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Chapter 25






















Jeff woke up sweating profusely, all thanks to God it was all a dream as he touched his stomach to see that nothing happened to him.


Switching on the bed lamp, he sat down thinking critically on what the dream could mean thus resulting in the fact that Eric is plotting evil in his heart concerning Ella and him thus giving him the fear of going close to Ella.


Jeff glanced at the wall clock and then drove back to sleep again seeing that it’s some minutes pass 1am.





“Ella make sure you study hard please, I need to see your mother in you ” Mr Lanz said arranging himself in the mirror and then finally carried his briefcase and then walked to her, peck her on the forehead and walked out.


“Bye dad” She shouted as her voice was heard repeating what she said.


Time flew so fast as the school was full with students, Eric was on the front row as usual while Josephine walked in from the front door.


Everywhere was so sikent like a graveyard, she glanced at Eric and then walked to her seat without saying a word.


“You need to talk to Eric Jeff ” Mirabel whispered to Jeff who sat next to her thus remembering him of the scary dream he had the previous night giving him tough time to relate Witt Eric. The fesr of being killed by his best friend overshadowed Jeff as he sat down reflecting on his life and how everything happened so fast.


The day was a free day, no sporting activities, just for the students to prepare themselves for exams.


Everyone were busy reading their books, while Ella sat at a far end corner of the class reading too to prevent distraction.


Josephine gave Ella a deadly glare before walking out but she didn’t mind still concerntrating while Rachel walked to her smiling wickedly.


“Who do we have here? And what do you think you are doing “? Rachel said smiling wickedly but Ella gave her deaf ears making her anger to increase.


“What do you think you are doing? Reading? A lost sheep like you who doesn’t even know how to find her Way out of a forest ” Rachel said smiling widely but still Ella wasn’t moved at all, all eyes were now on the both of them. Mirabel seeing it walked to Rachel in anger showing on her face.


“Who is calling someone a sheep, a flirting idiot who does not even know what to do in life “? Mirabel fired back at Rachel. Eric looked at their direction and then looked down while Jeff decided to stay mute and silent.








Richard had been waiting to hear from Mirabel since then but she’s not responding to him thus making him feel bad and rejected while Gentle noticed it .


“Bro cheer up everything will be in place soon ” Gentle said patting him on the back while be smiled in assurance.


you are looking dull today head boy what’s the problem “? Peace the chapel prefect asked sitting next to Richard.


“I’m good dear just that I’m not feeling fine ” he lied


Take drugs please and be strong for us please ” She said standing up and then walked away.


Peace too is an epitome of beauty who has been there with Richard to cheer him up, but he preferred Mirabel to her simply because he’s madly in love with her.




The atmosphere was cool and pleasant, Jeff glanced at his wrist watch as the time displayed as 5:15pm remembering what his father told him. He quickly rushed outside, instructed one of his father’s driver to take him to the father company forgetting all about his lesson Witt Ella.


“Dad ” Jeff called taking a seat in his father’s office like one who is possessed Witt money. He had a pink polo and a red trousers while his pink lips were just sparkling.


Jeff what’s wrong with you “?Mr Kenz asked still pressing the system before him “I don’t understand dad ”



“You’ve loosed your senses, you no longer have manners for me “? Mr Kenz said looking at him this time around.


“I’m sorry dad ” he apologized


“To safe your time Jeff, someone wants you to be here home teacher who will train and torture her for an upcoming competition which the states is organizing soon ” Mr Kenz said as Jeff narrowed his brows in surprise thinking of who the person is.


“Dad tell me more about it ” Jeff inquired




Ella sat down waiting patiently for Jeffrey she kept glancing at the wall clock hoping to see Jeff but he wasn’t in sight. Her mode changed, she had already missed his company, his teaching skills and everything about Jeff.


It was beginning to get dark as Ella knew that Jeff will not show up again, she packed her books and writting materials stuffs heading to her room.


“He will come tomorrow dear, worry less ” Mr Lanz voice came from where he sat watching how restless her daughter was simply because her teacher didn’t show up, maybe there’s something between the both of them which he will soon find out using skill.




Jeff realized himself that he has failed his mission of carrying out his duty to teach Ella, he brought out his phone, unlock it and just as he wanted to call her, Ella’s father call came in.


“Good evening sir ” he greeted rubbing his head


“Young man do you know the consequences of failing to do your duty”? Mr Lanz asked angrily while Jeff thought of the possible lie to drop.



Sir I’m sorry I wasn’t myself since morning ” he lied as Mr Lanz warn him not to repeat it again.


Jeff called Ella and apologized for not showing up after telling her the reason which Ella forgive him. They talked lengthly before Jeffery said goodnight to her and then ended the call.




Blue bulb illuminated the whole room as Mirabel sat down with her books reading, the time was far spent as she expected showing that she’s fully ready and prepared to pass her exams.


“Sweetheart you need to go bed it’s late already ” Mrs Jones said to her daughter Witt her night dress on her body, no need for explanation cause Mirabel is a copy of her mom and everything about the two of them is the same.


” Mom I’m almost done, just don’t worry much goodnight mom. I love you ” Mirabel said smiling as Mrs Jones the mother closed the door and then walked to her room.


Her thoughts drifted back to Richard proposal but he needed to be sure it’s from his heart and that she won’t get hurt before giving him the reply, she needed to discuss the issue first Witt Jeff before to hear his own piece of advice for her.





Time was flying very fast as the competition day was around the corner, all the students and staffs were all ready to see the best competitors that will win and moreover represent their school in the states competition.


“I’m sorry for yesterday ” Jeff whispered to Ella on the field as they were about commencing their sports activities


“Hearing you “she replied.



Eric who watched the both of them smiled as if he has something hidden in his cupboard.


Seeing Ella reminded him of her confession of love to him in the dream, thinking If it’s from her heart and gathering some useful observation Jeff came to the conclusion that she’s hiding something from him.


“Jeff I need to see you after this ” Mirabel said to Jeff who was waiting for the command of “GO” to continue his journey


Richard eyes met with that of Mirabel as she adverted it instantly making him feel bad.


Remembering how Richard offered him his coat that day it wasn’t raining and how he was feeling cold instead of her. She smiled the more and continue Witt her work.


“Remember after this everyday we will be going for super sport activities to be super ready for this competition ” he announced to the two girls as they looked at him a way that says “You and who “?




Jeff arrived Ella’s house after passing through the security door they was opened by Ella who typed in the security password .


Without time wastage Ella moved directly to her room returning Witt her materials to learn, Jeff wasn’t after the lesson but he was after her secret which she’s hiding from people. Since the day he met her, he knows that there’s something she’s hiding from people which he’s finding it difficult to believe.


He began the lesson while Ella paid 100% attention and answering the questions being asked by Jeff to his satisfaction Jeff nodded his head in affirmation.


Ella stopped listening to Jeff all of s sudden she kept staring at Jeff’s moving lips, Jeff noticed it and caught her red handed that she’s not concerntrating.


He paused and then looked at her asking what the matter was.



“I have something to be telling you “Ella said looking down, hearing that Jeff’s heart began pounding real hard as he recalled the dream he had the previous night it’s coming to fulfilment, everything happened so fast. Jeff mode changed instantly. .






To be continued


Who is Jeff’s father asking Jeff to teach??


What is Ella trying to tell Jeff??


Will the dream come to reality??





(The unexpected)




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