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Chapter 16

























Jeffery stood almost shedding tears, Ella wait for him to continue which her heart was beating so fast hoping that Jeffery will say his mind but the silence was just too much.


“Jeff? Go ahead I’m listening, she said smiling bending her neck to one side licking her lips


“Ella, I’m sorry but you have to understand issues, Eric is dying inside for you, waiting for the reciprocation of your love which he’s feeling for you ” Jeffery said and pause meanwhile that instant Ella’s mode changed, her eyes became wet,her heart beat calm down, she was expecting Jeffery to tell her he loves her too just as she loves him but here he is telling him another story.


“But Jeff, I wanted to confess my feelings too of how I’m feeling for you but… “she paused as a drop of tear fell from her eyes


“I knew already but you must accept it the way it is now, Eric loves you, he needs you, all he wants now is you. Why not try him out maybe he will be perfect ” Jeffery said just as he wanted to land his speech, Ella tried to walk pass him but was surprised seeing Eric coming from behind who was now folding his hands as if he’s about to cry. Jeffery left the both of them allowing them to have their privacy but he was dying like mad.


Mirabel sat all alone in the cafeteria,just then Jeffery walked in from the door looking sad than usual, his mode changed everything changed. He sat down near Mirabel, his head was bent down.


“Whatsup with this mode Jeff “? She asked trying to cheer him up.



“It’s just a minor case ” he replied while Mirabel who had a glue of what he’s passing through smile at him.


“Jeff be free Witt me, looking at you, I’ve come to see that you are in love with someone. So tell me who’s she”? She asked but Jeffery kept mute


“Before I forgot, have you helped Eric to talk to Ella? The young guy loves the girl like mad ” She said tgus adding more salt to his wounds


“I’m okay, but can you just stop asking me some questions now, let my mind relax” Jeffery added as he stood up heading to the door.


Mr Kenz Jeffery’s father was still hoping to partner with Mr Lanz Ella’s father for the business contract which would lead to his successful business.


The temperature was high, Mr Lanz could be seen relaxing on his office chair rotating he seems strong not minding his age.


The computer voice came again telling him he has a visitor as Mr Kenz face appeared on the screen as he walked in majestically as a king.


Meanwhile Ella has been busy battling with her feelings for Jeff, she had loved him wishing he made the move but, there he stood before her referring her to Eric. She was heart broken as she cried her heart out for the feelings she had for Jeff.


Jeff found himself walking up and down in the house breaking glasses that he comes across due to the anger and fesr of loosing Ella to Jeffery because of the love he has for his friend Eric but he took it personal to talk to Ella.


He had refused to eat, the urge of calling Ella came feeling his heart but he decided to let it as he kept battling with the feelings of letting Ella go.



Broken heart β™₯


Ella couldn’t hold her tears as she cried her eyes out, though Eric was not bad too but she had developed feelings enough for Jeffrey which leaded to the kiss she gave him unexpectedly.



The day was running off so soon likewise the competition coming up which was going to be the best among the best, Josephine, Nelson and Rachel were ready for the competition thus going to regular excersice everyday which Eric was busy following a girl from behind .


Eric hearing the assurance Ella gave him that soon he will heard from her keep on disturbing her to tell her the response which was yet to come .






Seconds turn into minutes, minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days, days turn into weeks, weeks into months and finally Ella had agreed on giving Eric a chance to prove.


Sport activities were going different activities were happening as Ella sat happily with Eric laughing due to the jokes he was cracking, the moment was so lovely.


“Please don’t make me go mad With this tour jokes ” Ella said smiling


“Oga Abeg take am easy ” Jefferey added as he sat close to Mirabel. He has gotten over the feelings that he had for Ella but not all.


“Lazy girl you better get up now and get your ass know that field and join others ” Mirabel said to Ella which made her giggle


“Only If you want to see my dying in there, I’m so lazy in that field ” zhe added which Mirabel didn’t wait for her to land her speech as she dragged her from there to the pitch as others were busy running up and down, jumping up and down and doing some other stuffs.


“Guy you are damn lucky, the girl loves you ” Jeff said to Eric who smiled


“All thanks to you, you’ve been of help to me ” he said while Jeff gave his thumb up.



“You will find yours soon” he assured as Jeff nodded his head only if he knows that he has taken Jeff’s happiness which was Ella and he’s not feeling for anyone again.


Josephine has been disturbing Eric due to how she loved him, telling him all sorts of stories that all he needs that she’s ready to give him only if he accepts to take her as his girlfriend but Eric kept turning her down thus making her to make sure Eric does not rest until she sees that Eric is all hers.


Mirabel and Ella arrived as they both pant like those being pursued like a mad dog.


All couldn’t stop laughing at Ella back then in the field due to how she kept falling along the line every bit which she couldn’t even cover 50 metres talkless of 100 metres.


They all left for class holding hands together especially Eric and Ella who were holding hands like new wedded couples.


“I love you dear ” Eric said to the hearing of everyone


“Heart you more handsome ” she replied thus making Jeff to frown


“Hey two idiots, you don’t even have respect for me again? Remember I’m here, respect me ” Jeff said


“Yeah he’s right, respect the big boy ” Mirabel added as they all laughed out loud.


Everyone began leaving to their various houses as the time for school dismissal came, Eric Mirabel and Jeffrey waited for Ella as she hurried back to take her book which she forgot in the desk which was more than important to her.


She entered the class, picked the book and just as she wanted to proceed to the door, the door closed forcefully and everything came on dark. Fumes began coming out of the room as if the house was on fire.


Ella began coughing as the smoke became unbearable for her.



Back to the outside the three people were busy laughing forgetting about Ella that she’s in the room.


“please someone should help me” Ella shouted Witt the last strength she had as her vision became blurry bit by bit.







To be continued




Who’s behind Ella’s case??


Who will save her now??


“Who wants Ella dead??





(The unexpected)



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