Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Sun hye pov


I woke up as usual and prepared for work ,soon i arrived put some things in order and sat down when anna ran in jumping happily


“guess what “she said exictedly


“Errrm your boyfriend got hit by a truck”i said and she starred at me with a frown


“C’mon you asked me to guess”i blurted out


“Well something better happened “anna said smiling


“And what happened “i asked


“I woke up this morning and saw flowers on my porch with a note attached to it ,and it was from my boyfriend he told me he is deeply sorry and will never treat me bad again “she said smiling


“Awwwn thats amazing”i replied and smiled




“All thanks to you sun hye ,i wouldnt have done this “she said


“Its okay anna ,am only doing my job”i replied proudly


“This is your money and thanks ones again “anna said and left


Wow this job is way cool than i expected


“Hello miss “i heard another lady said and walked in and then another and then another


“Sorry its one after the other ,the rest of you should wait outside “i said like a boss and they obeyed leaving a lady with me


“sit”i said and she sat down



“My boyfriend always get drunk and when he comes back he beat me up”the lady said with some tears threatening to fall from her eyes


“Why do you still stay in the same house with a woman beater “i asked


“I love him so much “she said crying


“have you ever sat down and talked to him about his attitude “i asked


“yes a lot but its of no use” she said


“Dose he really love you”i asked and she nodded


“you guys leave together right ” i asked


“Yes “she replied


“okay i have a plan ,give me your address i will come to your house later at night”i said as she wrote down her address


“Are you sure your plan will work “she asked


“i know my job”i replied her proudly and she later left


soon a young man walked in


“Good day miss “he said and i smiled as i gestured him to seat


“I am a married man ,i love my wife so much but am not ready to have a baby yet and shes so bent on having one ” he said


“Why dont you want a baby “i asked


“Well i dont really know ,i think am just scared of being a father and all ” he said


“I think your wife loves you so much and that why she wants to have a child with you ” i said


“Well ,we are married for two years and she never complained but all of a sudden she is “he said


“When was the last time you took her on a date even if shes your wife “i asked and the man scratched his head


“When was the last time you suprised her with gifts” i asked and he kept mute


“When was the last time you cooked for her and do some other lovely stuffs as her man apart from s£x”i asked again


“So do you now know what your doing wrong “i asked and he nodded


“She thinks when she get pregnant she will get my attention back “the man said in a sad tone


“So go back home and get your wife mister”i said


“Thank you ,thank you ,you are indeed a great love doctor”the man said dropped some money and ran out happily

This is the best job ever ,people kept trooping in and out that day and i got a lot of money ,i stood on my desk and started dancing happily


Oops i need to go to that lady’s house ,i took the necessary things i will need to carry out my plan and even bought some ,soon i arrived at the address the lady gave me and ran the door bell


“Do you know how to act ” asked her and she nodded


“Good,is he back “i asked


“No” she replied


“Okay this is the plan ,you are going to let him hit you as usual and then pretend to faint “i said and she nodded


“I will come in as a doctor later in the day and ….


I didnt finish when the lady held her mouth and ran to the bathroom to puke


“Are you pregnant”i asked and she nodded


“Have you told him about it” i asked


“No “she replied sadly


“Well that will make the plan even better ,when he hit you and sleep off ,i will apply some fake blood to your face ,just try and pertend to faint ,you can even sleep if you want but do not turn ,so that the fake blood wont rub off on the bed ,this is a very hard task and you have to do it smartly and play along to what ever i say or do”okay


Soon the boyfriend came back while i hide some where , he hits her and soon he sleept off ,i quickly applied a lot of stuff to her face and ask her to go to sleep ,am really good because she looked like someone that was roughly beaten


I left and slept in the next house she gave me the keys too


Soon it was morning i heard the boyfriend screaming and shouting ,i quickly took a first aid box and ran to the door and knocked


“Hello” i said


“Someone called for ambulance last night but our car spoilt on the road i lied”


“Come in please “he said and took me to her


“Is she going to be okay “he asked crying


“Can you give me some time please “i asked he left ,i heard him breaking somethings crying and cursing himself ,he really loves her i must confess


I whisphered somethings into the lady ear and she nodded ,i cleaned the fake blood and bandaged her face and invited the boyfriend in


“She needs a lot of rest and your lucky she almost lost the baby”i said and he starred at me in shock


“You mean she pregnant ,she crying my child”he asked still crying and i nodded




He rushed to her and began kissing all over her face promising her heaven and earth while she winked at me


This is what they call PLAN GONE RIGHT

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