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Chapter 21






















Eric stared at the door to see Mirabel walking up to them thus preventing him from speaking further.


Has any of you see n Jeff “? She asked but Eric pretended as if he didn’t hear thus making the two ladies to suspect that something is wrong between the two of them.


“No, I’ve not seen him, he must be in the cafeteria if he’s not in the class ” Ella replied as an afterthought which got Eric suspecting her the more.


Mirabel left instantly still in search of Jeff, she’s mean in letting Jeffry knows how she is feeling for her even when he will turn her down but she just has to let him know how she’s feeling.


Jeff walked around the school garden that was located at a far distance away from the school buildings, dry leaves and some dead fruits could be found on the ground



as Jeff finally sat down thinking about his life, if the father sent him to school for love or if he sent him to school for him to study hard.


Remembering the first time Ella and him started talking he smiled not until Eric came into the line.


“Why are you here all alone “? Mirabel asked after tracing out that he’s in the garden.


Some students were found at the other far end this giving them the privacy they needed.


“Can I join you “? She asked while Jeff nodded his head in a yes gesture without looking up.


“What’s the problem with you “? Mirabel asked like a caring mother who is about to br**stfeed the baby.


“It’s all about Eric, he’s not believing me. He thinks am dating Ella ” Jeff said sadly as Mirabel couldn’t hold it anymore


Her mode changed and her physical features changed to a sad one and she looked down on the floor playing with her finger while Jeff watched her from the corner of his eyes like a watchdog who is watching the compound at night.


Ella do you love me “? Eric asked looking deep into Ella’s eyes to see them feel with love


“I have loving you since I getting to knowing you but….. She paused as tears began


forming in her eyes


“But what Ella tell me, tell me it’s Jeff you are dying for not me” Eric said raising his voice like an angry soldier who is about giving command to his men.


“It’s all about trusting, you don’t trusting me Eric. I loving you, I trusting you, but the time I needing you most, you were nothing there to prove to me how much you



loving me, you are ashamed of mine because of my wronging English ” Ella said in tears


“It’s okay just know that I love you ” he said assuring her as she nodded her head in a yes gesture meanwhile Josephine had been watching everything that happened through a window.


“I need to teach her a lesson since she’s not adhering to instructions “she said and walked to them in anger


“What’s is Mirabel “? Jeff asked seeing how her mode changed


“There’s something I want to tell you ”


“Then go ahead talk to me “Jeff replied


“Promis me you will listen to me ” she said in a pleading eyes


“Okay fine I promise ” Jeff said as an afterthought


Silence creep over once again as Mirabel began her speech of love to Jeff.


“Jeff it hurts to see the one you love loving someone else and does not even care about your feelings ” Mirabel said looking at Jeff’s confused face


“I don’t get you, you are speaking in parables just let me understand everything ” Jeff pushed further


“Jeff I’ve loved you for a very long time but I had to keep it to myself hoping that one day you will see it yourself, but it seems you are not seeing it, I have no option than to let it out now. I’ve been hiding it for a very long time and my heart can’t hold it anylonger ” Mirabel said as Jeff looked at her surprised face, he was speechless, he didn’t know what to say, he took her as his best friend and does not even feel anything for her.



“I know it hurts as you’ve said but to be sincere my heart is for someone else, I’m so sorry dear ” he said looking at Mirabel teary eyes, of course that’s what she was expecting or was she expecting him to say that he loves her too? Damn no.


“I knew it already but I just wanted my mind and heart to be free ” Shw said and stood up in tears, Jeff felt her pains, he understand how love hurts but there’s nothing he will do it only Ella did not come into the picture, he would have taken Mirabel but now Ella is his heart beat.


“I’m sorry Mirabel, you will find yourself own man soon ” he said as she walked away in tears ,she paused on her track looking back at Jeff


“Can you come to my place this evening “? She begged


What for”? Jeff asked her but took it so gentle so that he won’t hurt her the more. “Just a visit please “? Zhe begged


“Fine, I will give you a call if I will come I will let you know ” Jeff replied smiling just to cheer her up.


“Baby what are you doing here Witt this bitch ” Josephine said immediately she got to where Ella and Eric was. The surprised look on Ella’s face could be seen transferring the questioning look to Eric to answer the question


“Who is your baby “? Eric fired at her


“Don’t pretend here baby” She sad trying to touch him while giving Ella a deadlly glare but Eric pushed her away from him


“Stop forcing yourself on me, I won’t love you Josephine ” Eric said in anger


“It is because of this thing that you are pushing me away right “? Josephine barked in anger too while Eric was burning inside. Ella looked down in shame for Josephine to call her a thing


“How dare you call her a thing “? Erci asked in anger raising his hands to hit her



“That’s enough!! ” Ella shouted in anger


“If I don’t have you Eric no one else will, not even her ” she said pointing at Ella as she walked away shaking her big ass left and right in a way it can cause personal erection of d**k to people that has personal d**k problem.


“It’s okay dear don’t worry “Eric said as they both walked away


“Man see that girl I’m dying for her ” Gentle said Mirabel walked out of the school garden to her class room


“What “? Richard narrowed his eyes in surprise hitting Gentle on the head.


“If you just dare try it, that’s my crush oo” he added as Gentle chukle


“You better crush well oo” Gentle said as Richard hit him playfully on the shoulder.


The bell came summoning all the students in the assembly hall as all waited silently for the principal to arrive.


“Great people of vision school, no need to waste your time, it’s just a few seconds announcement ” He stopped as all listened with great attention to hear him out.


“These people are to see me in my office tomorrow morning, Ella Lanz, Jeffrey Kenz, Mirabel Louis, and Eric Oba, you are all to see me in my office tomorrow morning “he added and went down as the four people looked at each other thinking of what the problem might be that makes the principal to call out their names in the public requesting their presence.


Richard couldn’t take his eyes off Mirabel as be kept watching her from a distance.




Jeff placed his phone on his ear dialing Mirabel number after which he had decided to visit her.



She picked up on the second beep


“Hello Jeff ”


“Yeah Mirabel, send me the address now ” he said calmly


“Okay j will ” she replied gladly as Jeff ended the call, she jumped up in happiness that at last Jeff is visiting her even if he does not accept her.


Jeff mount the road with a red face cap and a red polo that has his name boldly written at the back.


He took a cab directly to the address Mirabel sent to him


on getting there he knocked softly on the gate which was later opend by the gateman after answering series of questions he was ushered in.


The house didn’t look bad, well fenced and had a magnificent figure, he stood inside the sitting room viewing the environment as images of top government officials could be seen hanging on the wall.


Mirabel emerged from the inner room looking so excited to see Jeff. She was on a red handless top and a jean bumbshort.


She walked to Jeff smiling.


“Please have a sit ” she said as Jeff took the nearby sit beside him


“Your house is nice ”


“Thank you for that “she replied smiling


Without even asking She rushed to the refrigerator, opened it and brough a chilled juice, put two glasses and then walked to where Jeff sat comfortablly


“Did I even requested for it “? He asked spreading his hands wide


“Shut up young boy, did I tell you it’s for you ” she replied jokingly


“Better ” he said as they both chuckle


She poured the juice into two glasses, gave one to Jeff and drank one.


They took time to discuss o issues especially on their love lives and Mirabel happens to find out more facts about Jeff which made her feel he was her own instantly.


Time was running fast and night was fast approaching, Jeff stood up.


“I think I should take my leave, I’ve spent much time than I expected ” he announced


“I really enjoy your company, thank you Al lot”


“Don’t mention, I forgot where are your parents “? He asked


“Oh they just left this evening, they will be back soon ” she added as they both walked to the gate which Jeff finally took a cab and went home leaving Mirabel again in her boredom again.


Jeff, Mirabel, Eric and Ella could be seen standing on the corridor that leads to the principal office. They were on there school uniform all dressed neatly, Jeff knocked on the door gently and was told to come in as they all went insid.


Seeing them Mr Pius the principal stopped what he was doing and took a better look at them from the first person Jeff to the last person Ella.


He looked at them seriously as they became scared already due to the eye contact, meanwhile some teachers too were present there. Including Mrs Roseline, Mr Anderson and Mr Lois.


The four students stood before the angry principal who now cleared his throat to


continue the story.








To be continued


What is their crime??


What does the principal has to say??


Richard the head boy is trying to do what??


What next will happen??





(The unexpected)



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