Tue. May 28th, 2024

Kyla’s POV


He drew a face that looked like mine but it looked very ugly, he drew an old ugly cap on my head.


I tried to find my way out of the circle of students there but they wouldn’t allow me


“Hey girl, will you tell me your name now or I do something worsr?” He threatened


What’s the point telling him my name after all what he had done to me. He probably forgot who I am or he chose to punish me for how I broke up with him then????


If I tell him my real name , that should be a flashback for him, he should at least remember who Kyla is if he can’t remember my name


“I’m Kyla ” I said expecting him to show a very deep surprise at my outburst but he didn’t


“Ugly name. Let the ugly big head go” He said and the students forming circle around me paved way for me


I walked to my class painfully, I was crying and imagining how Rafael and I use to play that time


I have no idea what suddenly happened to him.




Few minutes later , the lecture commence but I wasn’t even listening to any. My mind was on Rafael


Break time clocks, I haven’t made a friend yet so I have no one to go for lunch with. I do not want to associate myself with anyone, I believe fate will make a good student and I friend


Sometime tapped me from behind and I turned


It’s the guy who called himself Dante , one of the school pillars, he is cute too but not as cute as Rafael


“Hi” He greeted showing his full set of teeth


“Hi” I retorted still feeling embarrassed cus of how I was treated by Rafael before the crowd


” can we go to lunch together?” He requested



Not like I’m doing anything presently and he’s a school Pilar too. I guess it’s an honour to go to the cafeteria with one of the school pillar together especially on my first day in school


I stood up and we went together without saying a word to each other on our way


I can’t stop thinking of what he said to me few hours ago, he said he knows me somewhere


We finally arrived at the cafeteria, he asked for what food I’ll love to take and I answered. He ordered for it and we got served


“I’m sorry for how Rafael treated you” He apologized on behalf of his friend


“It’s nothing” I said briefly even though it’s something that I’m even yet to recover from


He nodded


“Have you recognized me?” He asked


“Not yet, I guess you have to describe who you really are maybe I can remember ” I said


“No qualms, I’m Dante your first love , I do not know how time flies but I can tell you our thousand memories together, don’t pretend like you did not recognize me, I know you love me. And let me say this, you do not need to feel guilty for breaking up with me then, sincerely, we were just kid , I still Love you” Dante said and my face dropped in fear, horror and surprise


Rafael is my first love not Dante, I did not know Dante from Adam, I’d never come across him and now he’s saying he’s my first love and that he can tell me our memories those days together




I’m seriously confused and perplexed here

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