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Chapter 9


Isabella Pov


I opened my eyes and found out I was in the hospital


I still couldn’t get over the fact that we were attacked and I was shot in the process


I didn’t even remember how I got to the hospital , everything was just happening so fast


The door opened and I turned to the entrance


“Hey your up”Leonardo said and I nodded


There was an awkward silence and no one said a word for some minutes “we are leaving”he said breaking the silence


“It seems people have seen you with me so your life is at risk here “he said and I felt a huge lump in my throat



“Don’t worry I will protect you”he said with a light chuckle which amuse me Some minutes later we arrived at a different apartment and he helped me in I’m sure this is one of his house,I think I like this place it’s peaceful and quiet He led me a another and I found some shopping bags on the bed


it was the things I bought from the mall before we were attacked I didn’t need to ask why we were here.


I needed a shower but removing my clothe by myself was impossible


Since there was something that strapped my hand to my neck and the wound still hurts


I thought of ask Leonardo but waved it off.


Here am I struggling for the past twenty minutes trying to remove my t-shirt. The door opened and Leonardo walked in starring at me blankly


“if you need help you should have just called and asked”he said walking up to me I felt nervous when his hands came in contact with my bare skin it’s not like he haven’t touched me before


I stood still as he removed my t-shirt revealing the bra I had on and then unclip my bra


He didn’t stare at them in a lustful manner which made me more relieved


His hands went down and he removed my panties gently


I couldn’t help but feel nervous



We had s*x countless time but he never touched me this way before His touches were usually rough or dragging me


The way he looks at me was always emotionless and blank


But today I could see calmness and care ,,He starred at me differently like he was actually adoring my body.


Okay what am I even saying


I’m suppose to be insanely mad at him for taking me away and using me as his s*x tool


But here I am smitten by his touch


He led me to the shower and turned it on for me , making me think on if this is the Leonardo before or someone else standing before me


I relaxed in the warm water


He applied some shampoo to my hair and began washing it


Dear lord,if this is a dream I don’t want to ever wake up


I chuckled as my own prayer and relaxed




After the warm shower ,he took me back in and dressed me up.


Right now I’m alone thinking of what will happen after this ten days


Will I actually go back to leaving my life like nothing happened ?


Can I really cope with my father ,, thinking he sold me out?



Will he just forget me like I never existed?


will I be even able to move on?


All this questions were going through my head without an answer.






The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


Written by: Quinn blessing

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