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Chapter 7




After the whole event of last night,I decided to go check up on her I unlocked her room door and saw her lying lifelessly on the bed “shit”


Her eyes were open but pale and filled with sadness



I rushed to her and felt her body temperature She was really hot


I think this is all my fault ,I rushed to the bathroom and got a towel and cold water


I dipped the towel into the water and began rubbing it in her body


I ordered my cook to bring food to her room and some drugs


Lucky enough she drank a little soup and I gave her the drugs


I don’t understand this weird feeling I’m having about her


I never cared this way about anyone c,why is she just soo different Her body temperature reduced and I used the duvet to cover her


it’s just like five days since she started leaving here and am going soft on her I’m supposed to be a Mafia


I’m supposed to be ruthless and heartless


I need to stop all this because I’m only putting her in danger She’s just too innocent to be caught up in my shit


I walked downstairs only to find Mike sitting on my couch and watching Netflix “Dude why are you here”I asked


“when is it a crime to visit my best friend”he asked still focused on the game


I sat down beside him as i go through all my emails and checked on all my company and casino



Everything was going pretty well except for the guys who tried to steal from me and were caught in the process


I mean only dumb people will risk their life to that , knowing how dangerous and merciless I can be


Right now they are currently in the cell at my warehouse I will go deal with them tomorrow *



“Leonardo “someone called and I looked up almost immediately She looked better and healthy than earlier


“are you feeling okay”I asked and she nodded


That reminds me ….I didn’t lock the door on her when I left the room


“who do we have here”Austin asked starring at her “hi”she muttered nervously


“come sit”I said to her and she went to sit on the single couch


I saw Austin gave me a questioning look which I totally ignored


I won’t blame him this is his first time his actually seeing a lady in my house and I’m being nice to her


I stood up and walked to the kitchen to get a drink when I heard footsteps following behind


I know it’s Austin , probably coming here to fill my ears with questions “Dude are you being serious “he asked as I poured myself a drink



“What”I asked


“ohh don’t “What” me”


“you know exactly what I’m talking about”he replied “why is she here ” he asked


“her father owes me and I took her away to warm my bed for 10 days “I replied back


“is that all”he asked still not convinced “of course” I replied back and walked away


I really don’t know what’s going on with me Walter POV


“Hello sir ” one of my investigator said


Isabella Smith ,do a background check on her ,she came to the function with Leonardo”I said


In no time a message popped into my phone


Isabella Smith


Age 22 , father drunkard and gambler and her mother is a whore


I read through all the important information and ignored the rest unimportant once The question is why is Leonardo so Into her


I see the way he stares at her and also be protective of her She’s just a nobody aside from the fact that she is pretty



I looked at her picture and made up my mind


I want her …I want her on my bed and anything I want …i get tbc




The Italian Mafia



(10 days on his bed )


Written by: Quinn blessing



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