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chapter 26





Why am I having this feeling something was awfully wrong


I couldn’t concentrate a bit at work, what could be the reason for this feeling


I picked up my cell phone and dialed sky’s line strange it wasn’t going through That’s so unlike sky cause we were supposed to meet up for dinner tonight


I stopped working and clear up my desk before walking outta the company to the parking lot,.I better check on her


Just then my phone started ringing,at first I thought it was sky but surprisingly it was from an unknown number


I hesitated before picking up



Hello ? Who is this” I asked immediately I answered the call



You worst nightmare” I heard a familiar voice



Kelvin??, what do you want from me” I barked at him



Hold your horses nigga ,you don’t want your girlfriend to get hurt do you?” He said sarcastically


I was surprised what’s he talking about



Don’t you dare touch my woman or I promise am gonna cut off your fingers” I groaned


Oh really? Okay say hi to your girlfriend” he said


Immediately I heard Skyler’s voice my blood boiled with anger



Davis please help me” I heard her faint voice



Listen to me Kelvin if you touch a strand of her hair swears am gonna kill you” I growled



Shh Shh now you listen to me,I will send you an address to your phone come to the address by 7:00 sharp mind you don’t even think of involving the cops or else kiss your girlfriend goodbye” he said and hang up on me


Argh !!! I groaned and punched the car how dare Kelvin try to touch my sky



Skyler Skyler


I woke up with a terrible head ache


What!! Where am I ? Everything is blurry as my sight hasn’t cleared up yet that was when I remembered the days event



Have been kidnapped


I heard footsteps coming closer soon my blindfold was removed only to be face to face with the devil Kelvin??


“Why did you bring me here you fool” I tried to struggle free but I my arms were tied strongly to a steel chair


“Calm down sweetie your boyfriend will soon join us” he said and dialed Davis line


“Davis please help me” I managed to say


After the call one of his boys came with a bucket of water and splashed it on me


It was damn cold as I shivered


“You imbecile you won’t get away with this” I said but he slapped me hard across


the face and stripped off my clothes


Leaving me with just my undies


“Pour more cold water on her” he commanded as they kept pouring me more water


” Just agree to be mine and free yourself of this pain” he whispered in my ear


“Never!! I would never be a woman to disgusting guy like you”I said and spat on his face


He got really furious


“You shouldn’t have done that sweetie” he said and punched me on the lips bursting my lips in the process





What’s gonna happen now



my crazy and erotic romance


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