Sun. May 12th, 2024

Sun hye pov


“Sun hye sun hye wake up”i heard minjee said


“Can you get your butt out of the bed and i need to clean up this mess here before i go to work ” I heard minjee said


“I need more sleep”i said and continued sleeping


Soon i felt cold water being poured on my body



“ohhhh minjee why did you do that ” i yelled


“When last did you take your bath “she asked


“Errrm ,some days ago “i replied scratching my hair


Before i could blink minjee already lifted me up and threw me into the bathroom there by locking the door from the outside


“I hate you”i yelled from the bathroom and i heard her laugh


Gosh i dont even know when last i took my bath and am starting my new job very soon


I turn on the shower and began taking my bath ,soon i was done i tied a towel and came out ,gosh i feel so great right now


I entered the room and every where was neatly arranged and i could see minjee already preparing for work


Minjee is a makeup artist ,she dose wonders with brush ,foundation and lip stick


“Can i follow you to the shop today please “i said in a pleading tone


“On one condition “she said


“What condition”i asked


“You will behave your self ,do not interfare in anything ,make sure you mind your business”she said


“I miss sun hye promise miss minjee to behave properly when i go to her working place”i said and she laughed


“Get prepared let go ” she said and i jumped exictedly


I wore a very long skirt touching my foot that has pocket and a simple top then packed my hair in a bun


“Sun hye you need to work on your dressing no wonder you dont have a boyfriend at 23” Minjee said


“I dont see anything wrong in my dressing “i said as i starred at myself in the mirror


“Someone will think you are a nun”she said


“Not funny minjee”i said angrily


“Am seriou girl” she said


“can we go now”i said and she nodded then we left



I sat down in her shop while she dose the cleaning and some other stuff


Soon a lady walked in ,gosh her face were full with spots and i couldnt stop starring at her


“Is there anything on my face “the lady asked


“Huh,no nothing i wasnt looking at you that how my eyes are”i replied A BIG FAT LIE


“Please can you get me some snacks in the next shop am really hungry “she said and handed me some money


I wanted to yell and slam the money to het face when i remembered minjee and i promised her to behave properly ,i took the money and went to the next shop i bought her some snack and dipped some of her chips in my pocket ,i waited till its my turn payed and left


“were is the lady that sent me “i asked minjee


“Shes the one here “minjee said pointing and the lady that sat down


“No way the lady is not as beautiful as this one she has a lot of spot on her face and she looks like a leopard “i blurted


“What how dare you insult me i my present “the lady yelled angrily and stood up and that was when i was her clothes ,she was really the one


“Omg minjee you are a professional ,look at how you plastered and covered her face wow the whole world needs to know about you”i said and the both of them starred at me angrily


“Oops” i said


The lady brought out some money and threw it at minjee face then stormed out angrily


“You forgot your snacks “i yelled but she didnt reply


Well lucky me ,am really hungry i opened it and began eating i avoided eye contact with minjee because if looks will kill i will be dead hundred times



I woke up the following day and took my bath and prepared for my new work


“The love doctor ”


I already rented a shop printed fliers and shared them arround


I head to my shop and sat down waiting

One hour nobody came

Two hours nobody came and soon its already five hours and i was already dozing off


“Hello” i heard someone say as the person tapped me it was a beautiful lady


“Oh sorry sit”i said and she sat down


“What brings you here”i asked professionally and she started crying ,okay that wasnt what i was expecting


I handed her some tissue and she cleaned her face


“My boyfriend always maltreat me because i love him ,he said no matter what i will still come back to him ,could you imagine he poured me drink when i caught him cheating and now he called me that his on him way to my house and i accepted immediately “she said sniffing and i pitied


“Wait do you say his on his way to your house “i asked and she nodded


“And are you ready to do anything to make him stop treating you that way “i asked


“Yes am ready” she replied


“lets go to your house” i said and she nodded immediately and we left


Soon we arrived at her house and i sat down comfortablely and the door bell rang


“That him “she said breathing fast


“Calm down anna ,do you have cupcakes “i asked and she nodded ,they went to the kitchen and brought them out


“Should i give him the cupcakes “anna asked


“No you are going to walk up to him slam the cupcake to his face confidently and shut the door “I said and she starred at me shocked


“What are you sure its going to work “anna asked




“Am the love doctor here ,are you ready to make your relationship right” i asked and she nodded


Anna pov

I walked to the door confidently like sun hye said ,opened it and slammed the cupcake at my boyfriends face ,it wasnt really hard when i remembered how he poured the drink on my body ,i fetched some cupcake from his face and rubbed it on his hair while he starred at me shocked

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