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Chapter 10




























Ella couldn’t figured the point Jeffrey wanted to see her for as she sat outside the house, the stars filled the sky, the gentle breeze kept blowing bending canopy tress as they danced to the tone of the wind.


Ella was only on her night dress, glowing like a mermaid who just turned to a mission ready to destroy mankind.


” I will figure it out myself ” she concluded as she stood up walking to her room.


Time was flying so fast that the night runs out like the rush of water and then a new day began Witt immediate effect.


Hawkers were on the streets hustling just to survive, cars were speeding along the express road to meet up with time in their work place.


Richard could be seen well dressed in his school uniform standing in his room like a groom who is preparing to meet the bride, soon the door opened making a cracking sound as he knew that it’s his mother.


“Mom? What’s it “? He asked without looking back, arranging his clothes in the proper way


My son” she began. What an elder sees when sitting, a small child can never see it even if he climbs the tallest mountain ”


“Mom, please I’m late to school. This your parables is killing me, please just go to the point if not I will be late ” he replied checking his wrist watch again.



“All I’m trying to say is, don’t feel as if you are too big. When you get to the school, kneel down and apologize to the principal and others too you’ve wronged so that they will return you to you position ” she replied while Richard chuckle.


Just so save his time, he assured the mother that he has heard it and he will do accordingly. He carried his school bag, hung on the shoulder and then moved out.


“Mom take care I love you ” he said pecking her on the cheek.


The school was filled with students already cause it was almost the time for devotion.


Jeffrey arrived walking directly to the class, he dropped his school bag heading to the devotion which is unlike him he doesn’t even love love attending the devotion but today was different.


The devotion began as claps were and voices was hears singing praises to God in heaven, students filled the lines as Jeffrey joined them in singing.


Mirabel who sighted him wondered what makes Jeffery to attain the morning devotion for the day.


Jeffrey looked around but didn’t see Ella, his mode changed to a disappointing one.


He looked again but she was nowhere to be found, he felt disappointed.


Just then he looked up to see Bella glowing in beauty walking into the assembly hall like a model honoured by everyone.


Jeffrey smiled, Eric too which had been observing Ella praying she listened to her first smiled also.


Peace the chapel prefect ended the praise and worship session which was awesome and then looked for the perfect students to lead in prayers and some speech.


“Please someone in SS 2 should come and lead us in prayers “zhe announced and everywhere became silent because no one was willing to be there.


She searched everywhere and her eyes landed on Ella.



“Yes you Ella ” she called her and she was not only weak and afraid, but confused too, how did the chapel knew her name because they have not for one day talked to each other.


Her heart began to beat so louder as she was now sweating, everyone looked up expecting to see Ella coming out including the junior.


“She’s ashwamed of herself that’s why she’s afraid ” Josephine whisperd to Rachel who chukled knowing that she was referring to Ella.


Ella was now sweating and profuse smoke started coming out of her body thus showing how frightened and scared she is.


Mirabel looked at where Jeffrey stood but was nowhere to be found, she wondered what causes his sudden disappearance.


Everyone was provoked that they have been standing for a while now and it seems the person is not coming.


Peace shouted on Ella for the second time as she walked out to the podium looking so attractive and beautiful that some junior students began to think indirectly.


She mount the podium standing like a statue, she began vibrating, shaking and most of all sweating in such early morning hour.


Ella stood before the students without saying anything and most of them were annoyed to see a grown up lady before the students without saying anything, the crowd began murmuring, making noise as Ella stood about to shade tears for such an embarrassment.


Mirabel walked out to the podium looking so charming and cute, she standing next to Ella as everywhere became silent instantly as Mirabel began to speak up.


“I’m sorry if she has caused misunderstanding but please accept my apology, standing before you is Ella my good friend who is not feeling so well, please



permit me to carry her assignment on ” Mirabel requested as everyone looked at her in awe especially the chapel.


“What happened to her that she can’t talk “?


“She had an accident, which affected so badly and the shock is not yet gone ” she replied without even waiting for permission, she carried the duty of Ella and do.


Ella deep down didn’t know how to thank her saviour, she felt like hugging her but they are not in good terms. What will she do to show appreciation because it was as if the world ended when her name was mentioned.


Lessons began as usual and Ella was not chanced to say a thank you to Mirabel who saved her from the unknown shame that was awaiting her.


She kept glancing at Mirabel to see her glowing with smiles as she smiled too.


Everything went on normal for the day as teachers kept coming in and out of the class to present their lessons because all were running out of time.


The calling bell came on as the emergency call, just as expected all the students were already gathered in the school assembly hall both the seniors and juniors, the teachers too were in uniform who all stood on the podium looking young and vibrant.


“Great people of vision high school, I called you all out here for an important reason” he paused and then continued.


“It was made known to everyone that the school inter house sport is taking place so soon, so we are here to choose the masters/mistresses of each house and give them names, including the students too who will be given chance to choose their houses.thank you as you cooperates ” he said climbing down the podium to his office.


Immediately he left, the order was given by him took place instantly as the teachers began picking their house and then gives the houses names. The process took a



long time before it got to the students turn who were now taking it serious as if their lives depends on it especially the junior ones.


Ella sighted Mirabel standing at a corner and it was an opportunity for her to at


least say a word of thank you to her. She walked majestically to where Mirabel


stood, she smiled as Mirabel returned the smile too showing forth her gap teeth.


Ella stood before Mirabel smiling and she didn’t know what to say and how to say it but she needs to start from somewhere.


“Hi Mirabel ” she called smiling as Mirabel smiled the more


“Hi Ella ” she replied


“I’m not can’t even say thank you, I seen all you did, thank you ” she said as her eyes were wet with tears knowing fully well that her English was wrong but she needs to tell Mirabel that she’s grateful.


People who stood by her looked at her to be sure if the speech is made by such a pretty girl.


Josephine and Rachel couldn’t hold back their laughter as they burst out laughing.


“It’s okay ” Mirabel said dragging her out of the hall knowing that she’s feeling bad.


Soon everything ended and it was 1:49pm


Everyone retired to their classes including Mirabel who was now glad that finally Ella is trying to give up her dumb life though it hurts her.


Mirabel was taking the stairs up when a voice called her from behind which was Jeffery.


“Mirabel, watch your steps and actions ” he said as Mirabel jerked in fear to see him leaning on the wall because the place was a bit dark making it hard to know if someone is there or not.



“What do you mean “? Mirabel asked him spreading her hand in air.


“Don’t always interfere in what does not concern you ” he said looking so angry.


“And what if she does “? A voice sounded from the door.










To be continued


What is Jeffrey up to??


How did the chapel prefect knew Ella’s name?


Who owns the last voice??


Will Mirabel cope with Ella??


What next will happen??











(The unexpected)



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