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Chapter 13


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The speed where Mr Lanz was driving on the highway, even a mad man need not to be told that something is wrong. Judging from the speed which the old man carried you will know that there’s fire on the mountain.


Dead leaves that lied on the roadside flew on air due to the speed of the car, Mr Lanz could be seen looking so restless inside the car.


Back to the hospital, several machines were connected to Ella’s body, several beeping sound was heard from the machine that was connected to her body.


Jeffrey was restless at the reception hall thinking critically if Ella will be awake the same day for him to take her back to her father.


Mr Lanz arrived tge hospital, he walked inside tg3 hospital while his escorts followed from behind.


People there present wondered what could cause such movement, cause many were scared due to how Mr Lanz emerged from the door with.


Just them doctor wills arrived well dressed in his attire which makes one to easily identify him as the doctor. He was in his early 40’s.



Mr Lanz walked to him in anger, while the young man was smiling.


“Good afternoon sir “Doctor wills greeted but got no response


“Where’s my daughter young man “?!


“Calm down sir ” doctor wills pleaded


“Don’t tell me to calm down, where is she “? Mr Lanz asked, hearing the anger in the tone of voice made doctor wills to return some questions back from where it supposed to come from.


“Who is your daughter sir, I mean her name ”


“Ella is her name ” he replied as Doctor Willie take him to the ward Ella was receiving treatment.


Back to Ella’s ward, Jeffrey sat down on the edge of the bee watching Ella breath slowly, all his prayers were for Ella to be wake up in the next 5 hours.


She looked more charming while sleeping which can cause a lazy being to kiss her on the lips. Just as he was thinking, the door flung open and Mr Lanz emerged with his eyes reddish as a burning flame. Jeffrey could read the anger on his face tgus giving way for him.


“Good afternoon sir ” Jeffrey greeted in fear while Mr Lanz walked passed to where her daughter was lying, he examined her as q doctor while everyone in the ward watch him.


“You dare to hurt my daughter young man “? He fired angrily


“I’m sorry sir it was a coincidence, I didn’t plan it” Jeffery said


“Shut up young man, just pray that nothing happens to her because if it does you are dead ” he said in anger and left the wars leaving Jeffery alone.



It was getting dark bit by bit, still Jeffrey didn’t leave the hospital, he wanted to see Ella opening her eyes, he wants to see her fully awake. He was so weak and tired but all his mind was on Ella.


Mr Kenz Henry’s father has been calling him to know the exact place he is but the phone kept ringing beside him which Jeffery didn’t heard cause he was no longer in this world.


due to how weak and tired he was which he needed some rest.


“I can’t believe that the girl is that foolish” Nelson said to Felix who giggle hearing the name foolish


Both of them are in SS3 in vision high school just like Richard.


“Bro, I don’t trust girls oh what’s if she’s pretending “? Felix asked Nelson


“Bro there is no pretence in this, once you are a fool, you are a fool ” He added while Felix smiled and then took a sip from his drink


“I still don’t trust that girl, didn’t you see she acted maturely but she’s pretending ” Felix said


“Are you done “? Nelson asked which Felix said yes to it.


“Don’t repeat such again, a fool will still remain a fool, nothing change ooo” Nelson said in anger as Felix burst out laughing at his silly behavior.


Ella opened her eyes to find herself in a new environment which she’s not adapted to it. She looked around to see machines of different types around her that’s when she recalled what happened.


Her eyes met Jeffery lying on the bare floor neglecting the bed and everything just to make sure she’s save, Ella smiled and called him.


“Jeffery! ” Ella called in a soft and tender voice which was like a calm ocean. She called again as Jeffery woke up hearing his name being called, his eyes met with that of Ella as he quickly stood up rushing to her side.



“Thank God you are awake ” Jeffery’s voice came dryly, since morning he has not eaten thus making him feel more weak.


“Are you feeling batter now “? Jeffery asked as Ella nodded her head jn a yes gesture. Jeffrey disappeared immediately to the doctor’s office. He knocked on the door and proceeded after being told to go in.


“Sir please the patient is awake ” Jeffery said looking at the doctor who was signing down files, after 5 minutes he finally looked up at Jeffery.


“Who are you referring to and which ward “?


“Name is Ella Lanz and she’s in ward 232” Jeffery added and walked away just as being told by the doctor that he will be there in the next few minutes.


Doctor wills arrived Ella’s ward to see her fully seated like a queen who is ready for beauty contest.


He carried out some test on her and the took his pen and a file, he wrote down some things which seems important to him.


Jeffrey pleaded for Ella to be taken home which the doctor insisted , after so much pleadings he finally accept.


It was dark already as Jeffery’s car could be seen on the street moving in a low speed, Jeffery had not said anything to Ella since the started journey back home, Jeffery foccused his concentration on the steering but kept stealing glances at Ella


from the corner of his eyes .



They finally arrived tge gate of Mr Lanz which was guarded by a lot of security agents, Jeffery off the car this time looking directly at Ella.


“Ella am sorry for what happened earlier, it was an accident ” Jeffery’s voice came so lovely and sincere as Ella looked down playing with her fingers.



She nodded her head in a yes gesture to all the pleadings Jeffery said meaning that the apology is accepted , she stepped down from the car and then closed the door while Jeffery watched her.


“Thank you ” Ella’s voice came so low and romantic, she waved at him and the


walked away, Jeffrey stood there to know that she’s safe before he drove away after


Ella entered inside.






Time was running very fast as it happened to be Monday morning thus making everywhere to be busy once again showing that the business of the week has started.


Jeffery arrived school as early as possible, he’s always punctual despite the fact that he’s a guy.


Soon many students began coming, a lot of them were so excited because the sport activities for the inter house sport is commencing that very day.


It was Eric’s day, he had planned on her to talk to Ella telling her his feelings for her to see the outcome of the situation.


Mirabel too was present, the school was filled Witt student both senior and junior. Soon the devotion kicked off at its usual point, students were clapping, singing also to the maker of heaven and earth for the precious gift of life.


Eric kept stretching his neck whether Ella will walk in but she was not in sight thus giving him tough time to concentrate on the morning devotion that was still on. His mind was on Ella, his heart was red for Ella, he wanted to see Ella that instant and confessed his feelings for her.


The devotion was still on when a black car drove inside the school building, such car has never been seen because it’s rare there and it’s always used the army men , seeing such car in vision high school wondering what their mission is, everyone watched to see the next thing that will happen.



The car finally came to a halt, everything paused as all the students were watching to see what’s about to happen while some were afraid praying nothing goes wrong, just then the front door of the car opened and a man dressed in army attire step out of the car with his gun in his hand while the finger rested on the trigger sending if be will release the bullet now. The back door opened also and a group of 4 other army men alighted the car, all of them had glasses on their eyes and masks in their faces.More interesting stories available at Topster Stories


They stood at a fixed position taking a clear look at the environment, everywhere was silent and everything went still as if the earth has been paused, soon their gun made a cracking sound as they carried high up on air walking directly into the school building in uniform, most of the students were already scared while some were even vibrating seeing the men in such movement.


None of them was smiling neither did any of their face show, all of them were in masks.


They finally arrived tge school assembly hall, standing before the students as all were now frightened on what next that will happen, they took time to study everything, their eyes went viral. It’s obvious they are looking for someone which none knew who he is, soon their eyes caught with what they were looking for as they all walked in unison into the lines tge students were standing. .






To be continued




Who are these men??


What is their mission??


Who sent them??


Who are they looking for??











(The unexpected)

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