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Chapter 11

























Jeffrey looked back to behold Eric standing at the door post looking concerned in the whole story.


“Can you guys tell me what is happening here and why I am here “? Mirabel asked as Eric now walked further to the both of them.


“Listen Jeffery, not because you are intelligent and handsome that you want to treat people like fools, why not let the girl be on her own “? Eric asked looking directly into his eyes as Jeffery smiled if only they know his plans.


The whole story was not clear to Mirabel until Eric pushed further, and made everything clear to Mirabel.


“Listen up guys, I’m not doing anything silly neither do i hate the girl but I’m trying to help her ” Jeffery said hoping they cooperates Witt him .


“And what are your plans “? Mirabel asked while Eric kept looking at him directly praying he does not have the same feelings he’s having for Ella waiting for the right time to let her know.


Jeffrey whispered to Mirabel in a way Eric heard nothing, Mirabel nodded her head In agreement which means she’s in for the game while she explained everything to Eric and he seems interested too thus making the three of them a team now.





Jeffrey could be seen checking his wristwatch waiting patiently for bus driver who seems not to show up, suddenly peace the chapel prefect walked passed him Witt her bag on her shoulder.


Jeffrey had no plans by then but remembering that he had to teach Ella a lesson, he rushed to meet Witt peace smiling.




“Hi ” peace replied and the stopped


“Please I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you ” Jeffery begged


“No problem. What’s the matter “? She asked


“Please there’s one of my classmates that always wished to be conducting devotion to see her capability in the field, please I want you to give her a chance tommorow ” Jeffery begged


“Okay, what’s the name “?


“Ella is her name. Thank you ” he replied


She walked further and in no time she was out of sight.


“Let’s see how you do this Ella ” Jeffery added laughing as if he has gone nuts.




Richard could be found in his classroom reading his books as usual when Gentle walked to where he sat smiling as if he has won a lottery ticket to London.


The class was so calm showing that it’s a matured class and for matured people, everyone were busy Witt one thing or the other so as to keep them busy and prevent them from making noise.


“Hey dude ” Gentle greeted as Richard looked up to see gentle smiling at him



“Yeah man, how is you today ” he asked sitting up to listen to him


“Going fine as usual ” Gentle replied taking his seat next to Richard


Richard, there’s a saying that says “A sinner can never be killed because of his sins, but will be corrected never to do it again ” Gentle said out loud and. He knew where he was heading to.


“What do you mean by that “? Richard asked


“You need to apologize to the principal and then get back your rightful position because it does not belong to me, though I forced myself to accept it but it’s haunting me as if am snatching it away from you. You need to tell the old man you are sorry ” Gentle added and Richard wondered such a human being Gentle is to be advising him in such a way that is in line with what her mom said the previous day.


The environment was cool when the emergency call came again thus telling all the students to assemble themselves in the assembly hall for emergency information.


Ella stood up too hearing the bell, she scanned everywhere for Mirabel but she was not in sight, it seems she’s beginning to like the girl which will lead to their friendship.


She walked out Witt the hope that she’s already at the assembly hall.


The hall was already filled up with students and teachers, Mr Anderson was not left out Witt his long trousers and tie always.


The principal arrived taking the podium as total silence took over as if rapture has suddenly take place this leaving the earth empty.


“Great people of vision high school, please I want to bring to your notice that I’ve been called for an important meeting which is in collaboration with our inter house sport event ” he paused looking at the students to see them all listening to him to hear him out.



“But before then, Richard Oba the former school prefect should step out ” he said as Richard walked to the podium standing next to the principal like father and son.


Richard Oba has now been returned to his office as the head boy, he has realized himself, please let’s cooperates Witt him and then make vision high school a field of success ” he said as some clapped for him while some students especially the junior ones murmured due to how Gentle had been handling them with love and care and now the beast has been restored to his place.


“So like I said before, let every individual put their very best in this competition and it is made known to me that the overall best student in this competition is representing the state and the country as a whole in the upcoming sport fiesta, so be prepared ” he said and then went down.


Students who knew themselves as the fastest in terms of race boast of taking the lead, it was the talk for the day as many of them were busy keeping themselves fit for the competition.


Ella was squatting down due to the pains she was experiencing in her legs while the principal was talking, she seem carried away and her mind was not in the topic neither, Mrs Olivia noticed it.


Mrs Olivia is a disciplinarian who does not take shit from nobody.


Just as Mr Pius wanted to go down, she walked to him and then whispered to his ear.


Her eyes were on Ella who didn’t noticed it, she climbed the podium and everywhere became silent again.


“Good afternoon students ”


“Good afternoon ma”! They all chorused


“Hey that girl squatting down, come out here ” she said pointing to Ella as she realized herself, she stood up walking to the podium.



“Good, as the principal was busy wasting his strength in talking, this old fool was busy crawling on the ground like snail, so I want her to tell us what the principal said. Young lady please save our time and begin talking ” she added as Ella stood ready to shed tears due to the fear of what to do and how to overcome this great and mighty temptation before her. First it was the chapel prefect and now is Mrs Olivia, what is the crime have I committed?


She stood there without saying anything thus provoking Mrs Olivia to give her a deadly whirp on the back. The Cain was so long and terrible as it landed on Ella’s back, she held her back in pain while others had began laughing real hard at her.


“Speak up girl “! Mrs Olivia commanded


Ella seeing that if she refuses to speak that she’s going to receive strokes of Cain bit by bit, finally cleared her throat, cleaning the tears in her eyes getting ready for the one that is coming like a mighty ocean.


“she,, w,, a,, s..saying .. That.. we must being ready for us inter house sport… Who is… Telling place soon”.She said feeling her eyes wet with tears, by this time many students had already fainted Witt laugh


Some couldn’t even control it anymore as they fall to the floor allowing their mouth to make the laughing sound.


Many teachers couldn’t believe that as beautiful as Ella, she can’t make a correct sentence which was very shameful.


She felt as if the ground will open up and swallow her because the shame is too much, the embarrassment, all eyes were now on her.


Rachel and Josephine were now at the peak laughing like mad dogs, without time wastage Ella ran out other hall with full speed to the class. Her tears made her vision blurry, she had just disgraced herself again in the public, before the students, before her junior ones, she had disgraced her womanhood which is shame.



Ella couldn’t control her tears as she unlock her locker, took out her books running out of the class to God knows area that was on her mind.


She was taking the stairs with speed so that she won’t set her eyes on the junior ones, so that they won’t mock her again, so that the pains and shame will reduce a bit.


She took the last step and was about running out when a voice came out which sounded like that of Jeffery ,yes it’s voice.


“A disgraced person is never a failure, but it’s for such a person to strive hard towards the goal of success ” Jeffery said while Ella stopped automatically looking back to see Jeffery stadinng at the door. He walked slowly to her while she was vibrating and her temperature was now hot. He placed his hands on her shoulder looking into her eyes filled with tears as she kept sniffing.


“My dear, you are never a failure neither are you dumb ” Jeffery voice came out so calm


“Yes it’s me, I was I was a failure ” zhe said out while Jeffery smiled.


“No you are not ” Eric and Mirabel said in unison coming out of their hiding place too. They stood opposite her as she looked at the both of them wondering how this is happening so fast.


She couldn’t control herself anymore as she tried to walk pass Jeffery but his hands grab her, drawing her backward.


All you need to do now, is to stick with the right people who will help you overcome your fears, and those are the right people ” Jeffery said pointing to Mirabel and Eric as Ella nodded her head in a positive way.


Just then most of the students who were in the assembly hall returned taking the stairs to their class.


“Yes tell us what the principal said you old fool ”



“She said that we won’t, oh sorry i mean we should… ” Josephine and Rachel make mockery of Ella and then walked passed them laughing so hard thus bringing back the memories to her head.


“It’s okay girl ” Mirabel assured her patting her on the shoulder.








To be continued









(The unexpected)


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