Thu. Feb 15th, 2024



Love is amazing

Love is beautiful


My name is sun hye ,i live in bangkok (korea) i stay with my bestfriend minjee while my parent live in seoul ,I am 23 years ,i love food, i am very lazy and jobless and i know karate very well????


I love love ????,i love seeing people being inlove ,i l iove it when guys express their feelings ,infact everything about love drives me crazy ,if i would be a fairy i would make everyone on earth fall inlove ,,through out my 23 years i have never being inlove ,i have tried my best no responsible person comes after me ,sometimes i cant help but feel like i am cursed


So being jobless made me decided to be a love doctor ,to join people together ,to give the best relationship advice and to make sure couples are in good terms and maybe lucikly find my own mr right and fall In love too



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