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Chapter 8


Isabella Pov


I woke up feeling alot better than earlier


The door was slightly opened which actually came as a shock to me I was normally locked up


I came down from the bed and walked out of the room I really needed the walk, I’ve been growing lazy on reaching the sitting room I heard noise


“Leonardo “i called and he looked up almost immediately “are you feeling okay”he asked and i nodded gently

Look who is actually acting nice


“who do we have here”A guy asked starring at me


I haven’t seen him before and I had no idea Leonardo actually has a friend “hi”I muttered nervously


seriously that was the only thing that came to my mind “come sit”Leonardo said to me and I nodded


I walked to a single couch and sat down tapping my feet rapidly on the floor


if only this Leonardo friend could stop looking at me the way he is doing right now


Leonardo walked to the kitchen and his friend followed behind him making me feel relieved


I know I will be the main person they will be talking about


Few minutes later Leonardo came back with his friend following behind


“You can prepare something to eat if you want”and my eyes widened same as his friend


I guess am not the only one who noticed how nice his acting


I still didn’t forget what he did to me last night


The thought alone made my eyes wattery


I walked to the kitchen and began fixing something to eat


Trying to be nice,I made some for myself and Leonardo and his friend


Thankfully they didn’t reject it



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Right now Leonardo and I were on our way to the mall


He said I needed some clothes to wear for the remaining days I will be with him


Somehow the silence was kinda awkward,none of said anything to each other


We went in and were led to a private room


I tried as much as possible to keep my distance from Leonardo


Let’s just say I’m trying to make him feel guilty by ignoring him and distance myself from him


Leonardo glued his eyes to his phone


While I changed into a few outfit


He paid for them and we were about to leave when something sharp hit my hand I yelled in pain and starred at the blood that trickle down my hard


I wasn’t hearing clearly but I was hearing someone shouting and another person drawing me to take cover


Multiple gunshots were the only sounds my ear was hearing


I couldn’t believe it


we were attacked


“Are you okay” he asked while I starred at him blankly


“Yeah ..yeah”I managed to say while Leonardo was using something to wrap up my hand to stop the bleeding


Leonardo brought out a gun and began shooting


Leonardo brought out his phone and said something and continued shooting


Everything was just happening like a dream and my hand were in so much pain


I only say down behind the car ,close to Leonardo as the shooting continues






The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


Written by: Quinn blessing


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