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Chapter 14



























The fear of sudden and untimely death was all over Jeffery they young handsome guy as the dangerous dude stopped just right in front of him. He was already vibrating thinking about his life, one of the men pointed his index finger at him asking him to come out. All eyes went to Jeffery as he went out while Eric and his mates watch what was happening silently.


They took Jeffery out as all remained silent watching the whole drama that took place, while some were scared of what will happen to Alex.


“Who are you guys are where are you taking my student to “? Mr Anderson who was following them finally asked


“Never worry sir,the boy is in good hands, he will be back in minutes ” one of them replied but it seems Mr Anderson was not convenient with the reply so he pushed further.


“Can you just tell me what I need to know please “? He questioned ,seeing the question look on his face they had no other option that to throw him a little light of how the situation is.



Jeffery finally walked to where the car was packed and then the men stopped him as one of them rushed to open the door.


“Go in man ” he said


Jeffery looked inside the cool car to behold Ella smiling widely at him, his mind, his soul, his life came back to him instantly giving him hope that he’s in safe hands, but why did she need to do it that way? He asked himself


“Don’t stood there all night, will you be coming in “? Ella said smiling despite the fact that she knows the English is wrong but Jeffery smiled and entered the car as the men closed the door standing outside guarding the car as normal.


Students looked through the window to see if the car will move but it wasn’t happening so they wonderd what Jeffery is doing in there.


“I was to sent for you ” Ella began


“Sorry to interrupt, it’s I sent for you. Not I was to send for you ” Jeffery corrected and Ella smiled as she made the correction.


“What’s happening,why are not in school “? Jeffery asked scanning her to see her well dressed in a restaurant flowing gown looking extremely hot.


“It’s my father, he has to be sending his men to come and be following me anywhere I going because of what happened yesterday ” Ella said a Jeffery smiled at her making the necessary correction to her wrong English as she did that too.


“In deeply sorry for yesterday, it really wasn’t intentional ” he apologized but deep down he was really feeling what is called for Ella as he looked her directly in the eyes praying that she understands what the look is all about.


“It’s fine, you have not need to be sorry, at last I am being fine ” She said holding Jeffery’s hand with her soft palms , the feelings was just mutual as Jeffery prayed she never let go of the hand which he enjoyed every touch of it.



He looked at her directly in the eyes as she looked back, the eye contact was beginning to get out of hand which will lead to something unexpected, Ella began leaning forward to Jeffery as he leaned too while his heart was racing so fast. Their lips finally met as Jeffery widened his eyes in shock but he was enjoying every turning movements Ella was doing Witt her tongue which he couldn’t hold back himself due to how lovely tge feeling was, he joined in doing same as Ella finally broke up from the kiss and then disengaged her hands from his.


“It’s just a sign to be telling you thanks you ” Ella said smiling


“I know ” he added praying she did it again


“So don’t come and be thinking otherwise “she added smiling.


The bell came for every individual to present themselves at the school field which was more like a stadium due to how big and decorate it was.


Soon the field was filled Witt people both senior and junior, the house masters in different houses were there taking care of their houses.


Mirabel couldn’t rest as she didn’t see Jeffery again since then, though she has no feelings for him but she likes him for who he is.


The sport activities began fully as all now in separate ways doing different activities starting from the 100 metres race boys to determine the fastest people.


Eric hope was lost as he sat Witt his face in the ground, he was expecting to see Ella and then pour out his feelings for her but she’s not in sight thus giving him tough time.


“I can sense love in times like this when a man refused his favourite food ” Mirabel said from behind sitting down next to him as Eric smiling


“Then your guess is wrong ” he lied



“It can never be wrong, tell me who is she and I will help you talk to her, trust me she will accept ” Mirabel said as Eric widened his eyes in shock but deep down he was praying if Mirabel can help just as she have said


“It’s nobody dear, I’m just thinking about something important ” he lied and then regreted ever lying to her.


They both sat watching people running as fast as cheetah while some were even slower than the snail himself.


Eric smiled knowing what he can do in terms of sport.


“Man, you need to get up and then join your mates in the team, they are waiting for their flash to arrive which is you ” she said jokingly hittting him on the shoulder as he stood up running after her which they both landed in the field.


Jeffery sat in the expensive building of Mr Lanz Ella’s father who left for work, it’s Ella that pleaded with him to tag along so that she can join them in school cause the house was so boring which the the father’s order that she needs to stay indoors for the day.


He sat down watching cartoon which he really enjoys most, the smile on his face shows it all that he’s enjoying the movie the way it’s going.


Soon Ella arrived the sitting room well dressed in his school uniform as the men didn’t leave her in a distance, they kept watch over her as being instructed by the old man who threatened to sack them if anything happens to Ella.


“How is my looking “? She asked smiling


“Best than ever ” he replied as Ella walked down to him.


Immediately they started walking down to the car, she saw the men still following her which got her irritated


“I don’t need you guys please, I’m safe ” she said as the looked at each other remembering the threat .





“No buts I saying I was safe ” she replied


“What If your dad comes back asking for your whereabouts “?


“Look for something else like a perfection lie and told him ” she replied walking away from them to the car while Jeffery followed from behind as the car finally zoomed off.


Mr Anderson stood watching the students performed really good especially Eric who was just like a ghost traveling by air, he was as fastest as light itself which got everyone wondering where he got such strength from.


But he always had challenges Witt Nelson, in SS 3 who is always trying to beat him down in any competition which Nelson happens to be competing with Eric Witt the same speed.


Mirabel watched Eric Witt all interest smiling like a queen smiling to her king. She


gave him thumb up to continue in that way which he smiled.



Eric was about taking the move to compete with his other team mate when he sighted Ella coming, at first his heart was now at rest that finally he will let out his feelings but seeing her with Jeffery got him a bit jealous.


He left the track instantly telling his mates to continue as he walked to where Mirabel was sitting, he join her.


“Why leaving so soon”? She asked


“Nothing ” he replied while his eyes were still on Ella and Jeffery walking to their direction. Mirabel noticed how restless he was thus making her to giggle.


“I said it but you lied to me saying its nothing but now the truth has said itself ” Mirabel said


“What do you mean “? He asked


“So tell me, Is she the one? You love her right ? Mirabel asked pointing to Ella and Eric knowing that no point for him to lie again nodded his head in agreement allowing fate to take control.


“I said it, I read it already from your eyes ” Mirabel said as Eric touched his eyes wondering how she saw it.


“I’ll help you ” Mirabel said and looked away while Eric didn’t say anything but was shocked.


Ella and Jeffery finally arrived like a new wedded couple taking a trip to Jerusalem, Ella didn’t stop smiling and that alone got Eric mind blowing off.


“Hey guys ” Jeffery greet them


“Mirabel, Eric good morning ” Ella said


“Baby girl come here, don’t mind this spoilt boy ” she said as Ella giggled


“Where have you been Jeffery, where did the men took you to? What did they do to you ? Did you steal anything “? Mirabel asked and Jeffrey almost slapped her for too many questions at a time.


“How many questions at a time “? He asked while all of them burst out laughing.


Mirabel gave Eric sign from the eyes, telling him it’s time which he was waiting for.


“Jeffery we need to talk now ” Mirabel said standing up


“What’s the problem? Why now “? She asked


“Just follow me ” she said dragging him along thus giving Eric the chance he needed.



Mirabel dragged Jeffery to a corner as she stood facing him in a way he didn’t understand, while Eric adjusted to where Ella sat.


Jeffery looked to see Eric now close to Ella thus making him to be jealous seeing that his Ella is now closer to someone else.


“Concentrate here boy ” Mirabel said turning his face.


“Ella, I’ve been waiting for you to come to school today ” erci began looking at her


“I hope I have not any problems with you ” she added


Back to where Mirabel and Jeffrey stood, Jeffery find it difficult to answer her questions thinking about the reason she’s asking.


“Jeffery be sincere, do you love Ella “? She asked again while Jeffery looked at her too.


“Okay Mirabel do you love me “? He returned the question looking at Eric and Ella again seeing them getting along thus making him more jealous. .








To be continued






Two people feeling for Ella who will she accept??


If you were Ella who will you accept “?


“Is Mirabel feeling for Jeffery too “?









(The unexpected)

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