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Chapter 13


Walter POV


I sat down in my car and watched a car pull over I was surprised to see it was Isabella


I actually came here with my gang to see if I could get hold of any of her parents


Either her mom or Dad ,I really needed to know what’s the deal with him and Leonardo and how much he actually owes him


I was actually thinking of paying so he can let Isabella go or fall into our trap But seeing Isabella here changes the whole thing why did he let her go?



I watched as she took her things in and that’s all


I asked my men to stay back all night to see if there will be any movement of Leonardo or his men around her house but none of them came


The next day I still made them follow her around and the only thing she did was a job hunt


still no trace of Leonardo


I think Leonardo is falling for her and that’s the only reason he let her go



He didn’t want his weakness to be know


I made some of my men kidnap her and brought her to my apartment I watched as she lay on my bed


l see the reason Leonardo let her go….she’s too pretty and charming




she walked into the sitting room and starred at me in shock while I quickly dismissed my men


“Walter”I heard her mutter


“what do you want from me”


“why am I here”


“why did you kidnap me ” she asked angrily


“Are you hungry”I asked back ignoring her question


“No I want to go home”she replied sternly which made me laugh loudly I saw the way her Expression changed when I laughed


she must be surprised …yeah I’m surprised at myself too “you call that a home”


“were your own parents treat you like trash and sell you off because of money they owe” I said and her face turn pale


“why am I here”she asked as I walked towards her



“your here because I want to give you a better life , just let me take care of you”i replied touching her hair


Truth be told I was mesmerized by her beauty but I had to stop whatever thing I was feeling so I could get rid of Leonardo


I couldn’t hurt her anymore so I just threw her to the couch and went to my room I needed to cool off


Her words keep echoing in my head


“it was only a deal ,he threw me out after that”


All this didn’t add up ……..there is something really off somewhere


I let the cold water run through my body calming my nerves


The way Leonardo was protective of her,the way he starred at her He can’t just let her go just like that


The Leonardo I know is up to something


Leonardo POV


“Were is she”I asked one of my men


“she had been taken by Walter sir”he replied and I smiled widely


“Good keep an eye on them and inform me on any movement “I said and he nodded


“yes sir”he replied and left


I smiled widely as sat down in my study room


‘Walter is Indeed predictable ‘ I thought


I just hope she’s doing okay I miss her already tbc




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Written by: Quinn blessing



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