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Chapter 1











The street was as busy as the international airport due to the vehicles that were struggling to pass to their different destinations. The car horn could be heard blowing for cars to leave the track for the long truck that was carrying cement. Jeffrey sat at the back seat of his father’s car glancing at his wristwatch just to avoid being late to school, hid father noticed it glancing at him through the car mirror.


“Calm down boy, we are almost there ” the father said and Jeffrey smiled at the mention of boy. Soon cars began moving thus giving way to Jeffery’s car as he smiled and his father noticed it and smiled along.





The students were busy walking to and from just to meet up with time due to the strict principal that does not tolerate any illegal act. The building was just astonishing added to the long tall fence that demarcated the school from St Paul Catholic school.



The boys were dressed is white long sleeve shirt, long white trouser, long white tie and a pair of black cover shoes while they girls were on white skirt, white long sleeve shirt, black beret and black shoes.



Soon the church bell began ringing signifying that it’s 8:00am and just immediately the school bell began ringing too as they students gathered in the huge assembly hall.


Back to Mr Lanz house Ella could be seen in her room dressing up in her school uniform, she had the image of a goddess with her fair skin which brightens the


whole room like stars . The room was well arranged, it was extra large with a big dressing mirror by the bedside. The room is just unexplainable but rounding it up the room is said to be an expensive one which means everything needed in a room is there.


“Ella ” Mr Lanz the father called from the parlour arranging his tie and the same time listening to the early morning news as a business tycoon which will enable him to manage his business well.


“Dad am almost done just 5 minutes ” Ella replied as her voice echoed from her room


“You will be late dear, hurry up it’s your first day in school so learn to be punctual


he said aloud as Ella hurried up just to meet up with time. Soon she was done as she carried her school bag heading to the sitting room to meet up with her father. Soon they mount the road with her dad being on the steering wheel while she sat with him on the front seat.


They soon soon arrived the school heading to the principal’s office just immediately, Ella took time to study the school and the environment if she will be able to cope with others.


Mirabel arrived the school too immediately seeing Ella at a distance she wondered who she is because she had not seen such a girl before in vision school, minding her business she walked inside her class with the conclusion that where so ever Ella is from in due time she will know.


Everything was settled in 1 hour time while she was to stay in SS2 B.



“Thank you sir ” Mr Lanz said exchanging hands with the principal and then left the office kissing her 18 year old daughter on the forehead before he entered his car and zoom off.


Ella stood there looking for the class which is to stay, she looked around and was so confused due to buildings which was uncountable and she didn’t know the right path to take, just then she sighted a bill board that tells a stranger where to go. In every building there stood a big billboard that is boldy written “JSS1 BLOCK ” just like that till the senior sections helping her to know her way there.


Back to SS2 b where Ella was directed to, Mr Alexander the Physics teacher was busy writing things on the board.


Just then Ella arrived standing at the door post as all eyes drifted to her, she was a goddess and she had a pair of glasses on her eyes. She stood there while the students attention were no longer on the topic that was on the board. Mr Alexander noticed it and then his eyes all drifted to the door to see Ella standing and then he smiled walking to the door.


“Come in miss Ella, welcome to VISON SCHOOL ” he said as Ella smiled walking in.


Jeffrey didn’t even noticed that someone has come inside the class because his attention was more on the board just to take down important facts. The male gender couldn’t stop looking at Ella as she finally took her seat. Ella sat down and then without time wastage she brought her physics note book and started writting what was on the board immediately and the smile on her face vanished immediately as he face was now like a wrestler standing before his opponents. The topic which was vector and scalar quantity finally come to an end and Mr Alexander left the class walking to his office while they boys began whispering to each other.


Mirabel on the other end knew that Ella was the girl she saw earlier at the principal’s office, she wasn’t even interested in the conversation of her fellow girls who were busy discussing on the amount of things Ella is putting on and where to buy it. Some of them even wished to be like her, while some even planning to talk to her in due time and make friends with her.


Jeffrey looked up after rounding up the calculations he was doing, his eyes met with that of Ella and he wondered where and when she came into the class. Jeffrey


is not a guy that likes girl that easily, he continued his work while Ella too didn’t


take his eyes off her books reading it with all sincerity.



Just then Eric stood up from his place trying to walk to the other end of the class but mistakenly matched Ella on the leg as she looked up in pain to see Eric looking down at her in a pleading eyes.


“I’m sorry miss ” he apologized and Ella only nodded her head in a yes gesture looking down at where he matched, Eric was not satisfied with the nodding of head, he wanted to hear her voice, he wanted to hear her saying that he’s forgiven. He stopped again walking back to her while 4th e whole class were now watching to see the next cinema that will be displayed in the class.


“I said am sorry ” Eric said again this time more loud than the previous time and Jeffrey now look up to see Eric standing with Ella and talking but he was not interested in their discussion.


This time around Eric didn’t accept the fact that Ella has forgiven him because she had refused to say anything, Ella too was confused of what kind of human being Eric is.


Eric was now becoming more angrier than before, his mode changed he was now in a furious rage.


“For the last time Ella or whatever you call yourself, I’m sorry for matching you ” he said and Ella nodded her head this time Eric had already raised up his hand to hit her as all eyes were now feeding on them.


“You dare not try it Eric ” a female voice sounded from the back seat as their eyes now went straight to where the voice came from to see that the voice belongs to Mirabel. She was now standing up and also so angry even more than Eric, she walked to Eric one on one and then looked at him in the eyes without shaking or being afraid of him.


” you dare talk back at me Mirabel “? Eric asked



“What’s your problem Eric, is now a crime for one to remain silent right? The girl nodded her head that she had accepted your apology and you still insist. What’s your problem “? Mirabel asked him tgus making him to chuckle


Eric was now in a hot temper


“Get out of my face now before I drag you away ” he fired but Mirabel stood still


“And what if I don’t “? Mirabel asked taking her stand


Ella who had the problem with Eric didn’t even seems interested in the topic any longer she was now focused on her books reading it more serious than before as if nothing is happening before her. Eric raised his hands to hit Mirabel


“You dare not try such ” Mirabel fired


What is happening here “? A deep masculine voice sounded from the back just like that of Angel Gabriel bringing a goodnews from heaven as their eyes now went straight to see the owner of the voice.










To be continued






Guess who owns the voice??







(The unexpected)


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