she’s sitting, she quickly closed it back pretending as if she sees nothing while Mirabel walked in from the door.


Lessons began as usual which different teachers gave their lesson one after the other preparing the students for their examination after the competition.


Mirabel opened her locker to find the piece of paper and then number,an inscription that says “meet me in the school garden after school ” thinking that it’s



Jeff she smiled knowing fully well that he’s the one that always like ur there in the school garden.


Different sports activities took place for the day as Mirabel, Eric, Jeff and Ella tried their best not to miss out.


Along the line, they find out that Ella can not run talkless of taking part in any of the competition activities which is so bad and not encouraging.


School closed for the day as everyone left, Mirabel looked around but couldn’t see Jeff.


“Hey girl why are you here all alone “? Ella asked her while walking down the gate


“I’m waiting for my driver ” she replied smiling


“Goodbye till tomorrow ” Ella waved at her smiling.


The school was deserted once again, seeing that Mirabel hurried to the school garden with her school bag.


“It seems she it will not work ” Richard said sadly


“Calm down man everything will be okay “just as Gentle added she sighted Mirabel coming from a distance


“I said it, there she is. We better hide now ” Gentle said as they both hid .


Mirabel arrived tge scg garden and it was deserted, she looked around only to find the tall trees and grasses.


She waited silently hoping to see Jeff approaching, just then she heard footsteps from behind, she looked back to behold Richard the head boy walking towards her, she startle knowing what it means for one to be caught here after school hours


“Senior good afternoon ” she greeted as Richard replied walking towards her



“Waiting for someone “? He asked and Mirabel find the question hang in her throat.


“Uhmm yes….. I mean… Yes… No. ..” she stammered and Richard chuckled


“When did u start being a stamara “?


“I just love the breeze here and I decided to have a nice quiet time here ssince my driver is not here yet “She replied


“Good, you look good ” Richard said as silence took over the atmosphere again ,Richard swallowed hard not knowing how to start the conversation since he’s a beginner in the field.


“Mirabel, I called you here “? He said


“What “? She narrowed her brows bringing out the paper


“You had this thing in my put in my locker “? She asked and Richard nodded his head in a yes gesture making her to chuckle


“Why did it that way “? She said as Richard didn’t know how to start it.


“You see Mirabel, I can’t say this but I just need you to understand me please ” he said and stopped while Mirabel gave him her full attention.


Richard is also a handsome dude that will make a lady drill, so standing before Mirabel the girl he had been longing for to have by his side gives him joy and the fear of loosing her stuck him as he began.


“Hiding the feelings you have for someone is nothing, but letting them know how you feel about them js the best choice ” Richard paused and then continue


“Mirabel to end the long story, I love you ” he said and her heart skipped, she looked at him to see him staring deep Into her eyes and she can’t withstand the looks as she looked down due to the fear of looking at him in the eyes.



Richard hands were vibrating meanwhile Mirabel finds it difficult to believe what is happening, she wasn’t expecting this. All her mind was that Jeff is the one that summoned her, she slowly picked her bag and then tried to walk away, Richard held her from behind, the tender hands, the warm breath, the magnificent smell that was from him filled her nostrils.


“Please give me a chance ” he added


“I’m sorry I…. “,she paused remembering her feelings for Jeff just then Gentle cane


out from his hiding place.


“He’s right Mirabel, he needs you, his heart longs for you and his sou and mind need you ” Gentle added as Mirabel looked back to see him


“Senior Gentle you are in this game too “? She asked surprisingly as Gentle nodes his head in a yes gesture.




Ella got home feeling weak and hungry,she walked to the kitchen, poured herself a cup of cool coffee due to the hot weather and drink to calm her throat.


After which she started preparing a cool fast food called indomine, the smell fills every corner in the house as she fry the eggs while she kept nodding her head to the music playing while earphones were plugged in her ears. The food was done as she devored it like an hungry lion after which she returned the plate to the normal position.


Ella jumped on the bad carrying her iPad, switched on her data connection logging into facebook immediately, seeing thousands of friends request and messages she smiled to herself. Luckily for her she found Jeff as one of those who sent her friend request.


She quickly accept it and luckily Jeff was online too.


“Thanks for accepting my friend request ” Jeff send to her and she smiled as she send it back.



They talked and talked for a long time after which Jeff found it interesting to be chatting with her online.


“Missed u Ella ” he sent followed Witt a sticker


“Miss you too Jeff ”


“Can we hand out this evening “? He requested


“Where “? She replied


“My place”


“Fine let me see ” she said


“I will gladly appreciate it ” Jeff said


“I’m in for it, what time “? She asked


“I think 6:00pm will be okay cause I’m feeling bored ” he replied sending Ella the address immediately.




Mirabel got home, reached for her bed and then collapsed on it thinking about Jeff and Richard at the same time.


“Jeff I love you, it’s just that you are not meant for me “She murmured and walked to the bathroom and then took a quick shower.




Ella mount the road with a pink top and a long black jeans while she had long sparkling earrings in her ear.


She decided to take the public means of transportation heading to Jeff’s house.



Jeff’s room was neartly arranged immediately he received the call from Ella that she’s on her way, he rushed to the bathroom and then shower, walking to the sitting room he set everything in place expecting the arrival of Ella in minutes time.


Just as he proceeded to the door a text message from Ella enteree his phone telling him that she’s outside their compound, Jeff rushed out of the house to bring in his guest.


He opened the gate to behold the holder of beauty called Ella, at first he was lost staring at her beautiful body.


“Come in please “he finally found his voice as Ella walked in fully well and Jeff locked the gate and lead her to inside.


” The house is beautifying “Sh said as Jeff smile


“It’s the house is beautiful not beautifying ” he corrected as Ella took the correction smiling


“Thanks “she murmured


Jeff lead her inside as she kept looking at the well built house.


“Have a sit please ” Jeff said to her as she sat down one on of the couch


“Feel free at home ” Jeff said and walked out heading to the kitchen.


He switched on the TV before he left, returning few minutes Witt a glass and juice in a tray.


He poured it into two glass, gave one to Ella and took one as she murmured a word of thank you, they both watched the talent show that was going on In the TV enjoying every bit of it.



Jeff stood up one more time heading to the kitchen again, he returned with a tray of fries rice, the smell alone got Ella wondering who cooked the food since the whole house is silent.


“Hey boy, who cooking this “? She asked smiling


“I cooked it why asking “? He replied as Ella smiled while Jeff serve the food as they both ate in silence.


Ella’s phone began ringing instantly, she looked at the screen and it was Eric as she smiled then dropped the food an picked the call.


“Hello dear”


“Hello how are you doing “? Eric asked


“I’m fine and you “?


“Fine too, where are you now can we hang out “? He requested


“When “? She asked


“Now ”


Why not make it tomorrow please I’m a bit far from the house now “? She begged looking at Jeff who didn’t know that it’s Eric his friend calling


“okay if it’s okay by you ” he said and ended the call.


Eric was feeling bored too he needed to visit somewhere, he put on his clothes, take a cab heading to Jeff’s house. He wanted to pay him a surprise visit.


Ella and Jeff had finished with the meal and were now gisting like real partners which the both of them enjoyed it, Ella kept laughing to each jokes made by Jeff. She really enjoyed his company, just then she remembered the day she had her first kiss with Jeff. It was in this same situation, the house went silent instantly as they both stopped talking.



Jeff missed her real bad but since Eric is there, he has nothing to do not find separate the two lovers.


“I missed your jokes Jeff, I missed you too “she said looking at Jeff who looked back


“I missed you too but you don’t need to miss me that much, Eric is there ” he replied


Jeff was like hugging her, he felt the urge to hug her but that was not right, he felt like kissing her again, he felt like spending the whole day with Ella but it was not going to be possible.


Just like magic Ella too was feeling the same Way, she does not really know why she always have joy when being with Jeff than Eric. Her heart beat increased as she watched Jeff smiling at the TV


Jeff looked at her to find her staring at him and he returned the stair, in no time the both of them found themselves leaning towards each other so closely, Jeff leaned and almost at the point of kissing he realized himself and then dodged the kiss while Ella looked dissapointed but pretended as if nothing happens.


Ella jokingly lie on Jeff’s laps smiling, just then the door cracked open while Eric walked in without knocking. His eyes caught the most shocking picture seeing Jeffery and Ella on his laps while the both were smiling.


He didn’t move but stopped instantly on his tracks looking so confused, his mode shows it all. Jeff too stood up trying to walk up to him but he signalled him to stop there.


Jeff stopped, while Ella stood up talk to him but he forcefully grab the door knob twist it open and then bark out of the room.


Jeff and Ella exchanged sad looks as they both regretted everything.


Just then Jeff’s phone beep in as a message pop in, he tried to bring it out and Ella’s


own pop in too in a text message.










To be continued


What is Eric up to??


Who sent them the messages??


What’s the message all about??


What is about to happen??





(The unexpected)

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