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Chapter 14 semi finale


Isabella POV


I starred at his naked body


“sorry… sorry … I just wanted to pee”I shuttered


“its okay I’m done”he said wrapping the towel around his waist and walked out well I didn’t fail to notice the smirk plastered on his face


It took me few minutes to compose myself before doing my business and walking out



Thankfully he was fully dressed when I came out…I really took time in the bathroom


I didn’t want to see anything again…if you know what I mean Walter left the room without a word and I collapsed on the bed


Everything was just happening so fast recently and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m the one living my life or someone is living it for me


Just some days back I was on Leonardo’s bed


And today I’m on Walters bed.


Not just any people


they were Mafias


Some hours later, someone brought in dinner I couldn’t reject it because I was really hungry


I eat and pushed the tray aside , I stayed up almost all night thinking Walter or someone might come Into the room to take advantage of me but no one did.


I woke up with puffy eyes and went into the bathroom I did my business and still wore the same cloth


The door burst open and Walter walked in angrily looking tattered “Let’s go”he said and I quickly stood up


He looked really pissed and i didn’t want to push it I walked infront of him as we approach downstairs



some of his men came and tied my hands behind my back before blind folding me At this point I was beyond nervous


They pushed me out ,,but I couldn’t see ,,so I just walked gently not to trip or hit anything


I was pushed into something ,,it was a car actually The engine started and the car moved


I stayed in that position for minutes and didn’t hear a sound


if not that a car couldn’t drive itself I would have been thinking that I’m alone The car stopped unexpectedly making me go front and back


“sir we have been attached”I heard someone said and another person cursed I began hearing gunshots and they were all aiming at the car


the guys brought out their gun and shot back I was trembling with fear ,and my head low I wish I could see what is actually going on


Right now I really need to get this blind fold off my eyes


I kept struggling to remove what was used to tie my hands but to no avail it was really furstrating


I struggled and put my head on the car seat


I kept pushing my face back and front on the chair and thankfully the blindfold cane off



the first thing I saw was someone being shot straight in the head I looked arround and noticed i saw the only one in the car


Some guys surrounded the car and began shooting at the car opposite us


One more thing I didn’t fail to notice was that we were In the middle of nowhere ,there were only huge trees where the guys were using as cover


I reached for the pen knife in the front seat and took it it was easy but in this situation ,, everything is possible


I used the pen knife to cut the ropes used to tie my hands from the back I’ve seen guys do it in movies. Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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Well mine didn’t go really successful because I used the knife to cut myself several times before the rope finally came off


I entered the driver seat and fastened the seat belt before anyone notice I turned on the engine and drove backwards and heard the guys curse one thing was sure this moment,it’s been ages since I drove a car this is going to be a long ride






The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


Written by: Quinn blessing

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