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Final episode















8 years later






Ella had grown so big which she became 28 years, still lookimg pretty and beautiful.


She could be seen sitting in her office with her eye glasses while her security was tight, standing behind her like queen of England.


After since Ella had broken the record, her name had gone viral all around the world, successfully she gained the opportunity to study overseas which she did medical and surgery successfully.


The governor couldn’t help than to always appreciates her for making the states to be among the top states being honored the by the country.


Vision high school was no longer the way it was before because of Ella, new things came into the school which was imported oversea for the cause of teaching the students to be successful even without stress.


“Are you sure you will still do this “? Mirabel asked Ella sitting opposite her in her office, all of them were dressed in black suits like banker.


“Yes I’m sure ” She replied




Jeff the young man tool over his father’s company which the man struggled to build just for him, he wasn’t lazy neither was he poor but he maintained normal life.



“I missed that girl a lot ” Jeff said to Eric who smiled but deep down her was feeling pain for letting Ella go just with a common mistake which she hid her normal identity.


“She’s no longer a girl man, she’s a woman ” he replied laughing while Jeff followed and then puased looking at him sincerely


“What of your own, when am I expecting her , or let me say who is the lucky girl “? He asked


You will know her very soon ” he replied.




Josephine could be seen walking on the road, ever since she finished school unfortunately her parents died in a car accident who were her strength and source of income. Since then she has been struggling to survive and then find life so difficult and mean for her to cope with, the sun had scorched her to the extent her skin became dark completely .




Jack the boy from stare college who competed in the sport fiesta too happens to have feelings for Rachel since the day he set his eyes on her but find it difficult because Nelson was still having her.




Life became meaningful for Ella as many learned a lot of lesson from her life, how she was foolish just tk arrived at where she was heading to.


Ella became famous and a celebrity.




Cars could be seen speeding along in the tarred road, many tried to overtake others while the rest drove calmly like gentle men, looking up you there stood a big bill



board that has the image of the smiling Ella with her name fully and we’ll written in it. She was contesting for the seat of the governor, that’s what she really wanted for the rest of her life, to help the poor, to provide Justice for the innocent, to help build a greater and better nation, to achieve her aim of making the state a peaceful one not a place for riots.


Small children could be seen looking at her on the bill board, they smiled and then continued playing as if they had seen Ella before .




After everything was done and so much trial in everything, Ella came out victorious wining 5 good opponents competing for power (Governor) in the state which she came out victorious and winner.


They celebration of victory didn’t even end in the low stage but also to a greater place.


Ella could be seen smiling as camera lights flashes on her smiling face, the crowd were much both young and old, men and women, poor and rich. Security were all over her guarding her as if their lives depends on it.


Ella stood before the crowd in a way she was bold enough to address them as their new elected governor in the state, she had broken the record again. Ella to be frank I myself can describe her as the records breaker, she had broken another record again of becoming the ever youngest female governor in the states which has never happened.


It’s so challenging for her to be successful governor, at her age which was so amazing.


The children couldn’t help than to smile back at her, smiles never depart from Ella’s lips for the rest of her life.


“Mtly great people, I’m honoured today to stand before you. .. She paused and took a break as camera lights flashed on her face, live camera ,her face seen in the TV, radio, everything that is electronic and can bring out sound.



“I’m pleased to have you by my side, your support, tour care, your time, your days, your sacrifice to see me through and put me in this position. Though things seems tough, I went through a lot to survive, I saw pains, I saw hell but that didn’t stop me from pursuing my goals…. She took another breath as tears could be seen running down her eyes.


Mrs Roseline couldn’t help her tears gland as it activated by itself and tears began pouring from where she watched Ella on the TV giving speech, the girl she so much hates, the girl she took as dumb, the girl her mind and soul hate with passion, now the girl is successful and leading her, what a world. Truly the earth is rotating. She cried out loud.


“Thank you from everything you’ve done for me, I will never forget your love and care, I will never forget any of you. Both young and old, poor and Rich, sick and healthy, you are all in my plan. I will make sure I do everything in my power to secure and provide for all of you. I love you all and I won’t forget this day” She said and stepped out from the microphone as the crowd shouts and cheered her name.


“We love you too!!!!! They kept shouting and screaming her name victoriously.


“That’s my proud and able daughter ” Mr Lanz said from his sitting room watching the news from where he sat.


It was a joyful and joyous day for Ella for her dream to come to reality, all her fiends couldn’t help than to celebrate with her.




The crowds kept pushing forward just to touch Ella and feel her skin which the security prevented them not to, out of nowhere Jeff could be seen struggling with the crowd to get to where Ella stood. Tge crowd was much thus giving him tough time to get there, getting there the security didn’t even care to listen him, they ordered him to return that none is allowed to have anything to do with the governor since she has just resumed duty. Ella sighted Jeff struggling with her men, she signaled them to let go of him which they did. Jeff finally stood before Ella in a



way he was not afraid, people kept watching the next thing that will happen. Both those present and those watching it from TV.


Everywhere became calm instantly waiting for Jeff to speak but instead he fell on the ground with one of his leg on the ground, looking up to Ella seeing how shocked she was.


“Will feelings unexplainable in my heart, please will you allow me to be the president of your heart while you be the governor of the states “?Jeff asked with a sparkling ring in his hands while Ella covered her mouth in shock while the crowd kept shouting.


“Will you marry me Ella Lanz “? Jeff asked again


“Yes I will “she replied as Jeff inserted the ring in her finger while the crowd gave them a wonderful shouts and screams and the camera men didn’t stop doing their work as they embrace each other.




Ella finally found Josephine on the road during her tour which she had an accident, she saved her life and then gave her the position of the minister for Education.


Richard finally got married to Mirabel while Eric finally married Meda the girl from state college, Gentle finally got married to Josephine his heart beat and they lived happily after. The school girl became the helper of the helpless. .














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