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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 4


Alex POV


I alighted from the car and walked into my room angrily.



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I plopped down on a cushion in my room, I am so tired, I need a bath.


I pulled off my clothes and walked into the bathroom and took a cold bath.


After the bath, i dressed up and sat on the bed, I need to think of something.


God, I can’t even get a single idea on how to deal with her. I groaned. Why can’t I just think of anything.


I kicked my legs in the air in frustration. I have to embarrass her, she really embarrassed me a lot.


An idea crossed my mind although it’s not very cool but I am sure she is going to be embarrassed.


The next day


Amelia POV


“Bye mum” I said and Dad glared at me.


“God! You are so jealous Dad, bye Dad” I said and walked out.


I feel like skipping school today, I don’t want to attend any lessons not like they teach us anything apart from music.


“Hey, I will drive today” I said to my driver.


“No ma’am, I will drive” he protested.


“Okay” I said and got into the car.


As my driver walked round the car to get into the driver seat, I jumped into the driver’s seat and drove off.


“Ma’am Amelia!” He yelled and I laughed driving away crazily.


To learn how to drive crazily in zig zag, I had to watch a lot of car training and fast and furious too.


I whistled as I drove. Where the hell am I even going? Should I go to a restaurant or should I go ice skating rink or should I go to the amusement park.


The amusement park is the best.


“Let’s go have fun” I muttered and headed to the amusement park.



Alex POV


I sat patiently in my car waiting for Amelia to pass by, she comes early.


I had a rope set, my guys just had to draw it a bit when she passed.


After thirty minutes of waiting, the park was deserted and I was starting to become impatient.


Isn’t she going to come to school today? I saw a guy walking past me with a bottle of milk.


It will be good to have some fun while waiting.


“Hey come here” I called.


“Me?” He asked.


“Do you see anyone behind you?” I asked and he walked to me looking at the floor.


“What’s your name handsome guy?” I asked.


“A..Alex” he stuttered and I made a face.


“Eew..disgusting, how can someone like you be my name sake?” I asked and gave him a little push.



“I…I’m… Sorry..I will get a…change…of…name” he stuttered and I frowned.


“Are you trying to show me that you have some cash?” I asked.


“No…no, that’s not it” he replied.


“Really? I guessed so too, can I see the money you have?” I asked and he brought out a few dollars.


“Fuck, this is all you have? This measly money?” I asked and took the money from him and ripped it into pieces.


“Good riddance to…to…to..” Now what the f**k is it? I can’t get it right.


“Whatever, now you have to entertain me cause I am bored, crawl around, I want to see you crawl around” I said.


Amelia pov


I should go to school now, I was having so much fun that I totally forgot about school.


I walked into the car and drove away more crazily than when earlier.


I was listening to a pop song and it rocked it as I yelled and screamed in the car.


I finally got to school and pulled the car to a halt, I alighted from the car and saw a guy crawling around.


I diverted my gaze to the car beside him,it was Alex’s car, that stupid bully.


I walked to the guy and pulled him up.


“You are a fool, can’t you stand up to him and challenge him? He asked you to crawl and you did? God, who the hell is he?” I asked half yelling.


Alex POV



I came down from my car and came face to face with Amelia. I wasn’t shocked to see her, I mean who else would talk about me in such manner?


“Hey you aren’t allowed to talk to me in such manner” I said and she scoffed.


“I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking about you” she replied and I rubbed my temple.


“Whatever, how dare you stop what I ordered?” I asked.


“Fool, you are such a douche bag, you think I am one of your obsessed fans? No, no I won’t even know you if I didn’t come to this hell of a school” she said and I furrowed my brows.


“Really? Like you don’t know me or my songs?” I asked not believing what she said


“Do I have to know you or your songs? I am sure they are trash cause a trash always produces trash also” she replied and I blinked.


“Who is a trash?” I asked.


“You of course or did you think I was talking to the car, of course not the car is more useful and handsome than you are” she said.


“Bitch shut it, you really think I am trash? Do you know how many fans I have gained at 18, does any f**king person know you? How many fans do you have?” I asked and she kept quiet for a while.


“Cat got your tongue?” I asked and she laughed.


“Just thinking of how stupid you are? You are such a fool along with your fans listening to your trash” she said.


“Ohh Slut why do you love pretending? I know you are among my biggest fans and you secretly have a crush on me, you should…” I stopped when I noticed her rage.



“Don’t you ever call me a slut” she said and I smirked, finally found something that gets her annoyed.


“You are a slut, bitch, bitchy slut” I taunted and she let go of the guy I was bullying and he ran away.


She charged at me and grabbed me by the collar, my guards wanted to attack but I raised my hand signaling them to stop and they stopped.


Amelia pushed me to the car with her hand on my neck but I couldn’t care about that right now.


To have such a beautiful girl as Amelia this close to you,you won’t understand the pleasure.


She yelled at me but I couldn’t hear a word, I was lost in the world of fantasy. No, Alex come on this girl embarrassed you, she deserves a punishment.


I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me making her head hit my chest with a small gasp.


She pulled away quickly and landed a slap on my right cheek, she uses her left hands, cool.


I rubbed my cheeks in anger and pain. “Bitch” I yelled and tried to slap her back but she held my hand mid air.


“Don’t ever try touching me again, I am not one of your bitches” she said seething with anger.


She glared at me before walking away towards the rope, I smiled and boom, she was on the floor.


I laughed at her and stuck out my tongue at her. I walked to her mocking her while she glared at me with fury but I didn’t care.



I walked away with my heads up high, I hope I can get her on my bed soon, I can’t help but imagine how her body feels.


No,no Alex, forget about her, she is just a bitch and you don’t need bitches.



Amelia POV


I stood up angrily and walked to class.


“Why are you late Amelia?” The teacher asked.


“Erm..erm..uhm..actually” I stuttered.


“Just admit that you went to see one of your numerous lovers bitch” a guy asked.


“Shut it fool” I yelled at him.


“Amelia to your seat” the teacher said and I nodded.


I walked to my seat before giving Violet a brief smile.


During lunchtime


Violet had went to meet her boyfriend. I walked to the basketball court dragging my leg lazily.


I really want to play basketball right now, I picked up the ball and bounced it gently, I am bored.


All of a sudden, I felt someone grab my ass, I turned around angrily.


“You have a soft ass there, what’s your price?” He asked.


“My price are your eyes” I replied and punched him in the face.


Before he could recover from the pain I sent a kick to his groins which sent him on his knees with a growl.


I kicked his chest making him fall flat to the floor. I continued punching him till someone help my hand, it was Violet.



“Let go of me” I said but she didn’t budge.


I stood up angrily. “Why are you hurting my boyfriend?” She asked.


“Your boyfriend? You mean this guy is the Bryan you talked about?” I asked.


“Yes and why are you beating him up?” She asked.


“I am going to break his head for breaking your heart” I replied and punched Bryan again.


“Stop this!! Stop it!!” Violet yelled, I looked at her and scoffed.


“One way or the other, I am going to fufil my promise” I replied and looked at her pitifully before walking away.


I am never going to fall into that shit called love, it made Violet this way.


At home.


I was in my room flipping through a novel, this place is boring, I don’t wanna leave here.


Back in South Korea, I would have pranked several people.


I jumped off from my bed and took my power bike keys. I tied several blankets together and tied it to the window.


I climbed down the window gently and walked to my power bike. I zoomed off feeling the cool evening breeze.


I finally stopped at a bar, Rocks bar. I will just grab a few drinks and go back home.


Dad and mum won’t know about it, I walked into the bar and ordered for a drink.









Pop love


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