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Chapter 15







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Eric round up how speech with Ella after telling her where to meet him that evening for the normal discussion. Ella happens to like Eric a bit along the line they were both having a nice conversation.


Mirabel remained mute hearing Jeffery asking her such a question, of course she had loved Jeffery right from the time she knew him, she waited patiently for him to make the move but he didn’t and fortunately his friend John took his place.


“No I don’t love you” she replied looking away instantly, just then the bell came on for school dismissal as everyone depart to their various classes, Jeffery directed his eyes to where Eric and Ella sat but he couldn’t find any of them, he looked around and then saw them still having a nice conversation with each other thus giving him heart pain, of course Mirabel noticed it.


“Are you jealous of the two guys “? She asked looking at him


How can I be jealous? Are we dating “? He lied but deep down he was feeling the pain of lying , only if she knows how he’s feeling for Ella right now.


They walked out to their classes, on getting there a lot of people had gone home leaving only Eric and Ella in the class as they stood facing each other.



“Hey dude, you bad see as you like girl forget about me ” Jeffery’s voice came from the door as they both looked to see him walking in with Mirabel of course Ella’s heart began racing for what she had gotten herself into, two friends falling for her alone.


“Sorry man, I forgot ” Eric replied giving him a friendly smile.


“See you guys tomorrow ” Jeffery said taking his school bag and left immediately after waving goodbye to them and that was unlike him, he didn’t even wait for his driver how is he going to get home?


Eric knew that something was wrong or did they quarrel with Mirabel?


Eric and Ella finally left after series of arguments before Ella finally gave him her number as he smiled and then waved at her from the back of the car and off they mount the road.


Mirabel laid down on her bed with only a red pants that shows her curves, she had a magnificent body that a guy couldn’t resist no matter how much you try to, fiary hairs could be seen lining from her chest to her belly region. A mere looking at her you will know that she’s lost in thought due to how her physical presence was.


“This time around, I need to beat that guy in this race, I need to take the lead and then represents that state at last ” Nelson said out as he was busy preparing himself to go to the field to exercise himself so as to be physically fit for the race and other things in the competition. Nelson is a guy who never gives up that easily but Eric was like his stumbling block who happens to be as fast as he is, so he needs more training and excersice to win Eric in the upcoming competition. .


Rachel could be seen watching cartoon in the sitting room as the ceiling fan kept rotating thus giving the room a pleasant temperature for one to stay with, she took some popcorn, threw it inside her wide mouth and then began chewing it.



In vision high school Rachael and Josephine happens to be the one who always makes things happen in terms of sporting competition, Mirabel always tries her best but always end up failing cause they two idiots are stronger than her.


She kept enjoying her popcorn when her phone vibrated, she took it and then smiled at the screen, slid the phone to the receiver side reducing the volume of the TV.


“Hello handsome ” she said in her sweet tone which can make a dude fall to a pit in just hearing the voice.


“Yeah babe, where are you “? Nelson asked, it’s obvious Nelson is dating her which they are both getting along


“I’m home watching cartoon ” She replied


“You know you need to be physically strong, knowing fully well that we both need to represent the school and the state as a whole in the up coming tournament, so better come to Dallas sporting field now ” Nelson added and after some stuffs Rachel agreed on meeting her and then stood up walking to her room to dress up.


Jeffrey wasn’t himself, a plate of fired rice was before him, a juice, a plate of fried plantains, fried chicken, donuts, and ripe bananas which was his meal for the day but be didn’t seems interested in the meal as he sat thinking critically about what happened in school recently between Ella and Eric. Jeffrey finally got to the conclusion that Eric is having the same feelings for Ella which hurt him to the bones.


Angrily, he stood up leaving the food in a way he shook the table and the water that was splashed as the glass that contained the water broke but that didn’t make any sense.


He walked inside his room, took his phone and then wore his light shoes, he walked to the garage where cars were packed and then he zoomed off to God knows area.



“Hello princess, how are you feeling now “? Mr Lanz said on phone rotating on his office chair.


“I’m fine dad, but I was not to be fine ” She replied and the man chuckled


“I understand how it feels to be home alone all day, don’t worry you will go to school tomorrow ” he said. Only if he knew that there’s daughter had gone to school already for the day.


They talked lengthly after which he promised to come back as early as possible.


She dropped the phone, grab her shoes and was about entering the bathroom when her phone began ringing again, she looked at the screen to see the number appearing as unknown, she neglect it at first but it began ringing again, she summoned courage and then picked the call.


“Hello Ella it’s me Eric ” his voice came from the other end and she recognized the voice immediately


“Okay Eric”


“How are you doing “? Eric asked taking a deep breath from the other end like someone who has just been tested negative from corona virus (covid-19)


“I am fining ” she replied


“Just called to remind you of what I said earlier, hope u still remember “? He asked


“Yes I does ” zhe replied


“Good, Frangible beach by 5:00pm, meet me there I’ll be waiting for you ” he added and Ella agreed to it. Then the line went dead immediately.


Ash glanced at the clock to see it 3:48pm thus meaning it’s an hour plus that is left, she walked inside the bathroom closing the door from behind to have her bath, which the splash of water began falling like rain.



Jeffery sat on the wooden chair in the garden, he was really missing Ella like mad, all his thoughts, his mind his soul was on Ella. How could he be so foolish that he didn’t even asked for her number, remembering how they both kissed each other some hours ago gave him hope and assurance that she feels the same way for him.


He dialed Mirabel number and placed the phone on his ear as she picked up on the third beep.


“Hello Mira ” he said calmly on phone but boldy.


“Yeah Jeffery Whatsup “? She asked


“I’m good, ” he said scratching his head like someone who is mathematics examination hall thinking critically on what to write.


“This one you are calling me, hope all is fine “? She asked smiling


“Yeah, but please do you have……Nothing don’t worry I’ll call you back ” he


changed the topic and end the call immediately, he didn’t want Mirabel to know that he’s feeling for Ella.




The beach was so calm and gentle, only the sound of the running water was heard, the waves did it’s work by making the water kept rotating thus giving it a great view.


Eric could be seen well dressed in a red polo and black trouser which made him look more handsome, he kept glancing at his wristwatch hoping to see Ella arrived but it was already 5:30 already, he stood up loosing hope after trying her number for several times but got no response, he gave up. Just at the point of going, he sighted Ella walking to him, just like a mermaid, she looked extremely beautiful and awesome that he even forgot about the time she had made him spend there, he was lost looking at her to be sure it’s her.


Ella was on a crop top and a black leggings which showed what she was carrying, she stopped right before him and they both exchanged pleasantries.



“Thanks for coming ” Eric said and she smiled as they both sat on the lovely white sand.


Silence took over for a while as Eric thought of how to start his speech.


“Do you like it here”? He asked and Ella nodded her head in a yes gesture. And silence took over again, Eric now turned and faced her looking directly into her eyes.


“Ella, I can’t explain how I always fells when am closer to you, the feelings is always unexplainable which always got me wondering who you really are. Seeing the woman in you, I fell in love with you, I always admire you secretly, I wished to hold you in my arms each passing moment words can’t explain my feelings for you Ella but to the best I can say is I come to realized that you’ve stole my sense, my heart, my soul, my mind, and I don’t want you to return it, all I want is your love. To be sincere I LOVE YOU ella just make me the happiest man on earth by being my girlfriend ” Eric said holding her in the palms caressing it slowly, looking directly into her eyes.


Ella was speechless, she didn’t know what to say but hope to say something, she had like Eric normally but not as strong as he’s feeling for her, she just like him the way he is and everything but it’s only one person that always makes her go wild anything she sees him which you will soon know.


“Ella please will you be my girlfriend “? He asked again as Ella smiled


She had already calculated everything and found out that she won’t love Eric the way he wants, so the choice is her.


“I’m sorry Eric I can’t ” she finally let out the bomb as Eric held his head in pain, she stood up and left instantly. Eric called her severally but she didn’t respond, he went home heart broken.


Next day



Normal school activities began as all the students were present in school, looking at Eric you will know that something is wrong somewhere. He was dull, moody, so sad which almost everyone noticed it.


Ella made sure she avoided him not to even looked at him in the eyes Mirabel noticed that everything is not well, she decided to keep mute til the right time.


The bell for break came on as everyone left happily to the field, Mirabel walked to Eric while Jeffery had already left the class including Ella.


“How did it go “? Zhe asked


“Worst ” he replied


“What do you mean by worst”?


“She turned me down “Eric replied


“You need to try again ” Mirabel said


“She does not even want to hear me out, she’s avoiding me ” Eric said heart broken


And silence creep over while Mirabel was busy thinking.


“I think I know who will help ” she said


“Who will help “? Eric returned the question


“Jeffrey will help, just tell him to hell you talk Ella that you love her ” she said and Eric found it interesting that at least someone will help him.


Ella was walking along the corridor leading to the class all alone, she kept smiling to what God knows when a hand grab her from behind dragging her into one of the empty class in a way she lean on the wall and the figure stood before her, it was Jeffery.


Her heart almost failed her, she smiled seeing it’s him.



“You almost killing me ” zhe said as Jeffery didn’t say a word but kept looking directly into her eyes as she traced to find out that he was staring at her.


Suddenly he smiled and then looked at her, from head to toe admiring her the more.


“You look good ” he said


“Thanks you ” zhe replied as silence creep over again and Jeffrey began.


“I wants to tell you that I….. ” he paused looking at Ella again.










To be continued






What did Jeffery wanted to say??


Why did he stopped suddenly?


Who is that person that captures Ella’s heart??


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(The unexpected)


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