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Chapter 19
























Eric was not himself neither Ella was herself too, the knock alone got them scared. Eric knew perfectly well that it’s not the mother so he waited and the knock came again so heavily. He decided to open it and face who ever the person is. He grabbed the door knob after waiting for sometimes, he pushed it open and who he saw almost made him got mad instantly.


Jeffery decided to forget about Ella though he still feels for her but for the fact that Eric had gained her heart he decided to let her be for the mean time hoping he gets his own lover soon.


He plugged his earphones in his ears listening to the rock music that was playing, he kept on nodding his head to the rhythm of the music.


Mr Kenz walked out of the house it was 6:54pm already which he had returned from work.


“Son how are you today “? He asked sitting down on the couch and then picked the remote switching on the TV to news channel, he relaxed after that.


“How was the business discussion with Mr Lanz “? Jeff asked his father who drank a cup of coffee and then drop it down to answer him


“Thanks for reminding me something important. It went on well, but tomorrow you are going there to get all the necessary files that was being signed by him so as to be save with us here ” Mr Kenz said as Jeffery nodded his head in agreement.


“Mom I’m gonna do it again ” Nelson said to his old mother who used stick to support her herself to prevent her from falling


“What are you talking about my son “? Mrs Linda asked



“Mom, you know I’m always a star when it comes to competition, I will make you proud again ” he said squatting down and then embraced the mother and left.


“Where are you now “? Nelson said on phone


“I’m already on my way ” Rachel replied taking a cab to where they were to meet.


Eric opened the door to find his junior brother Alex laughing real hard at him, Alex is just 10 years old, he knew that Eric came Witt someone so he needed to threaten him as if it’s the mother.


Eric was so angry at that time seeing how his junior brother made his heart almost burst, he was about slapping him when the boy spoke up.


“I just wanted to remind you that you food is burning ” Alex said and immediately Eric remembered that he was cooking before Ella arrived, like a flash he rushed to the kitchen, open the pot but it was too late due to how the food was burnt. All his ingredients were now lost and everything including his time wasted.


Ella heard everything Eric and Alex said and he couldn’t stop smiling due how the little boy made them feel scared.


“Damn it, I’m not cooking again ” Eric said angrily taking the pot off the fire.


“Oh yes you are cooking again “Ella voice came from behind as Eric smiled


“I will help you, let’s cook together before your mom returns and starve.


Eric smiled bringing out all the needed ingredients and in no time the food was placed on the fire (Don’t ask me what food it was).




Night was drawing so fast as Ella placed the food just in front of Eric who smiled taking out the spoon as they both eat in silence, Eric couldn’t stop stealing glances at Ella for how beautiful she is, just then the event of the previous day flashed back



into his memory how he neglected Josephine and how she felt bad but he had no other option than doing that just to save his relationship.


Ella cleared the table and Eric assisted in everything until they finally round up the act of Washing the dishes.


“Have I told you how beautiful you are “? Eric asked Ella who was now smiling


“Don’t trying to be kidding me” Ella replied, Eric felt somehow hearing Ella’s language


“you are beautiful ” said Eric


“Thanks to you” she replied but Eric’s eyes were still on her as she returns the eye contact until it became unbearable, both parties began leaning forward until their lips finally met in a hot and romantic kiss.


Eric found his hands performing magic in Ella’s clothe that was now open, she kept moaning to every touch made by Eric which got him.


Eric slowly kissed her and she responded, he drew her to himself as they both fall on the bed in a way she was on top Eric but he turns her down and lie on top of her.


The feelings was becoming unbearable as Eric’s lion in between his legs was now dancing due to too much happiness of the sight.


Eric took time to caress her, he moved his hands to her lower region he tried taking off her clothes but Ella prevented him, his eyes were now red. He paused looking at Ella he continued again and tried taking off her clothes for the second time but she stopped him again. Though she was enjoying every bit of what was happening but she had her own limits, she had to control herself not to be carried away by the pleasure.


“Why now “? Eric asked it a pleading way


“We don’t need to do this now, let’s just relax for the mean time



“But you just got me on, why do you stop on the way ” Eric voice came in a romantic way


“Eric let’s just wait for the main time “Ella replied


They talked and talked until it was time for Ella to go as he escort her to and board a taxi for her waving at her as she was out of sight.


Mirabel couldn’t bear the pains again, she couldn’t bear it anymore, she had been loving Jeffery but pretended she does not, seeing Jeffery everyday always gives her joy, she loves him like no one else but why is he so blind to notice it? Why is he not noticing it?


She sat down only in her night dress that showed her real hips and what she’s carrying. She decided on letting Jeffry knows her feelings the next day as she silently slept off.


Next day


The morning sun strikes thus making everywhere to be bright again, the noises on the streets including the screeching sounds of tyres making sound due to the brakes applied by some mark trucks.


The environment of vision high school was still the same way it uses to be in the case that even though a stranger enters the compound he or she will know that vision school is made of money.


The morning assembly was conducted successfully after which peace the chapel left the stage for the principal to say a brief word to the students concerning the up coming competition.


“Good morning students ”


“Good morning sir” they all chorused



“Good to know that you are all fine, the competition is around the corner, it’s only two weeks left. We are meant to win so I’ll like you all to put more effort ” Mr Pius said taking a deep breath waiting for the right time to continue.


“Are you be preparing for this “? Ella asked Mirabel who stood next to her


“I’m not a match to those girls there ” zhs replies pointing at Rachel and Josephine .


“We need to act fast before things gets out of hand ” Rachel said to Josephine who nodded her head in a yes gesture.


Eric eyes met With of Ella as smiled and diverted his eyes instantly. Josephine caught the both of them exchanging eyes contact she got jealous instantly.


Mirabel kept watching Jeffery at every interval seeing how cute and adorable he is made her smile feeling her heart beat increasing.


“So great students of vision high school, let’s be ready to face the challenge …Mr Pius paused due to the noise that distracted him, he looked into the crowd to see Ella laughing with Mirabel, he recognized the girl instantly and ordered her to present herself on the podium which she did.


“Now tell the whole school what I said “Mr Pius ordered as Eric looked down in sadness while Rachel and Josephine looked to Eric’s direction seeing how disappointed he is and knowing fully well that Ella will disgrace herself once again.


She stood there not knowing what to say, she looked at Eric to see him dropping down his head in shame.


She looked at Jeffery to see him smiling at her giving her the go ahead to continue her speech, she knew that she will disgrace herself but Jeffery wasn’t dissapointed in her but trusted her the more.


“Speak up young girl don’t waste our time”Mr Pius fired the voice alone made ellla jerked in fear.


“Sir you were said that…. Make we all the students be preparing about the all


coming event that will is….. Ella didn’t even end her speech when all the students


including the teachers laughed at her real bad to the extent she almost faints. Everyone were laughing at her, she couldn’t bear the pains, she directiled her eyes to Eric to see him looking down, back to Rachel and the rest they almost killed her with dangerous looks including Ann.


Jeffery didn’t stop smiling at her though she keeps making mistakes but he’s always there to support her.


The principal in anger ordered her to go down while he continued his speech, the junior ones couldnt help it than to give Ella name instantly.


She cried her eyes out running away from the crowd while Jeffery waited for the assembly to end.


“You did pretty well Eric ” Rachel said mocking him and walked away


Meanwhile Jeffry had began his search for Ella to see where she is, he later found in the rest room crying and sneezing.


He walked inside opened the door and then sat down with her on the floor.


“Ella you are the best I’ve ever known, just be are brave, strong, and firm even when you don’t know it but you are always strong to be yourself, I love it dear ” Jeffery encouraged her


“No Jeff I wasn’t, I messing up everything there ”


“No you didn’t, you did the right thing ” Jeff said as Ella found his words healing her wounds as Jeff drag her up and then she rested on his shoulder embracing him.


Mirabel had been looking for Jeff to let him know how she’s feeling for him, even though he will hate her after that but she just needs to let him know that she loves him.


Eric too was ashamed due to the fact that everyone knew that he’s dating Ella.



Mirabel continued her search, just as she wanted to pass she overheard voices in


the rest room she sounds farmaliar, she stopped and then walked to the door grab


the door knob and twist it open only to find Ella and Jeff hugging each other, just


as she wanted to close back the door in heart break, Eric arrived too and met the


guys in that same position.








To be continued




What will happen next??


What will be Eric’s reaction??


Will Mirabel still tells Jeffery she loves him??


How will she feel??


Will Eric still dates Ella after seeing this”?





(The unexpected)

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