Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Kyla’s POV


We received other lectures and the day was finally over. I slung my bag pack across my shoulder and went home


I can’t just stop thinking about Rafael. Who in the word is Dante? He’s really making me confused cus he seems to know more about me. Calling himself my first love. This is driving me crazy now


I brought out some old pictures Rafael and I took together when we were young


“And I’m gonna take this very one to school, I’m gonna show it to Rafael, I’m sure he’ll believe me” I said to myself as I lay on the bed



Following Morning


I dressed quickly and hurried off to school. I just can’t wait to see Rafael and give him this pic, I’m sure he must react


I got to school and requested for his class. I went there and ran to his sit without thinking of what he may do to me


I stretched the PIC to him and he first looked at me like I’d gone out of my mind , then collected it and looked into it


He arched his brow as he saw it and looked into my face




“Where did you get this?” He asked


“We took it together when we were young” I replier


“Oh! ” he exclaimed and stared into the pic like someone trying to recollect something


Dante approached us and he handed over the PIC to Dante


“Wow!” Dante examined as he looked into the pic


“She wouldn’t give up, she’s smart” Dante said and I look confused


“I never knew you still Love me. How in the world can I forget you , it’s a plan between Dante and I, I’m sorry for hurting you yesterday” Rafael said and he stood and hugged me



Is this a kinda dream. For real ?


I received the hug sullenly


“I never stopped loving you ” He confess




“I’m sorry for breaking up with you then, I Love you so much” I said and we hugged ourselves tighter



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