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chapter 23






Our date went well I took her to kacy’s one of the most expensive restaurant around


We talked about somethings like family, friends and also about highschool days.


But I still need to let her know about what I did the other day


“Baby wanna tell you something promise you not gonna get mad at me ” I said feeling un easy


“What is it davis tell me” she said still eating her fries


“Just promise you won’t get mad” I said again to be sure



okay I promise now tell me ” she said paying attention to me


“Actually last week Friday,…. I went to the pub because I was lonely…. I was


seated by the bar drinking with out talking to anyone then suddenly….. ” I said


scratching my neck



“Then what happened ” she said with a serious face


“Erhmmm I got drunk and mistakenly had sΒ£x with a red haired


I didn’t want to but she challenge my drunken state and I got angry and end up damaging her p****y, but swears I was drunk it was a mistake ” I said not looking at her


” wooow bravo the best f**k award goes to davis king monteiro, you moron how


could you” she said angrily as she throw her fries at me



“Baby please am sorry it was a mistake promise its not gonna happen again ” I said feeling guilty


She stood up and wanted leaving when I rushed to her front and knelt before her by now the whole restaurant is watching us but ion care



“Please don’t go hit me, Do whatever you want with me but don’t leave me alone I would die if ion feel your love for a second am so sorry I know am the biggest fool


right but please forgive me” I said with sad eyes


The whole restaurant we’re murmuring to each other


“Its okay babe y you don’t have to kneel I love you okay? And please don’t do that



again come here” she said and pull me up I felt relieved us

as the crowd cheer



“I love you much more my forever ” I cooed and placed my lips

on hers



Kissed her for a while before leaving the restaurant


Love is a beautiful feeling when you are with the right person


“My place or yours ” I asked the moment we stepped in to the car



“Nah let’s go to mine wanna spoil you today ” she said licking her lips



“Crazy girl okay then its settled let’s get going ” I said and ignited the engine before zooming off





Argh?!!?! How dare you sky”. I roared and punch my room door


You even had the guts to slap me just because of that puppet,


Screw you bitch!! You will pay for this alone side your puppet


After all have done she still choose davis over me but not to worry


For the humiliation she gave to me today am gonna take her life once and for all then blame it on Davis



Yes that’s what I will do,, skyler gray your doom is near





We got to my mansion not long but we both refused to go in



He is claiming gentleman and am also claiming a gentle lady


We argued till we got into the house


We got to the couch where I started kissing him again.


The kiss was getting intense


When a thunder like voice stop us.. It was my dad making me jerk off immediately


“, what’s going on here ” he roared



Uh oh





What’s gonna happen now



my crazy and erotic romance

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