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Sun hye pov


“LISA” seo yelled angrily and they both stopped their love making and lisa used the duvet to cover her body


“Seo”she called


“What the hell are you putting on “she shouted laughing


“So you are cheating on me”seo said ignoring her question


“Am sorry you have to find out this way but i dont love you anymore “she said not feeling any sign of remorse


“After all i did for you and what we have been through” seo said as tears gathered in his eyes


seo slammed the door and walked out angrily while i followed behind


the gateman starred at us shocked , we entered the car without uttering a word to each other ,the drive was silent and suddenly the car stopped




“This is not my house neither is it were i work”i said to seo


“I need to clear my head”he replied and walked out of the car before i could say another word he walked into the bar


gosh this dude is really annoying,how can he leave me in his car and tell me he wants to clear his head ,what about my stomach who is going to fill it


I stayed in the car for sometime and no sign of seo


i came down and entered the bar ,i sited seo at the edge of the bar ,i wanted to scold him when i noticed he was wasted and crying


“Am i a bad person “he asked as he saw me


“No you are not and stop drinking”i said and collected the bottle from his hands



“I hate you”he yelled


I searched for his wallet and paid for tge drinks….. Dont get me wrong guys but you dont expect me to pay for the drinks right……


I placed his hands across my shoulder and helped him to the car


He cant drive in this state and i dont know his house ,i only have one option then


Seo kept blabing things that dosent makes sence and crying too ,i wonder if this is how break up affect all guys ,and finally he slept off


I drove to my house,called minjee out


“omg did you kidnap a cute guy because you want a boyfriend”minjee asked starring at seo


“Haha minjee not funny”i said giving her a deadly stare while she giggled


“what happened”she asked and i narrated the whole event to her


“No wonder you two are dressed in this ridiculous oufit”minjee said


“Are you helping me or not”i fired at her


we were able to carry seo into the room and layed him on couch while he sleeps peacefully


Seo pov


I woke up feeling pains all over my body and my head is worst ,i looked arround ,i was in an unfamiliar room


Then i saw two people laying on the bed sleeping….They were girls actually


Sun hye …What the hell am i doing in a crazy love doctor house


I slept on the couch no wonder my body ache badly


“Sun hye ” i yelled and the other girl woke up and we both starred at each other awkwardly


“Sun hye ,sun hye “she called tapping her


“what”sun hye asked in a sleepy tone


“Your kidnaped boyfriend is up and he is looking at me weirdly “the girl said


“Seo” sun hye called as she stood up immediately


“how did i get here”i asked


“You were drunk ,i didnt know your house so i brought you here” she said


“Well is that why you guys layed me on the couch “i asked and they both starred at me with their wide eyes


“Where do you think we would have layed you”the other girl asked


“On the bed of course”i replied


“And were would we have slept ” sun hye asked


“on the floor or couch of course”i replied


“Now i see you are an ungreatful spoilt child “the other girl fired


“Anyway am out of here and make sure this spolit child is out of here before i get back”she said to sun hye


“Hey dont talk to me like that okay”i yelled as she walked out


“Gosh were did you know her from shes ugly and annoying”i said to sun hye


“thats it ,you have over stayed your welcome you may leave”sun hye said to me


“Am not going anywhere until you tell me what to do next” i fired back


“what do you mean”she asked


“well you are a love doctor right? i asked and she nodded her head


“I broke up with my girlfriend how do i move on ” i asked


“well you just have to find a distraction,something that will take your mind off her and move on ” she said


“Okay that was easier than i thought” i said and she starred at me confused


“You are going to be my distraction “i said


“what no way i have job to do okay” she replied


“This is your job ,you are still doing have you forgotten ,your job is to help so you are going to help me forget about lisa” i said


“Fine”she replied


“Go get ready lets go “i said and she stood up and walked to the bathroom


Soon she was done bathing and tied a towel arround her chest


“Privacy please i need to dress “she said


“Huh dont worry am not looking”i replied


“Huh,no way “she said


“Its not my fault you stay in a one room “i replied and she starred at me angirly


“Fine “she took some cloth and blindfold my eyes tightly


“Are you not done yet ,this stuff is hurting my eyes” i yelled


“Almost”she replied


And soon she removed the blindfold and she was fully dresses while i starred at her head to toe


“Let go”i said and we left the house


Sun hye pov


Soon we arrived at a big mansion ,this guy must be really rich i thought


“Your house is beautiful “i said and he smiled


“Make yourself comfortable “he said and went upstairs


Later he came back downstairs looking refreshed


Gosh he looked so handsome


“Can you stop drolling now”he said


“Ewww ,i was looking at you ,i was starring at that picture behind you”i lied


“Whatever lets go”he said


We drove for sometime and stopped at a boutique


“What are we doing here” i asked


“Do you think i will allow you follow me arround i that “he asked and i starred at him angrily


“I look perfect and beautiful ” i said proudly and he started laughing


“come down or i will drag you out”he said and i sluggishly came down


If not that i am doing my job i would have delt with him for thinking my dressing is bad


soon i was wearing a white short gown as we walked out of the boutique , the dress was short that i kept dragging it down and complaining


“Welcome to my company “he said as we arrived a big building


People kept greeting him as we entered but he ignored them all what a rude jerk


We entered his office and it was beautifully decorated ,and had a clear view of the city ,i sat down and face him and he began working on some papers


“Why did you bring me here “i asked


“To make me forget about lisa”he said


“Okay “i replied


I was getting bored so i began singing


????????Hey you brought me here to just




Keep me bored…… ohhhhh ,i am a love doctor,,,,lalalala ,, yeah yeah yeah ooooooo


I kept singing off key and shouting while he used his hands to cover his ear

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