Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Kyla’s POV


I turned sullenly and my eyes met with that of a flower boy I never recognized.


Oh!” I exhales and wondered where he knows me


He walked closer to me


“I’m Dante, did you remember my face?” He asked


“I did not” I said the words one after the other slowly


Rafael is the one I know, Rafael’s eye and I met but he didn’t even recognize me, he just took a quick glance at me and took his face away


Omg! Didn’t he know me again?


“Kyla, I’ll get to see you next time but I’m surprised you still didn’t recognize my face” He said shyly and walked to meet the other school pillars


What! Rafael didn’t recognize me for real or he just chose to ignore me . But he should at least be surprised for seeing me, I’ll know at least that he saw me and recognizes me but with the way he took a very quick glance at me , it’s obvious he doesn’t even recognize who I am




I’m his first love and he’s my first love too. Can he be so quick to forget whom his first love is or what she looks like


I’ll make sure he notices me


I moved closer to the side of the crowd he is facing and set my full gaze at him, our eyes met at intercept and he was just shooting me a quick insignificant glance like he does to everyone


What? Is this a kinda dream or what? And he’s even the cutest among the school pillars. How in the world will he forget me so quick


No, it’s not possible


I finally started coughing just so he can notice me


“Who the h*ll is disturbing my speech?” He asked and he turned his face at me the same way all students set their gaze at me wondering why I was coughing



Isn’t cough a reflex action and they all staring at me like I’d done something wrong even though I coughed intentionally just so he can notice me


He walked closer to me and the scents of him spread and filled my nose


Same smell, so sweet! He will finally know who I am now, but will he get angry at me or take me back?


“Hey” He called and I raised my bowed head as my heart beat faster in fear of what he will do after he knows who I am but his question stunned me out


“Why are you disturbing me ? What’s your name by the ways?” He asked


Wtf? My name?


I tried to speak but words weren’t coming out of my mouth


“I ask you for the last time, what’s your name?” He asked


Rafeal , have you gone blind? Don’t you know who I am again? It’s me your first love. Kyla


Oh gosh! I said all that in my mind, the terrible atmosphere and the many eyes staring at us will never allow me say that out


But he’s threatening me , isn’t it? He said he’s asking me my name for the last time


Didn’t he know me again?


Someone should please tell him or should I tell..oh no! I can’t say that , he just have to remember who I am


“Well guys, seems she’s dumb and she does not know our rules that no coughing, sneezing or murmuring when I’m speaking, seems she’s a new student, she knows a zilch about how things work here , let’s welcome her ” He said


And Some girls quickly formed a circle round me and stared singing mockingly at me




Bitch, f*ck ya ass

Ya a strange motherf*cker!

Welcome to our Savannah

Ya gonna be fooled till ya puck puck


Shit … Shit… Shit…

Ya motherf**ker





They sang and I feel pained


I was bowing my head all this while in embarrassment , I raised my head and saw Rafael drawing something on a cardboard


He was finally done with what he was drawing and showed the diagram to the crowd


And the crowds bursted into serious sarcastic laugh while pointing at me


I was nervous to see what diagram he drew and my nerves calmed sadly when he finally showed the diagram to me




Jeez! Tears rushed down my face when I saw what he drew

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